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My youth is yours
Runaway now and forever more
My youth, my youth is yours
A truth so loud you can’t ignore
My youth is yours

-“Youth” Troye Sivan

Okay so I said I'd give you date ideas

Some are free, some are inexpensive or can be inexpensive using groupons.

- museum dates (check which days of the month are free days)
-zoo/ petting zoo
-dolphin / whale watching (check Groupon)
-horseback riding (check Groupon first)
-picnic (BRING WINE)
- sail boat tour (check Groupon)
-food festivals (taste of whatever city you’re in)
- beach dates
-helicopter tour (check Groupon)
-do something one of you have always wanted to do
-road trip
- cook together
- have a fondue night
- Apple picking
- wine tasting
- Thrift shop/Flea markets
-Kayaking (some cities have this for free on certain days)
- workout together
- game night/ sex game night
-Drive-in movie
-Movies in the park
- roller skating
- yoga class together
- carnivals
- Art fair
- comedy club
- jazz club


Jude Charleau playing Douen at Trinidad Carnival, 2017. 

The Douen is a mythological entity from Trinidad and Tobago folklore. It is believed that they are the lost souls of children who have not yet been baptized or christened. Their most recognized characteristic is their feet are said to be backwards, with the heel facing the front and the knees are backwards, too. If they hear a child’s name, then they will call to the child in a parent’s voice and try to lure the child into the forest. They wear a big, floppy straw hat to hide the fact that they have no face except for a small mouth to speak with. Largely mischievous, they play pranks on people, raid gardens, and seem to enjoy leading children astray until they are thoroughly lost in the woods.” 

bitmapdreams new 52 colors

Here they are!
early summer seaside carnival
♦︎ art deco breakfast boudoir
♣︎ lazy crystal greenhouse afternoon
❤︎ department store high tea
✴︎︎ midnight creamy heartbreak galaxy
☂︎︎ endless raincloud university road
puppy love apartment kitchen
dizzy summer night fireworks
sticky sweet baby toybox
☁︎ rainbow shaded cloud picnic
harbor taffy jewelry store
wednesday lunchtime diner shift
♠︎ chilly morning sunshine laundry