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Oracle [Chapter 1]

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Series Genre: AU/Angst/Fluff/Smut

The warm summer wind blew gently through your hair as the dulled sounds of the carnival acted as a soundtrack for your evening. Nights like this, made you reflect on just how beautiful something as simple as walking beneath the light of a full moon could be.

“So, did you have fun?” he asked, pulling you from your daze.

You turned to look at your ever faithful companion, smiling anxiously at you. He pushed back the few strands of his strawberry blonde locks that blocked his view.

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EXO masterlist


date a guarded yet submissive (in bed) girl

date an athlete

Go into a bathroom with their gf during a party

date a girl who is like Baekhyun

MTL date a Canadian

Most to least to get super jealous

Most To Least To Help You Get Away With Something

Date a French/English speaker

date a girl with an innocent face but a dirty mind ;)

date a calm yet affectionate girl

go on a carnival date


their gf acting cute (unnaturally)

being greeted by their child after a long tour

Their child waking up in the middle of the night because of a storm

having a lazy day

telling them you’re pregnant (unplanned)

Reaction to period mood swings

 coming home to their gf in her underwear

surprising them on tour

Surprising them with your kids

sexting them

finding out their s/o is a wizard

their girlfriend/crush dancing with another member

seeing you get angry at another member’s (inappropriate) girlfriend

not getting a valentine’s “treat”

their idol friend (you) ignoring them because of false rumors

their child being upset because they missed an important event

Seeing their gf without makeup for the first time

seeing their gf in shorts for the first time

reaction to your heart-shaped birthmark

teasing them as a joke, but they actually get mad

their gf glaring at then with a puppy dog face

their crush being their makeup artist

being held in their S/O’s arms

their S/O bringing home 6 puppies

seeing someone prettier than their ideal type

their child running up to then in an interview

their s/o ignoring them

their gf asking his shyly to eat her out


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Things I have done as a high school teacher that I never knew were part of the job description:
  • safety-pinned a student’s clothing together in a moment of extreme wardrobe malfunction
  • dressed like Marie Antoinette for a day (complete with wig and hoop skirt)
  • provided tampons to probably about 80% of my female students on a monthly basis
  • explained what a “meme” was to both students AND teachers
  • sewn together a student’s ripped clothing
  • untangled a student’s thong strap from her ring (that one was a little bit scarring, tbh)
  • taught a student how to address an envelope and send snail-mail for the FIRST time
  • created embarrassing educational renditions of popular songs in order to help teach concepts, posted them to YouTube for students to access, and then had said embarrassing versions of songs get tens of thousands of views
  • taught students how to play MASH for the first time
  • reinvented every game I’ve ever played to try to come up with fun ways for students to learn
  • done my students’ hair and make-up
  • taught a room full of teachers in an after-school meeting the definition of “shipping” (internet-style, not USPS) and what an “OTP” was
  • taught a student how to old-school waltz
  • explained the difference between persecuted, prosecuted, and prostituted (keep in mind: I teach French)
  • gotten an entire class hooked on watching Supernatural
  • hugged sad students while they cried
  • sewn together a student’s backpack
  • provided an endless supply of granola bars, pop tarts , and fruit snacks to students without breakfast or lunch
  • taken my students to the mall to buy color-coordinated clothing
  • been nick-named “Honeydukes” by a student
  • awkwardly got in touch with a YouTuber who creates videos of a sentient French-speaking red-eyed tree frog, to whom my class then sent a whole lot of awkward fan mail
  • shared my books, my dvds, and my lunches with students on a regular basis
  • created a personality and facial features for my smart board
  • dug a hole with a shovel (as part of my work day)
  • worn fake facial hair
  • dueled one of my students with a nerf broadsword, whilst we were both wearing capes
  • worn matching hard hats with a group of my students AND a construction crew
  • did Zumba with my students
  • painted student’s faces (like for a carnival)
  • acted in several student films as both a murder suspect and victim
  • tried out for American Idol (ONLY as a result of teaching)
  • taught the cotton-eyed Joe dance to a room full of students
  • went onto foreign language forums specifically to find out how you say “cankles” in French

And those are just the first ones that came to mind… and I’ve only been teaching for like 5 and ½ years. 

