Fellas, especially black men: imma break down how the importance of your womans emotional, physical & financial needs contributes to your success in this post..

He doesn’t come from the best, barely knows his dad, & the relationship they do have is rude & disrespectful on his fathers part. His mom was just living with his aunt, working multiple jobs with a 9yr old, smokes & drinks but she’s awesome.

He’s out here alone, learning for himself, doing for himself & in the 8 years i’ve been back & forth with him, today, November 21st, 2016 i’ve seen so much growth. So much more of a sense of responsibility. Went from being a homeless dropout to having his own spot, & saving $3000 for a new one & to get back in school all while paying rent & spoiling me. Went from not being able to find a job because of his record of being falsely accused of crimes, Selling drugs, etc to serving bringing home no less than $100 a day. I used to give him bus money to look for jobs, now he gives me any & everything I ask for, including random gifts.

He respects my space & alone time. & In these pictures above I went all out for his birthday & he wouldn’t even let me pay for everything. Just recently a ‘just because’ surprise dinner, & 2K17 gold edition because he’s saved 3k all on his own while tending to his responsibilities. With me or not, that’s a huge accomplishment & I wanted him to feel as appreciated as he makes me feel.

Me & him do not come from a good place. But I love this, still learning, generous, intelligent black man. It’s almost been 10 years & i’m not more excited to see anyone else. & i’m gonna love him, make him feel like a part of my family if he feels like he doesn’t have his own, & continue to celebrate these successes as long as my needs are met. Fellas, we want to do these things. Just listen, be there for us & give us a reason..




→ Carnivàle, Season One (2003)

“You know, the people in these towns, they’re asleep. All day, at work, at home. They’re sleepwalkers. We wake them up.”

  • First Episode: September 7, 2003
  • Final Episode: March 27, 2005
  • Network: HBO
  • Program Creator: Daniel Knauf
  • Writers: Daniel Knauf, Ronald D. Moore, Henry Bromell, Tracy Tormé,Nicole Yorkin, William Schmidt, Toni Graphia, Dawn Prestwich