carnival at sea


Sunday Sunshine
9 July 2017

We’ve enjoyed sensational weather this weekend; perfect for having fun outdoors.
I watched My Girl’s West Coast women’s footy team blast to a second-half win in their second match of the final Winter Carnival round. Unfortunately G was feeling too ill with a cold to play so we wandered to Clancys Cafe to take in the ocean and a snack. She got progressively more pasty, so her bf took her home to sleep and I went to the Dog Haven to check out a small dog bed sale.

I had a look at the doggies available for adoption; most were staffy and pit-bull cross-breeds. People get these dogs for superficial reasons then can’t cope with their energy. Being a big softie I got a bit teary but in fact most do go good homes. Dogs just want to be loved and feel secure like we do.

Sunday afternoon was for making peanut butter protein balls and whizzing up a big batch of granola. I experimented with chia seeds in the pb balls but wouldn’t use them again.

The Husb heads off overseas for work tonight so we took a sunset walk with the dog before finalising our work clobber ready for the week ahead.