carnival themed

To celebrate 150 followers (ye gods!) here’s a carnival-themed party of con-arti… I mean, adventurers: Hognose, Octavio and Fingers who use their stolen goods, tricky illusions and sleight of tentacle to swindle even the canniest customer!
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the junkertown mech fights are held at the center of a carnival theme park the junkers built near the omnium. they stole a bunch of fair rides and set them up out there. it’s usually not running, because it takes a lot of power. but when there’s excess from wind storms, or when it’s particularly sunny, or if the junkers steal a tanker full of fuel, they’ll rev up the rest of the carnival rides on the next holiday.

there are also some junker-built thrill rides. children are not allowed to ride those. they have show that consists of a junk-ified roller coaster smashing into scrap at full speed to compact it, before it’s melted down.

junkrat… was a carnival clown.

Hogwarts Bouncy Castle of Love

Children_of_the_Shadows | Mature | 18,482 words

To many, Sirius in a bouncy castle may spell disaster, but to Remus it is where he has found true love.

Thank you to @nachodiablo for the suggestion! I love works by Children_of_the_Shadows, I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t read this one!

  • lawful demons: at least moderately superstitious, always stays up too late, collects any objects they're drawn to
  • neutral demons: makes themselves sigils for strength/fearsomeness, loves to explore abandoned buildings to look for weird graffiti, enjoys learning about different creepy/paranormal games
  • chaotic demons: has a bunch of articles bookmarked on demons/demon summoning, loves watching demon possession horror movies, always goes to the haunted house rides at the carnival/theme park