Hayley @irakoy and Kentin (hope you don’t mind, I didn’t know any other K.A). Sun’ @sunnysaslattery and Nath’. Dana @veroww and Lys. Tisha @kallynkaa and Armin. Ange @krasnyzmeya and Castiel.
(backgrounds are pics)

I guess An’ and Cast’ doodle needs an explanation : she well knows you aint allowed to smoke on rides. But Castiel is sick AF after (before and between) roller coaster rides and won’t admit it. There, she lights a cig so they get kicked out before the ride starts and he doesn’t have to confess how scared he is. She’s probably telling him “lucky i like you, otherwise i would let you crawl back home, in your own vomit”.


mardi gras  💜💛💚

new orleans

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