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Overdue PART 13 -Jack Gilinsky Imagine-

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Overdue PART 13

Wake up to butterfly kisses running up your shoulder and tell me could you hold back a smile. Wake up to perfection and wonder would your mind expect nothing less than that? Wake up to him and I never have to worry anymore.

“It’s so early!”

“It’s 9 in the morning babygirl?”

“It’s still the middle of the night!” I giggled and grabbed his pillow placing it over my head. I felt his hands trail up my sides and start to tickle me.


We were both wrestling trying to get away when we fell on the ground me on the bottom. Justin’s eyes saw right through me and I didn’t mind. I was always guarded. Even with the boys I was guarded, even with Jack. But I let Justin in and that was new for me but it felt right….

I slid from underneath him and walked into the bathroom and began brushing my teeth. Justin ran in and jumped on the counter watching me.

“So I’m kidnapping you today?”

“Justin you have kidnapped me so many times already where are we going this time?”

“It’s a surprise but wear something that you can run in.”


“We’re not exercising but you should be able to move baby!” Justin whispered while wrapping his arms around my waist from behind and kissing my temple. Once he left I turned on the shower and got ready.


I walked outside the house putting on my sunglasses and looked around for Justin but he was no where to be seen. He wasn’t in the house and he wasn’t in the front?

“Justin? Babe?”

I heard revs and I walked out a bit more to see Justin riding a red ATV. He pulled up right in front of me and dirt went everywhere and I laughed.

“Your chariot princess.”

“How many toys do you have Justin?”

“These are not toys baby! They are my children!” He said while clutching his chest.

I got on behind him and put my hair up so it wouldn’t be in my face.

“Hold on tight!” He said while revving the engine. He started off slow and suddenly started driving faster and faster. My hair came down and it was blowing in the wind but surprisingly out of my face. We were riding down this trail and a huge lake was right next to it. It glistened in the sunlight and the trees blew in the breeze. It was so peaceful and serene and oozed with purity.

Perfect time for my mind to start thinking. Perfect time to stop lying to myself also. I missed them…all of them…yes even him….

Justin pulled into this parking lot and turned off the engine.

“Come on,” he stuck his hand out and we started walking until I started seeing a Ferris wheel?!

“OH MY GOD!! I LOVE CARNIVALS!!” I said while jumping and tugging on Justin’s hand pulling him towards he entrance. He paid for our tickets and we started walking through the grounds.

No one recognized us and that made everything perfect. We were having so much fun. This definitely beat walking around at Coachella. Justin won me so many things. I had a huge purple teddy bear that I could lay on, a light blue monkey, light up Minnie Mouse hair bow, and a black stuffed puppy. Right now we were walking and I was feeding him cotton candy since he was holding all my prizes.

“I haven’t been to a carnival since I was 8”

“Are you serious why?”

My smile faltered a bit. I never really talked about my family. I loved them all to death but I had been through a lot when I was a kid. Verbal and physical abuse, my father always wanting to be right about everything, and my mom never really listening to my problems without getting mad at me. She would always say that I shouldn’t be worrying about those thing so and why wasnt I focusing on school. I wasn’t daddy’s little girl and my mom wasn’t my best friend. I didn’t have that with my parents. All my friends did but not me. I’m never jealous but that is one thing that I will say I am envious about.

“My parents isn’t really have the time.”

Justin nodded his head and I just shook mine. Protective is what I call it not lying. I have a protective side over everyone that I care about and I’d rather bail them out even if it hurts me. I know that’s not healthy but I’d never want anything happening to my parents because of me…even if people said it wasn’t my fault, I couldn’t help the burden of it being that it was.

I told Justin that I was getting tired and he said we could go home now. The drive back to the house was a lot shorter than going but I immediately ran to our room and plopped down on our bed. Justin came in shortly and laid directly on top of me.

“Mm get off!” I mumbled.

“I just wanna be close to you princess,” I could hear the smile in his voice.

“But you’re really heavy I can’t breathe!”


Justin rolled off of me and went into the closet bringing out a small black box.

“What’s this?”

He gestured me to open it and when I did I pulled out a white and gold iPhone 6 with a Gucci phone case.

“I ordered it last night but I thought it was going to come tomorrow but it came today.”

I ran my fingers over the gold logo and opened the phone and went to contacts to see Justin’s number. I raised my eyebrow and he turned a bit red.

“Well since you got me the phone you can be my first text.” He smiled at me and took out his phone and I saw he had a matching case as mine but his was black and silver.

To: J 😍💗💗

“Thank you ☺️😍💗”

From: Princess 💍❤️

“No problem gorgeous 😉😍😘❤️”

I grabbed his hand and pulled him into the bed with me and laid my head on his chest.

“This is so perfect. This moment, today, the past three months I just ugh I wish I could stay just like this forever…or at least two months.”

Justin laughed and ran his fingers up and down my arm.

“These are the best months I’ve had. All because of you Y/N you’re perfect.”

I sat up and smiled at him bringing him up with me.

“I want a kiss”

We both smirked….

✨Figured no Jadison drama, no boys drama, just Justin and Y/N getting closer to each other✨


Asa Releases ‘Eyo,’ Third Single and Video From Album ‘Bed Of Stone.’

Following the release of her defiant and emotionally charged singles Dead Again and Satan Be Gone, shot in a studio and the inside of a church respectively, Asa heads to the streets of Lagos to film the video for her third and much more lighthearted single Eyo, taken from her 2014 album Bed Of Stone

The title of the song refers to the historical Yoruba Eyo festival. It began as a way of ceremoniously sending off the soul of a deceased Oba of Lagos. Some say that this event, and other Yoruba masquerades, acted as a precursor to the culture of carnivals in Brazil. During the Trans-Atlantic enslavement of Africans, a large number of Yoruba people were taken to Brazil by by Portuguese enslavers.

During the Eyo celebrations, dancers dressed in white, known in Yoruba as “agogoro Eyo” and who represent spirits of the dead, take to the streets during a parade procession.

The first recorded Eyo masquerade is believed to have taken place in Lagos on the 20th of February, 1854, to commemorate the life of the Oba Akintoye.


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