BTS x Carnival!AU

i decided to compile all of these together from the au game for those of you who missed it or wanted all the members together!! ~


  • definitely a magician
  • knows like basic card tricks but can also do illusions and escape from like ropes or handcuffs
  • wears a cape even though yoongi was like that’s corny but namjoon doesn’t care he thinks it looks cool
  • and like whenever he puts on a show he’s dressed all snazzy and has like white gloves on and looks like those magicians from like the 20s it’s kinda cute how much he gets into character
  • he like pulls you up and offers to saw you in half and you’re like ,,,, oh my god no,,,,, no thank you and he’s like awwww too bad,,,,but then he’s like you know what it’s good i don’t want to hurt a pretty thing like you and you’re like did this magician just flirt w me
  • and tbh the rest of carnival bangtan sitting in the audience is like ,,,, did namjoon just flirt??? because that’s not part of the script
  • after the show namjoon somehow shows up in front of you like pulls flowers out of his sleeve you’re like ???? oh my thank you???
  • and he’s like suddenly rubbing the back of his neck getting all shy he stutters and like some cards fall out of his pocket and you bend down to help him pick them up and you guys bump heads and it’s cute
  • and he’s like um,,,,here you go,,,,,
  • and he passes you one of his cards (it’s the ace of hearts) with his number on it and he’s like jUSt in case you WAnna let me Take you on a Date,,,,i won’t ask to cut you in two hahaHA
  • and you’re like omg that’s so c*rny but also,,,,adorable


  • ok ok ok but can you imagine like,,,,,dangerous carnival acts hoseok???
  • like he juggles fire??? or like swallows swords???
  • and like usually he’s just smiling on stage like he looks like a blooming cute flower but then all of a sudden he’s like eating swords like it’s nothing or breathing fire and everyones like holy SHit
  • or like he dances with fire and it’s so pretty but so dangerous and like everyone just can’t believe such an innocent happy person has the capability to do wild crazy things like this
  • and you’re like part of the carnivals on site medical staff just in case someone gets hurt on the rides or something but tbh you’re always stressing out about hoseok
  • and like you visit him before shows and you’re like ??? you’ll be ok right?? you know your safety precautions??? and he’s always just smiling at you like of course im a pro!!! like pats your head and kisses your forehead like i promise not to burn or stab myself so don’t worry
  • but hoW Can YOU NOT he’s SWALLOWING SWOrds for gods sake but at the same time you see how happy he is to make the crowd cheer
  • and when he comes back you’re just thankful he’s alive each time and you like hold his face and tbh you’re like ,,, im sorry i just want to like touch you to make sure you’re ok
  • and hoseok bites his lip because like you Can keEP touching him like hE Doesn’t mind he likes your ,,, soft touch,,,,,,,,
  • hoseok making a heart at you with his fingers and then his fingers bursting into flames and you’re like OH YM gdo and he’s like no no don’t worry it’s just a trick i know hehehe


  • runs the fortune telling booth at the carnival and basically reads tarot cards for cheap
  • he like vaguely knows what he’s doing, but he gives off this mysterious aura and he’s really hot so people go to get their fortunes told even if they know that it’s kind of fake
  • imagine jin in like a little booth sitting at a velvet table with like flowers surrounding him and candles it’d look like something out of a movie but nope he’s just your regular carnival fortune teller
  • and he’s such a flirt tbh he like holds your wrist and is like i can hear your heartbeat~ are you excited for what the cards will say~~ and tbh is this fortune telling or fanservice who  k n o w s
  • and you visit the booth one day because your friends all did it so you go in and see jin sitting there with his flowers and candles and you’re like alright lay it on me
  • and jin’s like ahh you’re here for love right? and you’re like nope can you tell me if im going to get a better job this year and jin’s slightly taken back like uh oh,,,
  • but he keeps his cool like whips out a fan to cover his face like let’s read the cards ~~~ and you’re like this is a joke and he’s kind of like ,,,,,ok yeah but listen it’s my job and you’re like you’re too handsome to be working here?? have you considered modeling
  • and jin’s like oh,,,,well i mean,,, and he knows he’s handsome and whatnot but you’re so straightforward that it kinDA flusters him
  • but basically you kind of end up just talking to jin and you’re like well ill come back soon and you leave and jin is just like holy shit ,,,,, i can’t stop thinking about this person even ice-cream boy jimin doesn’t get this deep into people
  • and idk jin like tries to read his own fortune to see if you’ll come back to him because wow you’re interesting,,,he’d like to see you more often,,,


