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Modern high school au, what would the companions for all the games be as students? Advisors for inquisition too plz


Alistair: He’d be a part of the school’s lacrosse team. He tried football, but he didn’t like it. The football coach desperately wants him back on the team, but Alistair has found his calling in lacrosse. Socially, he’s well-liked, as he can somehow make every situation into a joke, though this does get him in trouble sometimes with teachers. 

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Leliana: The quiet student who shines in the music room. She’ll spend most lunches there, strumming away at a guitar or tinkering on a piano. She transferred to the school and never really made an effort to get to know people, but she prefers it this way. Most people forget she’s there sometimes, which definitely is an advantage. When the school bully tries to target her, she reveals that she knows quite a bit of information about them…information that would be awfully embarrassing should someone share it. Leliana is never targeted again. 

Zevran: Zevran seems to float around every social group. From the nerds to the jocks, everyone just knows Zevran. His classmates try to make him go for the year group’s representative (president, prefect etc) but Zevran doesn’t want to. He prefers his ability to just…meld into the crowd. He gets in trouble in Sex Ed, as he is frustrated with the teacher’s immaturity when it comes to women, and ends up just walking up to the board and speaking freely about the female body, talking about proper genital hygiene particularly during periods. The teacher is red in the face by the time Zevran finally listens to his order to wait outside the classroom.

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Morrigan: Home-schooled for much of her life, Morrigan struggles with the social aspect of school. She tries to hide this through harsh words and scowls, but somehow, she does manage to attract a few friends. One day, Merrill and Isabela just sit down next to her and despite Morrigan’s insistence that they leave, she eventually gives up and starts a begrudging companionship with them. Through them, she makes a few more acquaintances (she refuses to call them friends). Her favourite class is history, and she loves to find obscure primary sources to use in essays. Worst class is gym- she skips every time. She’s very competitive with her grades, and if someone even seems like they’re going to be competition, Morrigan will start to work on destroying them. 

Oghren: Football is fun, if only because he can basically attack other people. It’s a great way for him to let out his aggression. He did try lacrosse once because Alistair convinced him it was a fun game, but Oghren hated having to hold a stick, and ended up breaking his in frustration before the game was done. His grades are okay, but they’re not his main focus.   

Sten: Captain of the lacrosse team. Never attends any parties. Not very social but is somehow just leadership material. The other members of the Qun who attend the same school look to him for guidance. He is a devoted student and manages to average an A in most subjects. Despite his commitment to languages and philosophy, his favourite is art. 

Wynne: As a student, Wynne asks many, many questions. Usually completely obscure, left-field questions, designed to test out the full extent of one’s knowledge of a subject. Most of the time, she actually knows the answers perfectly well, and she is just trying to test the teacher. If they slip up, Wynne tends to purse her lips, and just give them a thin smile. It’s a special, trademark Wynne style of torture, though she does seem to target the teachers who are particularly arrogant and harsh…

Shale: Is disqualified from the football team. And the basketball team. And every sports team. They love watching in some sort of twisted amusement as the coaches try to explain exactly why they aren’t allowed to play the game. No matter, Shale is content playing no sport- they would crush the other players into tiny pieces. It’s a mercy for them. Shale has little interest in most subjects, but finds a particular fascination with history, to everyone’s surprise. Sometimes Shale will sit with Sten and his qunari posse during breaks, but if they become wearisome, Shale will be perfectly happy to sit on their own. Someone always manages to interrupt though, whether it be a curious Solas, or a talkative Varric. Shale can’t catch a break. 

Loghain: He wanted to keep his head down in school and just get through it unseen by everyone. He really did. He was harshly bullied in his younger years by some of the Orlesian students, and he never really has gotten over it. He just wanted to stay in the background until the frustrating years of school were over. But then Maric just had to interfere, didn’t he? He took a shining to Loghain when they were paired up for a lab project once, and despite Loghain’s attempts, Maric just wouldn’t leave it alone. He dragged him along with him to his lacrosse training, and when there was an open position on the team, coerced Loghain to join in. Begrudgingly, Loghain enjoyed it. A lot. His favourite subjects were art and history- he found something about the past just so fascinating to study. It also helped that he sat next to Maric in both of those classes…

Dog: A certified helper dog. A very good boy.


