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Hey I'm so glad our laptop is fixed! I'm not sure if I put a request in but Id love if you could do a bughead fanfic where Betty and Jughead go to an old fashioned carnival. Lots of fluff Jughead tries to win Betty a prize but Betty ends up winning one for him! Maybe at night, Jughead eats all his favourite foods

I love this prompt! Here you go

Cotton Candy Heart

Jughead rapped his fist on Betty’s window before pushing it open and stepping inside, a wide smile across his face.

“Did you hear the good news?” He asked as he padded over to Betty’s bed.

She dog-eared the page of the book she was reading and smiled as she looked up at her excited boyfriend. “Um… Friends marathon on TV tonight?”

“Nope, better.” He smiled again and stuck his hands in his pockets, raising his eyebrows at Betty. “The carnival is in town!”

“Oh,” Betty faltered, looking down at her bed.

“What? Don’t you like the carnival?” Jughead said, sitting down next to Betty on the bed, scooping her hand into his.

“I’ve just never been,” Betty blushed.

“What?” Jughead smiled, standing up again. “Carnivals are my favorite.”

“Jughead Jones likes carnivals? You know carnivals are filled with cotton candy and people enjoying themselves, right?” Betty teased.

“How would you know? You’ve never been.” He teased right back, smiling. “I used to take Jellybean all the time, so yes, I like carnivals.” Jughead stared at Betty expectantly. “What are you waiting for? Let’s go.”

They paid for a ream of tickets, loud pop music blaring around them.

“What do you want to go on first?” Jughead asked Betty, intertwining his fingers through hers.

“What’s the best ride?” Betty asked, looking at the twinkling lights on top of the machines, the game handlers yelling at them to play a round.

They continued walking, eyeing the looping rides, people eating hot dogs and french friends and funnel cakes, children running around screaming happily.

“My favorites are the Tilt-A-Whirl and the Ferris Wheel. There’s one thing I won’t get on -” Jughead said, pointing in the direction of a giant boat-contraption flipping around in the air. “That’s the Pharaoh’s Fury and it’s a flying death trap.”

Betty laughed, nodding. “Deal. No flying death trap for me, either. Why don’t we go on the Tilt-A-Whirl?” Betty said excitedly, pulling Jughead’s hand in the right direction.

They stood in line for a moment before being seated, Betty grabbing onto Jughead’s arm in anticipation as the worker pulled the belt tight over their hips.

“Read-” Jughead started. He was cut off by the Tilt-A-Whirl starting, centrifugal force pinning them to the back of their seats.

Betty reached for Jughead’s hand as the ride started to spin in the opposite direction. She squealed excitedly, a smile spread over her face.

The ride continued to spin for several minutes before coming to a stop, the disks underneath them rocking gently.

“What did  you think?” Jughead asked as the worker came to unbuckle them.

“That was amazing!” Betty gushed. “Let’s do it again!”

Jughead chuckled as he stepped down the short path leading them back to the rides. “I was thinking maybe the Haunted House next?”

They made their way through the crowd, patrons passing them one either side.

“Oh God,” Betty muttered, gripping Jughead’s hand a little tighter as they eyed the attractions.

“What? You love horror movies.” Jughead smiled. He reached into his pocket and pulled out more tickets. “Are you okay with this ride?” He asked as they stopped in front of the Haunted House.

Betty nodded. Jughead gave the tickets to the person working the station as they climbed into the train.

“Why do we have to sit in the front though?” Betty hissed in Jughead’s ear.

He laughed and squeezed her hand. “I’ve got you.” He reassured her.

The train pulled them into a dark tunnel, doors closing behind them. A caged witch started cackling beside Jughead, lights flashing up ahead.

“Oh God,” Betty murmured, clutching Jughead tighter.

The train pulled them further, fake screams coming from hidden speakers.

A fake clown popped out of a compartment, making Betty scream and move closer to Jughead.

He laughed next to her, rubbing her back for comfort. “Bets, there are seven-year-olds on this ride.” He whispered.

More screams and cackles came out of the speakers as they twisted around the dark tracks, a zombie popping out at them at the next turn.

Betty shrunk down in the seat as far as she could, audibly sighing as the double doors opened and the train they were in pulled towards the end.

“So no more Haunted Houses for Betty. Got it.” Jughead teased as he climbed out of the train.

“Definitely not. Movies can’t leap out at you.” Betty took Jughead’s outstretched hand and climbed out of the train.

“Duly noted. What next?” He wrapped his arm around Betty’s shoulders, surveying the rides and attractions around them.

“How about the Ferris Wheel? It could calm my nerves.” She laughed.

They strolled hand-in-hand through the paths of people until they reached the Ferris Wheel at the opposite end of the event.

“Please tell me you’ve been on a Ferris Wheel before?” Jughead asked as he rubbed his thumb along Betty’s hand.

“Nope, never. You know my Mom.” Betty started as they shuffled closer to the start of the line. “She was worried about everything all the time and I was barely allowed out past dark to ride bikes with Archie.”

Jughead passed the worker four tickets, stepping up the ramp to the seats.

“Keep your arms inside the fixture at all times. No throwing.” The worker said monotonously as he pulled the belt tight over the two of them.

The Wheel started to move, slowly turning until they were at the top.

“Wow,” Betty breathed, taking in the sights. She could see the whole town.

“Enjoying your first carnival?” Jughead asked, rubbing his hand over Betty’s knee.

Betty turned to face her boyfriend, beaming as she did so. “It’s amazing. I don’t ever want to get off this ride.” She said as the wheel starting turning.

“We can ride it again. We still have to get pretzels and cotton candy and-”

Betty enveloped Jughead’s lips with her own, smiling into the kiss. “Thank you,” She murmured gently as she broke the kiss. “Today has been amazing.” She said excitedly. “How often do these things come to town?”

“Usually three to four times a year. I’ll take you to every single one.” He smiled, placing a kiss on her temple.

“You do know cotton candy is the way to my heart, right?” Betty giggled as the Wheel came to a stop.

“Why do you think we’re at the carnival?” Jughead joked, squeezing her hand.

Betty laughed and leaned into his side. “I’m just kidding, Jug. You already have my heart.”

A/N: (I just realized I didn’t include Jughead or Betty winning things for one another, I’m so sorry! I hope you enjoyed it.)

Douen. Trinidadian folklore. Carnival. Trinidad and Tobago.

The Douen is a character from Trinidad and Tobago folklore, it is believed they are the lost souls of children that had not yet been baptized or christened. Their most recognized characteristic are their feet that are said to be backwards, with the heel facing the front.