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Snapchat adventures with the moon princess! Two blond babes having fun!
Spending time at the Carnival before their late, sleepy boyfriends come in to join ‘em! It’s mostly Noct’s fault Nyx is running late! It was Promptos silly idea for a double date, but welp, he already started having all the fun and dragged Luna with him! Two versions, one with the filters and one without. Prompto’s second fav filter is the flower crown one <3<3<3 

A little idea i’ve been playing around with for @sailor-mochi <3 It’s been stuck in my head for months, but thanks to the carnival, the selfie idea became better lol

Carnivals With Hyuk

“babe you take forever. we’re only going to the carnival, you don’t have to look all fancy.” your boyfriend, hyuk sighed as he stood in the doorway of your shared bedroom.

you rolled your eyes. “so you wouldn’t mind me going out with half of my head twisted up? i spent like two hours last night with this twist out you know.”

he groaned, sitting on the bed and pulling out his phone. “take your time princess.”

you had an idea but wasn’t too sure if he would go through with it. it would help the both of you though, since he was an impatient fuck.

“hyuk?” you called his name.

“yes?” he looked up from his phone.

“would you mind helping me take these out? you know, to speed things up.”

he hesitated at first since he had never helped you take out your hair and didn’t want to mess anything up. but with his ‘fuck it’ mentality, he mumbled to himself, “fuck it” and got up to help.

“show me how you do it.” he stood by your side and observed as you talked him through it.

ten minutes later, you hair was done and you were sliding on your sneakers. you took one more look in the mirror before heading downstairs.

“you look so sexy.” hyuk said as he pulled you against his chest, rubbing on your ass.

you giggled, pulling back from his embrace. “promise me you’ll stop being freaky for at least tonight?”

“i can’t make any promises like that when i have a woman like you kitten.” he chuckled.

“let’s go hyuk.” you hid your smile and pulled him along after making sure that the door was locked.

the carnival was at a walking distance so, you’d get there quick. hyuk tapped his hand on your thigh indicating that he wanted you to hold it. half of the reason was because dudes were staring at you and the other half was because he wanted to.

“let’s have fun tonight okay?” he spoke, still looking straight ahead.

“we always do.” you let go of his hand and wrapped your arm around his waist instead. he wrapped his arm around your shoulder, pulling you close to him. although you loved hyuk’s freaky side, his cute fluffy side is what you loved the most.

after everything was paid for, you and hyuk headed for the carnival games.

“this hyuk!” you literally screamed as you ran over to the basketball stands.

“haha you really wanna do this? you’re gonna lose.” he laughed, but ended up receiving a small scoff from you.

“shut up hyuk, i know how to shoot a basketball and actually make it.” you shoved him.

“alright bet. two please.” he said to the booth owner.

after the buzzer went off, you pulled all the basketballs to your corner and started shooting. you actually made some, unlike hyuk. he made them all, except for one.

“mochaaa!” he teasingly sung.

you turned around and crossed your arms. “you weren’t supposed to beat me hyuk. that’s so not gentleman like.”

“you know damn well that i’ve tried that but you started nagging about how you’re an independent woman and blah blah blah when you found out.” he chuckled, while back hugging you.

“yeah okay.” you rolled your eyes since he was right.

“babe we gotta play the water gun game!” hyuk semi yelled as soon as his eyes came in contact with it.

he pulled you along.

for some reason, it was his favorite game. he told you that it was the easiest and best game to him but you knew that deep down he loved it because he loved winning prizes for you. he would never admit it though.

this time, you were gonna beat him. you were determined to make him walk around with the stuffed princess peach doll that hung from the ceiling of the booth for the whole night.

“i’ll beat you this time.” you said.

all that he did was laugh since it’s something that you always said but ended up losing everytime.

you squinted your eyes and bit down on your tongue for concentration. although people were looking at you, you didn’t care because you were on a mission.

you silently cheered yourself on as you saw the radar rise a bit higher than hyuk’s. “come on..yes..!”

the buzzer went off indicating that that was the end of the game. you looked at the radars final scores and indeed, yours was higher than his. both your mouth and hyuk’s were in the shape of an o. he was super shocked at the fact that you just beat him.

it was completely unexpected, even the elder booth owner who learned that you two always played this game when you came to the carnival was shocked. he thought that it was just another time that the cute interracial couple would come play his water gun game and the boyfriend would win something for his girlfriend. but my, have the tables turned.

“here you go baby.” you handed him the stuffed doll.

“how the hell did you beat me? and there ain’t no way in hell i’m walking around with this all night.” he let out a small laugh.

“i told you that i was gonna beat you and yes you are!” you teased him.

he gave you a fake pout when he noticed the little girls that passed by, giggle at him but you ignored it. it was cute seeing him walk around with something pink for once. 

“ooh babe do you want a *hotteok?” hyuk noticed the food truck and asked you.

he must’ve been reading your mind cause that’s exactly what you were craving. something sweet. “yes! yes! yes!” you licked your lips.

after it was ordered and in your hands, hyuk tried to look for somewhere to sit, but all the booths were taken up. there was one chair, but the problem is that it was two of you.

“you seem like you need to sit for a minute, you should sit down.” he suggested but you shook your head no.

“i know it’s not really your favorite thing to do in public, but how about i just sit in your lap?“ 

he was hesitant, but shrugged and sat down anyways. “sit on hyuk.” he playfully patted his lap causing you to giggle but you had to be a little serious since he was being just a little freaky.

“hyuk! stop it.” you sat down on his lap and bit into the hotteok.

“sharing is caring.” he rolled his eyes and mumbled.

“hyuk if you wanted some you could’ve just asked, i would’ve gave you some.” you put the pancake in front of his face, he leaned forward with his hand on top of yours and bit it.

he smirked and pointed at your ‘pants’. “…i want it.”

 "hyuk i will beat your ass if you don’t stop!“ you ate the rest of the hotteok and threw the wrapper away.

he chuckled to himself and followed behind you. after a few more games and a bunch of junk food, the two of you decided to take a picture in the photo booth. it was something you always did at the end.

“1…2…3..chocolate!” hyuk yelled causing you to laugh.

he would always yell something random to mess you up. it’s only because he adored your face the most when you were laughing. after the photo came out, you cringed at it but hyuk looked at it in literal awe.

“you’re so adorable kitten.” he kissed your cheek.

although you strongly disagreed, hearing that made you a blushing mess. “yeah yeah yeah whatever you say hyuk.”

he took your hand in his and kissed it. “you had fun?”

you nodded. “you know i did, did you?”

“i always have fun when i’m with you baby. and thanks for this little princess toy.” he said sarcastically as he waved it around.

“glad you like it.” you kissed his cheek.

he puckered his lips and side eyed you. “soo..when we get home..-”

“shut up hyuk!” you playfully shoved him which lead to him chasing you all the way to your home, also receiving weird looks from people but that didn’t matter.

moments like these were the moments you loved to cherish.


note* a hotteok is basically a flour dough pancake filled with sugar syrup inside.

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