Mhairi: Vice captain of the hockey team, though she was captain the previous year, but she didn’t like it that much. She much prefers to advise from the side than do the leading herself. She works hard in school, but sometimes struggles to pick things up if she isn’t 100% invested in the subject. She has a small group of friends, and will sometimes join them at parties as their designated driver, but she’s also very much comfortable with her own company too. 

Anders: Somehow manages to pass every class despite hating school. He’s forced to go to, but he’ll skip his classes. The school has officially designated a particular office worker named Gregoir to track Anders down at the start of each class. Usually Anders will be hiding somewhere on the grounds, and if he manages to be dragged to class, he’ll sit there with a pout on his face and complain about what an injustice this is. He is a good student when he actually applies himself, but he just doesn’t think that a student’s merit should be determined by how well they do in tests, and he thinks the school environment is a toxic place. He will viciously needle a teacher if they make a student feel bad, and is quite well-liked by his peers. Kind of an outrageous flirt, but nobody really knows if he’s ever had a proper significant other. 

Nathaniel: Plays lacrosse with Alistair, much to the disappointment of his father, who hates the game. He tried other sports, but he really enjoyed lacrosse, and Alistair convinced him that he should play what he wants to, not what his father wants him to. He is an average student, but he really excels in English and History. He has a few close friends from the lacrosse team and some from his classes, but gets along perfectly fine with most people. He is convinced to go for class representative by his friends, and to his surprise he is elected. His father was proud of him, until he found out that Tommy had been made captain of the football team and he was brushed aside. His father rarely comes to a lacrosse match, though Delilah and Tommy attend every single one. Nate tries not to let it hurt when his father goes to every football match of Tommy’s. 

Velanna: Leads the debate team, and is the class’ pick for “Most likely to rule the world one day.” She’s an excellent student, and loves history and philosophy. She takes a religion studies class, but drops out immediately upon seeing that apparently ‘religion studies’ actually only means ‘Andrastian’. She reprimands the board of education- this one small student girl staring down a group of majorly white human men- and manages to get the name of the class changed. 

Sigrun: Plays hockey, but isn’t really that invested in the game itself. She just likes the camaraderie of a team working together. She hates maths, but loves science and creative writing. Is very sociable and gets along well with most people. She loves chatting with Merrill and Isabela, as the two just make her giggle a lot. She spends her afternoons in the library, reading whatever she can get her hands on. 

Justice: Doesn’t play a sport, as he doesn’t see the point. This is to the misery of the team coaches, who have on multiple occasions tried to recruit him. He does very well in gym class, and is good long distance track runner. He usually takes home many of the school carnival medals. He loves science and English, and usually excels in them. He doesn’t really bother with making friends, it’s inconsequential to him. 

The salt has reached critical

Since the beginning of the epic medal carnival (pictured) the percentage of drops for the sea salt trio has been ABYSMAL - as has draw for any of the new medals. Meant to be easier to draw than Sephiroth, no one on my twitter feed for the past 5 hours has pulled any of them.

I’m talking people who paid MONEY to get 10k+ jewels only to draw.. none of them. Not even the supposedly new common pulls.

@khvanitas also had an abysmal pull and her post is HERE

So, what do we do as KHUX NA slowly turns into a shameless cash grab?

Daily jewels are lower than JPN, Jewels cost more, getting new medals is ridiculously harder.

Clearly the survey they took has done nothing to address the issues people have with the game.

I’m suggesting we down vote the app in the google play/ app store.

Doing this will not only make it clear to new players what their getting into, but send a msg to the NA team that we’re done with being treated unfairly and differently to the JPN players.