The 2017 National Carnival will take place in the city of Les Cayes
February 26th, to 28th.
Police, judicial and municipal authorities want this great cultural event to be a success in terms of security. Zero tolerance and zero death, these are the objectives that these 3 powers have set themselves.

The Organizing Committee has indicated that more than 750 hotel rooms (25% more than in 2012) and 280 houses (guest rooms) have already been listed.

The construction of the stands has started. No fewer than 115 stands will be built along the route of the parade (the same as for the Carnival of 2012) and the Coordination Committee ensures that everything will be ready for the festivities. There are spaces for the tanks; The 2nd entrance of Gelée will be asphalted to 80% and the 2nd main street will be rehabilitated. Minor repairs will also be carried out on the route to the airport.

Boukman, Djakout #1, Rockfam and T-Vice have already confirmed their presence at the National Carnival 2017. - Haiti Libre #lunionsuite #haitian #haiti #kanaval #kanaval2017 #carnival #okay #caribbean #haitian #ayiti #islandlife

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The OT4 email chain during the Brits 2017

Payno: there are loads of dirty shoes under this table it’s sooo disgustingggg I hope we win so I can get outta here

Neil: is there any food I’m starving

Payno: why would there be food did u miss the part where I’m UNDER the table

Harold: what kind of shoes are they wearing? who attends the brits with dirty shoes it’s a fashion crime

Tommo: good question babe <3 @ chaino stop complaining you’ll never become a lad like this

Neil: okay but for real do they have food? I forgot to season my chicken again

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