  • taehyung has to wear the big costume of the carnivals mascot which is like a squirrel and it’s so hot he hates it but like
  • he’s got enough energy to dance around and all the kids adore him so it isn’t thAT bad
  • plus at least he doesn’t have to clean up on any of the rides or sit in booths doing absolutely nothing
  • but every now and then he takes the top of the costume off and underneath he’s got a tanktop on cuz it’s too hot and he drinks some water and he’s you know glistening with some sweat like his hairs stuck to his forehead,,,,,he looks,,,,,,,,,good
  • and you’re like let’s say you also work at the carnival but you don’t have like an animal costume you have like a fairy costume and like part of your job is to do a little dance with taehyung
  • and it’s cute taehyung like twirls you around and like it’s all fun and games until you think about how he looks under the costume and you can’t help but get red in the face
  • you guys probably meet up with the rest of the guys that work their at the end of your shift and like taehyung’s showered but he’s still in his tanktop and like jeans and you’re like my heart and he throws an arm around you and is like my cute dance partner!! how you been?? and you’re like ahhh,,, and like yoongi is looking between you two like oh oh i see
  • and suddenly yoongi is pulling the rest of carnival workers bangtan away and you and taehyung like walk together and taehyung’s like you look cute in the fairy costume, but like this you’re even prettier


  • works the ferris wheel and honestly wishes he could work at the haunted house instead cuz it’s so much cooler than this big wheel that’s extra boring
  • jungkook swears if he sees another couple making out in one of the compartments he’s gonna gag
  • sometimes he purposely plays bad music to ward the couple’s away but like they still come (and manager bang pd is like jungkook stop playing what does the fox say that song is h o r r ib l e and jungkooks like i KNow that’s the point)
  • and for the most part he sits there bored playing on his nintendo 3ds and then one day you get hired to work the ride across the ferris wheel and oh my god
  • jungkook does like a 180
  • all of a sudden he’s playing corny love songs??? like ‘run’ by bangtan boys who even is that??? and the whole park is like what’s up with jungkook he looks like he’s in a daydream
  • but the minute you like lover at him jungkook ducks behind the ticket stand because oh god no he can’t look at you face first??? you’re way too cute?? waaaay too cute
  • and ice cream boy jimin’s like hey jungkook you like that person right and jungkooks like WHAT and jimin’s like yeah it’s obvious and jungkooks like shUt up jimin go eat some ice cream and jimin shrugs like hey maybe ask them out
  • and jungkook’s way too nervous honestly at some point you’d have to be assertive and go over and be like hey you’re cute why don’t we ride this ferris wheel when you have your day off
  • and jungkooks like swallowing like like ,,, a date/?? and you’re like yeah a date and he’s like o o k,,,, and you wake away and jungkook for the first time in his life is like THANK GOD I WORK AT THIS FERRIS WHEEL


  • ice cream boy jimin walks around selling ice cream to whoever comes to the carnival and just being as sweet as the snacks he sells
  • gives extra sprinkles to little kids because they’re cute and always gets scolded by manager bang pd at the end of the day for it hehe
  • wears the white and red striped shirt and the little boat hat and it makes you giggle the first time you see it and jimin turns like every shade of red
  • he actually got so distracted by how cute you were he ended up dropping the ice cream cone he was going to give taehyung all over taehyung’s outfit and taehyun was like jIMi n bang pd’s gonna kill ME but jimin was completely absorbed in how cute you looked that he was just like uhuh
  • you go over to by some ice-cream and you’re like which is the best flavor? and jimin wants to be like my lips~~ but he’s not that corny so he gets flustered and is like um u m u mmmm strawberry???
  • and so you get strawberry and you’re like how much? and jimin is like oh yes um uh just um 1,000 won and you’re like but it says on the box that ice cream is 4,000 won and jimin’s like haha discount???? (because you’re so darn cute)
  • and so you give him the (right amount of) money and you eat some ice-cream and get some on your chin and jimin’s like um,,,,your chin and you’re like oh!! i don’t have a napkin??? and literally yoongi in the back like jimin you idiot wipe it for them come on it’s so obvious
  • but jimin is like i Can GO Get YOU one PLEASe waIT
  • and he runs off and you’re like a little sad he didn’t catch on but he’s so cute and adorable and flustered and yoongi gives jimin a lil smack on the head afterwords like theY WERE FLIRTING JIMIN and jimin is like WA I T WHAT


