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Adrien van Viersen: EASTER EGGS part 4: I have spoken about this one before, but I will add to it a little. This frame is  loaded with Easter Eggs. Not to dismiss or demean anyone’s Superman knowledge, but here is the list: Reign of the Superman is the second iteration of Superman and one that Joe and Jerry self published in 1933. Bill Dunn is the main character in that Superman story.  The ‘Amazing and Startling” comes from the movie poster to the first Superman cartoon. The Superman figure is from an ad from Action Comics with the shield altered to the 1934 version.

The point of it all was to illustrate dramatically a part of Jerry and Joe’s creative process; to show that the Bill Dunn character metaphorically passes the torch to the Clark Kent version of Superman. Granted, he was a vagrant and had telepathic powers given to him by a mad scientist….but I figured that he might have moved on to the carnival circuit. It’s plausible. I did that because Joe and Jerry have admitted that the strongman outfit was definitely an inspiration. I just made it more literal.   

Things I’m ready to see in A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2:
-The Quagmires
-Esme Squalor (I’m so excited for her costumes and how they’ll portray her)
-Isadora’s couplets
-Hopefully more of Violet inventing things
-The hospital
-Everything to do with the carnival. The “freaks”, Olivia, the disguises.
These books were near to my heart when I was little and seeing a mostly accurate depiction of them is making me so happy. (the only inaccuracies being more information on VFD/ added characters and the ending of book 3 into book 4). Plus can we talk about how racially diverse this cast has been? Like it shouldn’t be a big deal but I find it so amazing that they are casting people of different races as the relatives when they didn’t have to. And the fact that Daniel Handler is writing most of the episodes and executive producing! I have so much faith in where this series is going and cannot wait for season 2 and 3

Sasusaku month 2015

Day 3 - Carnival 


Adrien van Viersen: This is the trailer for the GOLDEN AGE SUPERMAN  fan comic! I hope you all enjoy!

just  a  fun  little  character  game.   fill  in  the  below  categories  with  3 - 5  things  that  your  character  can be identified by.  repost  &  tag away !   PLEASE  REPOST,  DO  NOT  REBLOG.

01.  Loneliness
02.  Perseverance 
03.  Rage
04.  Melancholy
05. Enthusiasm

01.  Red
02.  Brown
03.  Yellow-Green
04. Off-White

01. Rotting Plants
02. Swamp Water
03.  Sweat
04. Earth/Dirt
05. Greasy Food

01. Juggling Pins
02. Tin Toys
03. Balloons
04. Masks
05. Rusty Shears

01. Vacant Stares
02. Furrowed Brow
03. Flaring Nostrils
04. Lumbering Gait

01. Carnival/Freak Show
02. Small Towns
03. Abandoned Buildings
04. Dark Forests

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