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Filling the prompt “what abt a cute lil fic abt van and reader @ the fair/carnival?? like riding shoddy roller coasters and van winning you a stuffed animal and eating too much cotton candy and he insists you ride the ferries wheel together and kisses u at the top??”

Easily the best thing about carnivals was how it was like stepping back in time, without the overt racism and misogyny. It was just good, old fashion fun. Families walking around together, in awe of all the colourfully drawn on people, all the bright lights and scary sounds. Kids screaming about the sideshow games and oversized teddy bear prizes. Teenagers demolishing whole hotdogs in one go. The smell of fresh popcorn, and the sight of feather-light fairy floss escaping up into the night time sky. Cutest of all, the couples walking hand in hand, more in love under the glow of the illuminated rollercoaster than anywhere else.

When a carnival rolled into town, Van was ecstatic. “It will be like, a proper date, yeah?” he said. You laughed and leaned over to kiss his nose. You’d been on so many proper dates. Through high school it was mostly cheap picnics and sneaking into the movie theatre. After Van dropped out and you graduated, it was Thai restaurants and nights on the town. Then you both grew up and had money, but the dates somehow didn’t get any bigger or better. Van was busy with Catfish, and you were working hard on your Masters degree. Whatever you want to be, be the best at it, Van had told you when you were considering dropping out in second year. It was enough motivation, and you were still top of the class. “Friday night, babe,” Van said as he looked at the one page coloured advertisement for the carnival in the paper.

“Can I come?” Larry piped up from across the table. You looked over at him with a grin.

“No,” Van answered immediately, not taking his eyes off the paper.

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mutual pining

  • Cinema Verite by @carnival-papers, 27602 words, E, No archive warnings.
    Hux had been touching himself for what felt like hours, the usual routine of hand on cock suddenly boring to him, when he’d selected Ben from a series of thumbnails on the front page of GalacticBoyz. While the others had displayed their hard cocks or sultry-smiling retouched faces, Ben’s thumbnail showed only his torso, pale as moonlight and washed with mole-studded muscles. Once, in a starport in the Minos Cluster, he’d heard whispers of boys on screens who would do anything for a few credits. Anything
  • Anything but That by @redcole, 35892 words, E, Creator chose not to warn.
    When Hux is forced to take a job at a call center to stay in the country he thinks his life is at it’s lowest. It’s not until his visa is rejected that he finds out it’s only the beginning.
  • Life through Glass by @moonwalkingcrab, 19880 words, E, No archive warnings.
    Hux’s life is fairly simple, he has his work, he has his cat, and he has his flat. Now it seems he has a new neighbour. With windows so close together it’s easy to fall into the world of Kylo Ren.
  • Madame, That’s Not a Hedgehog by @creepycreepyspacewizard, 21360 words, E, No archive warnings.
    Armitage Hux is an animal welfare officer with First Order Animal Rescue, one of the biggest animal charities in the world, he spends his days saving animals and his nights home alone with his three-legged rescue cat Millicent. Kylo Ren’s mother helped him open a private wildlife clinic in the hope that he’d stop causing international incidents in the name of animal rights. Hux hasn’t had a date in six years and Kylo’s been trying to work out how to ask him out for the last four. Now he might have spotted his chance…
  • Home Aloneby @unicornsandbutane, 4688 words, E, No archive warnings.
    Or, Idle hands are the devil’s playthings. Hux’s playthings are something else. (fisting)
  • Beauty Beneath by @r2dameron, 33913 words, E, No archive warnings.
    Perhaps it was the cockiness that Dameron bled, or the look of complete and utter distress in his friend’s eyes, but Hux could not hold back the lie that bubbled up in his throat. “You know Ben, he’s a disaster when it comes to planning in advance,” Hux laughed lightly, dropping his hand to entwine his fingers in Ben’s. “I’m Hux, his boyfriend.”
make your own animal lanterns!

Kids are not always keen on going to bed so we have to lure them in with bedtimes stories, lullabies and other kind of things. Lighting their own lantern before getting into bed could be one of them! Make a spooky looking cat and a colourful mouse together with your little ones and tell your bedtime stories with the lights off and the lanterns on!

You will need:

-  thick paper or card (we used black paper for the scary cat and the light yellow one for the colourful carnival mouse)
-  colourful tissue paper
- paper knife
- cutting board
- scissors
- pencil and eraser
- glue
- two tea-light candles

Step 1:
Draw an outline of the ears of a cat and a mouse on your pieces of paper and cut them out (see the picture below).

Step 2:
Now draw their faces (make shapes easy and bold, you will have to cut them out).

Step 3:
Using a paper knife and a cutting board cut out eyes, mouths and noses.

Step 4:
Now take your tissue paper and glue bits of it behind the cut outs. Use any colours you like!

Once you’ve stuck the coloured tissue on, flip the cards over. This is how it should look from the “face side”.

Step 5:
Glue two sides of the lantern together so that the card forms a cylinder. Make sure that the cylinder isn’t too tight — there needs to be some room between the paper lantern and the flame of the candle!

Step 6:
Wait until its dark and light the tea-light candles, placing the lanterns over them carefully to see your lanterns come to life! Enjoy your bedtime stories!