  • works at the skeeball games and absolutely hates it
  • wears the dumb bright uniform shirt and cap, even has a fanny pack to match which if you make fun of - he will lose his shit about. respect yoongi’s fanny pack
  • but anyway he knows the games basically rigged and if someone is really sweet and nice he usually is like hey you should go try your luck somewhere else but if you’re like an asshole he’s just laughing at the fact you will never win behind your back
  • but since you’re a nice person just trying to win some tickets to get that stuffed fox at the prize center, and also yoongi kinda thinks you’re cute he kind of coughs under his breathe like ‘cough go for the fifty point one cough just throw it a bit more to the left cough’
  • and you’re like oh and you try it and you score and you’re like omg thanks and he shrugs it off like it’s no big deal but when he sees you go get the fox and how happy you look over the toy he gets happy to
  • forces ice-cream boy jimin to give him free ice-cream
  • is thankful he doesn’t have to wear a fursuit like taehyung in the heat and dance around in the parade
Tag meme:Sonic edition

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How long have you been a Sonic fan: Although I’ve been playing Sonic games for a few years, I’ve only started being a fan of it recently

First Sonic game played: Sonic Riders for the PS2!

Top 3 Favorite Characters: Blaze, Silver and Sonic are my personal faves.Honourable mentions to Rouge and Werehog ‘cause they’re real neat as well.

Favorite Vocal Track: THIS IS HARD but either Endless Possibility from Sonic Unleashed or Live and Learn from Sonic Adventure 2 because they always PUMP ME UP

Favorite Nonvocal track: Stardust Speedway Bad Future JP version from Sonic CD

Top 3 Games: Sonic Riders, Sonic Rush and Sonic Unleashed

Top 5 Stages: Metal City (Riders), Night Carnival (Rush), Rooftop Run Act 2(Unleashed), Casino Night Zone (Generations), Final Hazard (Adventure 2)

Favorite Team (Sonic, Dark, Rose, Chaotix): Team Dark tbh, they’re really interesting and cool.

Favorite game intro: Sonic Unleashed!I mean HOLY SHIT IT’S BEAUTIFUL AND SO AWESOME

Which game has the best story: Sonic Unleashed again, the plot was really interesting and had really neat animation.

2D, 3D, or both: 3D is more my forte

Sonic Mania or Sonic Forces: Sonic Forces because I want to JOIN THE RESISTANCE 

Which character(s) would you want to see in the Boom show: Rouge and Big would be pretty good additions to the show tbh

Best Sonic show: Sonic Boom is really the only one I’ve watched so I guess that?idk

Favorite Sonic era (Classic, Adventure, Modern, Boom): Modern 

Tag 5 or more people: @casino-night @finalcolorblaster @knucklesjesus @redrunningshoes @best-fairy-squad-mother if you guys want to do it then go right ahead

Accidentally On Purpose. (Samandriel Imagine)

I love your writing style, I think you capture the characters personalities wonderfully! :) Im a little particular when it comes to fan fiction but I love yours! Can you write a Samandriel one wheres he gets super ungraceful and really clumsy and stuff around the reader because he likes her so much but she has no idea? Thank you :)

Request: Can you do one with Samandriel where you two are friends and you go to the carnival but he’s acting weird and emphasizing that you’re just friends but only because that’s what he thinks you want? Love you!

Authors Note: Thank you so much for your comments! Okay this was requested a long time ago so I’m very sorry for the wait. Also, I’m nervous because this is my first Samandriel imagine and I don’t know if I’m going to capture him the way y’all want me too…*nervously exhales* I hope you enjoy!

“Y/N? Did you hear me?”

