carnival seating


It didn’t take him very much. The look on his face, the thoughts in his head. All he did was lean down to loom in the boy’s face, a big dumb grin across his big, dumb face. “You’re thinking about her, aren’t you.”

“H- Hey! Am not!” Cup sputtered back, bolting upright in his chair. With him feeling at least a little better, he’d taken a trip to the Inkwell Carnival, having taken a seat at one of the picnic area tables. Though hot and feverish, it didn’t do anything to ruin his good mood.

“Hohohohohohhh!! You must be joking, boy!” the specter boomed, laughing joyously. “The heart wants what it wants, after all! Since I am LITERALLY your heart..”

A bright blush whipped across the child’s face faster than he could blink. He was prepped to leap out of his chair. “You keep your mouth shut-!”

“Miss Jazz-A-Belle! Should you be near, dear Cuphead wishes to see you!!” It was all Grail could get out, before Cuphead scrambled up to cover his soul’s mouth. The laughter underneath was quite loud indeed.

Living happiness and 7 days of carnival - Month in Rio de Janeiro - HAVANA CLUB GAP YEAR

Being in Rio de Janeiro during carnival, made me think about the meaning of a carnival. 

A question that was always in my mind, when I was going from party to party, from street to street at the carnival for 7 days, non-stop.

 The carnival in Rio is not only the parade at the Sambadrome, it’s a whole city partying for days, sharing and having fun. There is something for everyone during carnival in Rio.

 Street parades, concerts, parties and off course the main event at the Sambadrome.  All together create one of the biggest parties in the world.

 And I happened to be there, thanks to Havana Club, I got one of the best seats at the carnival; I was seating next to the parade, I could almost jump into the floats. Well, I did jump to the track at the end.

My own experience at the carnival:

 I went to the carnival with three friends, three friends from Colombia that are as lucky as I am, all of them were winners too, they won a trip to Rio de Janeiro, sponsored by Havana Club; yes there are lucky people in this world.


I had my carnival ticket on my hand, a one thousand dollar ticket. A lot of money for a “party” and I had mixed feelings at the beginning, I thought it was too expensive and not worth it, but off course I wanted to see why would someone pay so much money for it.

We started walking towards the Sambadrome; there was a really loud sound of fireworks that seemed to be going forever, lots of people walking to the entrance, (The Sambadrome is a huge and long street that looks like a soccer stadium; it hosts 90.000 people and has almost 1 kilometer in length)  

When the fireworks finished we finally got to our own private booth, a booth for 6 people next to the parade. 

White bright lights covered the warm night, the biggest show on earth was about to begin.

My heart was beating faster and faster. My friends were also curious and excited. It started. 

 The first thing in my mind was: yes it’s beautiful, but it’s ok. 

Music was making me dance, floats were making me more and more curious; 30 minutes passed and I already wanted to see more, then after an hour of floats and people dancing it finished;

And it was time for me to make a dumb question. Actually two questions: How many schools were on the parade we just saw, and Is that all?

I know, bad questions to be made at the day of the parade, but a kind Brazilian lady explained everything for me.

 This is a competition; each of the samba schools has 50 minutes to perform, 6 floats and 4.000 people. 4.000 people performing for you every hour. From 8pm until 6am. 

I was shocked at that moment, my eyes had never seen something like that, 4.000 people synchronized to entertain people, also, costumes are unbelievable, they are perfectly made, I couldn’t believe how was that possible, to make those kind of outfits for 4.000 people every hour. 

The size of this event blew my mind; but also I was now dancing and cheering, my smile was getting bigger and bigger. 

It was 3 am; I was jumping, dancing and singing, trying to get out of my body and fly, happiness was in the air, I could feel that the people on the parade was doing it with so much pride and joy that they passed all these feelings to me. 

I couldn’t believe it, now one thousand dollars were not enough to pay what I was feeling, and the parade continued for three more hours. 

Three more hours that I enjoyed non-stop. I felt that my life changed at that very moment, telling me that I could let go the things that worried me and enjoy my life, with my arms wide open, whiling to hug everyone that needed a hug. Also carnival left my face with a bigger smile.

I can’t write about every single detail of the floats and songs, but I can tell you what was my favorite:

One of my favorite floats was one on the last parade, a gigantic rock that transformed into a huge green and blue giant, a giant that represents the rising of Brazil, a country that woke up to be the seventh economy in the world, a country in the “third world” competing with “first world” countries. This float was unbelievably emotional, because I understood what people working together can be capable of. 

I have one thing to say to Havana Club; thank you for giving me the opportunity to live this experience.

This was the greatest night of my life.