carnival photo shoot

MariChat May Day 11: Age-up Marinette

I decided to do MariChat May as one big fic with 31 little chapters. Except the prompts will be done out of order for it to work. I’ve decided to still post which prompts I get done at the right time for now but when the whole thing is done, I’ll post a masterpost with the correct order and post to AO3 and as well.

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Take a Picture (Now with fan art!!)

He’d been right there at the carnival, for a photo shoot, when the kid’s tantrum had started. It had been surprisingly easy to break away from the photographer and his dressers when the mayhem had begun and he had done his best to transform quickly before rushing back to help the children and teenagers who had been panicking around him a moment ago.

Except now he couldn’t see anyone under eighteen. There were plenty of people around, sure, but they all seemed to be adults. Very confused looking adults at that.

“No one will ever be too young for a ride again!” a child’s voice rang out in the distance. Only when he turned to look, he realised the voice had come from the mouth of a 20-something year old man.

“Okay, this is weird,” a familiar voice said.

Chat turned his head towards the welcome sound of his new girlfriend, internally giddy at being able to use the word. “Princess!-” he started before cutting off abruptly and gawking at her instead.

The person standing before him was definitely his princess. Only this princess was a taller and a more- ahem -shapely one than he was used to. While his eyes were boring into her, she stared down at herself in utter amazement at the sudden change to her body. He vaguely registered that she was wearing the same clothes he had spotted her in earlier but they seemed to have changed size with her to accommodate her new…physique. Oh crap, he thought, she’s so hot. Too hot.

And she was currently glaring at him. Like, really glaring. Shit. What had he done to deserve such a hard look from such a soft and sweet girl…woman? Oh God, she’d put her hands on her hips. Had she always had such nice hips? Oh God he was staring! Actually ogling at her! In public! No wonder she was pissed off.

He closed his gaping jaw with a snap and turned to clear his throat into his hand in an awkward attempt to pretend he hadn’t been openly checking her out. He hoped his face wasn’t as flushed as it felt and glanced back at her.

“Shouldn’t you be going after that akuma, Chaton?” she asked him, hands folding across her chest and mouth reshaping into a smirk at the way his eyes flicked down her body as she spoke to him.

“Yeah-” his voice cracked and he cleared his throat again “Um…he makes people older then?” It hadn’t worked. His voice still sounded strange. From her raised eyebrow, he could tell she’d noticed.

“About 10 years from what I can see. I’m pretty certain the kid was 10 before he changed. And I think I look about 24 or so.” She gestured to herself, hands moving down her body deliberately slowly.

“R-right.” He swallowed heavily. And her hands were back on her hips again. And with her shoulders pushed back like that and her pigtails swept back…

“Take a picture it’ll last longer,” she giggled at him, jutting her hip out seductively.

Before he even knew what he was doing, he’d opened his baton and snapped a photo before turning tail and running after the akuma as quickly as he could manage. Behind him he could hear her shouting his name angrily. Nope. Not going back there. He was not giving her a chance to chide him for that until he’d gotten her back to normal and he could think a little more clearly.

Except teenage Marinette was usually pretty gorgeous when she was fuming over something so maybe he wouldn’t be thinking as clearly as he’d like. He’d have to cross that bridge when he came to it.