“Huh?” You looked up from the book you were engrossed in and smiled, “Sorry. I’m almost finished with this chapter.”

Samandriel playfully rolled his eyes, the blue in them twinkling as he smirked at you, “You said that twenty minutes ago.”

You laughed and closed the book, giving your best friend a shy smile, “Sorry. Okay, I’m all ears.”

“I was thinking,” he began, walking toward you, “maybe we can-” before he could finish his sentence, he tripped over the coffee table that you sat near, sending the cup of tea that was once yours soaring and crashing against the floor.

“Oh my- are you okay?” You gasped and helped him up, holding back the laughter that bubbled in your throat, “You are the most clumsy angel I have ever met.”

Well, he was the only angel you have ever met, but still. Whenever the two of you were together, even only weeks after finding out he was your guardian a year ago, he wasn’t so graceful. In fact, his clumsiness is what revealed him in the first place. You were cooking dinner and dancing to a song that blasted through the radio, when you heard the sound of someone falling and crashing to the floor. As you turned around, you saw him there, groaning from the slight pain he only felt for a few seconds. Surprisingly, you didn’t freak out when he told you who he was. You grew up with your mom always saying that angels were watching over you, and she was right. But when asked why he revealed himself to you, he simply answered, “I fell.”

And that was that.

“Funny,” he continued, laughing under his breath, “Back in heaven, I was never ungraceful in the least.”

You cocked an eyebrow, “So why is it any different around me?”

Samandriel blushed slightly and cleared his throat, “So anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the festival down the street. There’s a Ferris wheel, and games, cotton candy-”

“You had me at ‘Ferris wheel’.” You Interrupted, already pulling on a sweater, “Let’s do this.”

Seconds later, you were just outside one of the game stands with Samandriel beside you. That was one of the many perks about having an Angel for a friend, it took no longer than a few seconds to be anywhere in the world you wanted to be. Another perk, one that you never admitted, was that he happened to choose one of the cutest vessels imaginable. You’ve always thought be was cute, but after getting to know the angel and who he was, developing feelings for him was not shocking whatsoever.

“What would you like to do first?” He asked, smiling down at you. It was already dark out but you could see the highlights of his features through the carnival attire, “I’ve never been to one of these before, I’ve only heard about them.”

You bit your lip, already knowing what you wanted to do, “We have to go on the Ferris Wheel, it’s perfect at this time.”

He smiled and nodded, intertwining his fingers with yours as he lead you to the ride. It wasn’t weird, for you two to hold hands since he was your best friend, but you still got butterflies when he touched you.

When you approached the ride, a young man who worked there glanced down at your hands, “We have a couples seat-”

“We’re not a couple.” Samandriel said too quickly, walking over to an open cage, “We’ll take this one, please.”

You furrowed your brows together and followed him, not surprised in the least when he tripped into the seat, “I need to get you walking lessons.”

He responded with a toothless grin, squinting his eyes at you when you sat across from him, “We still have a lot to teach each other.”

“Really?” You leaned back as the ride began to move, “Like what?”

“Well I have got to teach you how to fly.”

"Right, of course.”

“You need to teach me how to cook.”


“And how to stop falling all over the place.”

“Is that possible?”

“And I need to teach you how to defend yourself.”

“Why?” The ride stopped when you were halfway up, to let people off you knew, “I have you.”

He swallowed and looked down at his hands, “I won’t be around forever.”

For some reason, you felt a spark of anger, “You wont?”

“You’re going to fall in love one day. And start a family. I can’t be with you when you’re married.” His eyes still hadn’t met yours, “We’re friends.”

“Friends.” You stated, crossing your arms, “Friends?”

It was quiet for a few seconds, but you hadn’t stopped looking at him. It was so intense that you hadn’t even noticed the ride began moving again. You wanted to tell Samandriel the way you felt and you seriously considered doing it, but the words ‘we’re just friends’ stuck in your mind.

“Are you okay?” He interrupted the silence, finally meeting your eyes and leaning forward so that he was only inches away from you, “What’s wrong?”

