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Twinkle Carnival (2011) ★ Day Dream Carnival (2013) ★ Crystal Dream Carnival (2014)
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  • Aoi: the Yoyogi DVD & BluRay, a satisfying outcome _:(;'Θ' ;;」 ∠):_
  • Aoi: but why do band guys who hand out flyers (after concerts) never give them to guys...? 

  • maaaakes meeee saaaad.
Aoi: yeh, I went to see SCREW*. there aren’t many people I can call Kouhai** so it makes me sad (to see them break up). they’ve struggled so much for 10 years so I wonder what they thought about everything they saw and experienced today. the first time we went to get something to eat with them, we told them to go ahead and enter but they had all waited for us outside. and all of them had snow piling up on their faces.
  • Aoi: just because I was in this business a little bit before them, didn’t mean I could give them any good advice, but they’d still turn to me and consult me about things, that was very sweet. when I think about how they will be going down a different path as us starting today, I just couldn’t watch. 

  • I wonder if there really is a Godー.
  • Aoi: btw, we can’t do bon:craz*** anymore! Chiyu isn’t there anymore, Hiroto isn’t there anymore, even Kazuki and Jin-chan....
  • maybe it’s finally time for me to move on as well (_・ω・)_hmmm...****
  • Aoi: well, surely some day, somewhere, I wanna stand on the same stage with them again. 
until then I’ll be with the GazettE in the dazzling, bright lights, waiting for that day.
  • sorry for tweeting in the middle of the night.
  • good night, everyone.
  • Aoi: lately my heart has been really uneasy.
of course there is also fun stuff but there are a lot of painful and difficult things going on. fucking hell. why is thatー?
  • *SCREW had their last concert yesterday.
  • **Kouhai is the opposite of Senpai (in case it’s not already clear), so basically junior and senior. 

  • ***aoi with bon.craz, a session band with the members
  • Aoi (the GazettE, vo. & gt.)
  • Hiroto (Alice Nine, gt.)
  • Kazuki (SCREW, gt.)
  • Chiyu (SuG, ba.)
  • Jin (SCREW, dr.)
  • who performed (exclusively Hide songs) at the PS Company Peace and Smile Carnival 7 days in 2011. 

  • ****I think, he means that they’re not at PS Company anymore and that maybe he should move away from them as well (but I’m not sure if that’s really what he means).

Children's masquerade at the St. Kitts & Nevis National Carnival 2011-12 by Jawanza Bassue

Day 16 Photo — “That’s me!” says davidmichaelbennett Nice painting done by a fan of officialthespine, officialrabbit ( bunnybennett ), and The Jon, given to the band at the Winter 2011 Carnival fundraiser in Balboa Park. I believe you can see this painting in the background of the first SPG Movie!

(Also, look closely… stevethesoundguy is in there too! )

17 December 2011

Photo by Kimberly Paul