“Samandriel, I…” Screw it, “I kind of thought that we were becoming more than just friends. I mean, we’ve been inseparable for over a year, you know me more than anyone on this earth and I feel so comfortable with you. I thought you felt the same way about me too. I mean, you’re my gaurdian, and its your destiny to protect me. To be with me. I thought that we would always be together.”

He stared at you for a few seconds, then let out a soft laugh, “Remember the day we met, when I said ‘I fell’ after you asked me why I revealed myself?”


“Revealing myself was no accident.” He moved over so that now he was sitting right next to you, gazing into your eyes, “I revealed myself because I fell, for you.

His small smile sent your heart to beat even faster then it already was, “So you-”

"I love you.” He interrupted, cupping your face, “and I would love to spend forever with you.”

You couldn’t hold back anymore, so you kissed him. It was everything you imagined, beautifully awkward, but that was him. You would have kept going but the ride jolted to a stop, causing you to look out, “We’re at the top!”

“Wow.” He followed your gaze, “It is really beautiful.”

"Yeah.” You intertwined your fingers with his and rested your head on is shoulder, stealing one last glance at him before looking back, “It is.”

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carnivalworker!hoseok HEHEHEHE im living for this accidental/indirect series~~

  • ok ok ok but can you imagine like,,,,,dangerous carnival acts hoseok??? 
  • like he juggles fire??? or like swallows swords??? 
  • and like usually he’s just smiling on stage like he looks like a blooming cute flower but then all of a sudden he’s like eating swords like it’s nothing or breathing fire and everyones like holy SHit 
  • or like he dances with fire and it’s so pretty but so dangerous and like everyone just can’t believe such an innocent happy person has the capability to do wild crazy things like this 
  • and you’re like part of the carnivals on site medical staff just in case someone gets hurt on the rides or something but tbh you’re always stressing out about hoseok
  • and like you visit him before shows and you’re like ??? you’ll be ok right?? you know your safety precautions??? and he’s always just smiling at you like of course im a pro!!! like pats your head and kisses your forehead like i promise not to burn or stab myself so don’t worry
  • but hoW Can YOU NOT he’s SWALLOWING SWOrds for gods sake but at the same time you see how happy he is to make the crowd cheer
  • and when he comes back you’re just thankful he’s alive each time and you like hold his face and tbh you’re like ,,, im sorry i just want to like touch you to make sure you’re ok
  • and hoseok bites his lip because like you Can keEP touching him like hE Doesn’t mind he likes your ,,, soft touch,,,,,,,,
  • hoseok making a heart at you with his fingers and then his fingers bursting into flames and you’re like OH YM gdo and he’s like no no don’t worry it’s just a trick i know hehehe 

As We Watch Brazil’s Dance

By Anthony Lopopolo

In the beginning of Dave Zirin’s book, Brazil’s Dance with the Devil, one of America’s pre-eminent political sports writers tells us that he simply had to write a book about Brazil – a country, said one of his professors, that is certainly not for “beginners.” But Zirin is no beginner. He is the voice of reason in a country of unreasonable disparity.

He first starts in the favelas, one of them surrounding Rio’s Maracana, where hundreds of homes, once built by generations of families, were “cracked open.” Those residents were relocated, some moved hours away, some getting no compensation at all.

Zirin then interviews journalists and academics, street sweepers and the indigenous peoples, as he searches for the meaning behind everything that has happened in Brazil over the past year. His latest book is an essential companion for this month. It examines what it means to be Brazilian and explains why FIFA is exploiting the land like its colonizers from Portugal so many years ago.

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VIDEO: Bobby Jindal goes absolutely nuclear on Donald Trump

Wow! Louisiana Governor and GOP Presidential candidate took the kid glove off against his competitor Donald Trump.  He spoke at the National Press Club and started by saying he liked the “idea of Donald Trump.”  He said he agree’s with Donald Trump’s diagnosis of America’s brokenness, but he disagree’s with Trump’s prescription: Donald Trump.

He then went on to use a bunch of words like “narcissist,” “shallow,” “egomaniac,” and “carnival act.”

Here’s the video (remarks about Trump start at 4:35 and last about 7 minutes):

“The reason we know Donald Trump has never read the Bible is that he’s not in the Bible.” 

“Only a very weak person needs to constantly tell us how strong and powerful they are.”

Dang!  That is brutal!

It seems Jindal has taken a page right out of Donald Trump’s playbook, and instead of dancing around the issue, he’s attacking it head one.  And guess what? It’s already working!  We wouldn’t be talking about Jindal today if he hadn’t given this speech.  But today the press is buzzing, and what can Donald do but respond in kind?  And then we’re still going to be talking about Bobby Jindal.  

We’ll see if Bobby Jindal can handle the pressure of being Trump’s new favorite punching bag…

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Something like Jily at a carnival/fair before Harry, please?

James still really didn’t feel comfortable in muggle situations. Not because of any sort of superiority complex as Lily used to assume, but only because it made him very uncomfortable and anxious not to know what was going on. However, with Lily six months pregnant now and in full force pregnancy rage, he couldn’t say no to her. Not that he was very good at saying no to her before. 

That was how James Potter ended up walking hand in hand with his pregnant wife through a muggle carnival, trying not to act too surprised by the sights around him. Lily had convinced him to buy a candyfloss for the two to share, but she was doing most of the eating. James knew better than to interrupt her - he had nearly had his hand taken off by trying to reach into a bowl of sweets she was eating. 

Rather, James would just wait for Lily to pull off as much as she wished to give him every once in a while and offer it up to him as though she suddenly remembered he was there as well. He didn’t tease her for it, as he usually tended to, every time he thought about teasing her for her greedy pregnancy habits he looked down to see her wide grin as her eyes darted around to see every sight there was to take in. He knew she had been to a carnival before, since she wouldn’t stop sharing the same memories over and and over until he agreed to go with her, and the pure wonder she still felt took him back to their days at Hogwarts. Every single Hogsmeade trip she had that same look on her face - as though she couldn’t believe she was back there again. 

“James, you should win that. For Fleamont Junior.” Lily looked up at him with a completely serious face, but her eyes were sparkling with mischief. 

“For the last time, stop making fun of my father’s name and I would rather be six feet underground than put my son through Fleamont hell.” James rolled his eyes at her but couldn’t stop grinning which gave no substance to what he hoped was a firm statement. “Besides, what do you want me to win?”

Lily pointed at a booth where people were throwing balls to knock down what looked to be completely stable milk bottles. The sign advertised a prize if all the bottles were knocked down - the prize being a new teddy bear. 

“Well, I wasn’t Quidditch star James Potter for nothing. I’ll win the bear.” James promised her cockily, giving her a wink before taking a piece of candyfloss and sauntering over to the booth, receiving his three balls to throw at the bottles. He took his first shot, trying very hard to aim and feeling confident that he would knock down all of them.

Not a single one budged. 

James shook it off and got read to throw again, drawing his arm back far in order to get more power and speed on his ball. The second ball hit the bottles directly in the middle and he was prepared to celebrate before he noticed the bottles hardly wiggled before not falling at all. 

Lily could tell he was getting frustrated, as a crease formed in the middle of his eyebrows and he ran a hand repeatedly through his messy black hair. If there was one thing everyone knew about James, no matter how much he had grown up from the arrogant young teenager, it was still hard for him to take a blow to his ego. 

Watching him wind up to take another shot at the pyramid of bottles, Lily mumbled a quiet spell under her breath and watched as the ball hit the bottles and made them all go flying. James and the man running the game had almost the exact same look of surprise on their face before James’ turned to a smirk instead and pointed out the specific teddy bear he wanted as his prize. The man grunted a congratulations before handing him the the bear. 

“Well, what do you think, will little Monty enjoy his dear old dad’s hard work?” James asked with a grin, handing the prize to Lily before wrapping an arm around her shoulder. 

Harry certainly will.” She agreed, her sweet candyfloss lips meeting his in a sugary kiss.  

He offers a barking carnival act that can be best described as Trumpism: a toxic mix of demagoguery, mean-spiritedness and nonsense that will lead the Republican Party to perdition if pursued. Let no one be mistaken – Donald Trump’s candidacy is a cancer on conservatism, and it must be clearly diagnosed, excised and discarded.

Rick Perry, glasses wearer and victim of Trump abuse.

Perry calls Trump ‘cancer” and “carnival barking act”. The Republican ‘circular firing squad’ continues…