Es ist Carnevalls Zeit und in Bolivien zelebriert man diesen besonders bunt, so sagte man uns, in Oruro. Also nichts wie in einen Bus gesetzt und ab nach Oruro. Wasserbomben, Spritzpistolen und vorallem teuflische Schaumsprühdosen verwandeln die Straßen in Schlachtfelder. Hunderte unschuldige Unbewaffnete fallen kleinen diabolisch lachenden Kindern oder großen Spaßvögeln zum Opfer und laufen in nassen Sachen mit vom Schaum brennenden rot tränenden Augen und weißen Schaumbärten unter gebührenpflichtigen Tribünen umher, immer auf der Hut nicht von herunter fallenden Bierdosen erschlagen zu werden, auf der Suche nach einer Lücke um einen Blick auf die farbenfrohen Kostüme erhaschen zu können. Es schüttet wie aus Kübeln und der Carnevall fällt buchstäblich ins Wasser. Federschmuck wird mit Plastikregencapes bedeckt. Stück für Stück breiten sie sich über die Menschenmasse aus bis fast jeder, ob Zuschauer, Militär oder Umzugsteilnehmer eines der Plastikcapes trägt. Als der Regen nach lässt finden wir uns schon auf dem Weg zum Bus zurück nach La Paz wieder, ein enttäuschender Ausflug an dem wir dennoch unseren Spaß hatten.

The Ideal City painted by Fra Carnevale c. 1480-1484

The painting consists of a city landscape, glowing in the morning light, nearly empty of human activity. There are five structures that define the space. At the center is a Roman triumphal arch, reminiscent of the Arch of Constantine in Rome, whose prominent position speaks to the importance of military leadership. Federico was a leading military commander of his day, but the place on the arch for dedication has been left blank. The amphitheater, is modeled after the Colosseum in Rome, and could represent the importance of providing entertainment for the well-being of the people. The octagonal building is the only structure not specifically Roman, being modeled after the Baptistery in Florence. However, there is an argument that the original structure incorporated a Roman temple. These ancient structures are joined by two modern buildings of the time. The one on the left is modeled after mid-15th century Florentine palaces of the Medici family, it is representative of a residence appropriate to the ruling class. The building to the right with the arches and cloth covered screens is also thought to be a residence. Visible in the background are other 15th-century buildings, including a warehouse. In the foreground, there are four allegorical sculptures, each representing the personification of virtue; Justice with her scales, Moderation with a pitcher of water to mix with wine, Liberality with a cornucopia, and Courage with a column. The fountain at the center, featuring a bronzed winged Sprite, represents a functional source of water. Providing patrons with good water was a sign of magnanimity.

SOURCE: Wikipedia

anonymous asked:

Greetings, hope you are well. I am planning to buy Baby's starlight carnevale OP in sax/orange as my prom dress, but it's difficult finding something for my male date to wear that doesn't clash. Do you have any ideas as to what men's wear could pair well with SC? Also I think the dress takes an a line petti but in another image from Baby it seems to be bell shaped. Is this the kind of dress that can be worn with both types?

My thought would be a light blue sport coat with a white shirt and a bowtie, maybe in orange or gold and maybe gray pants to keep things from getting too out of hand. Or he could do an all blue suit which would be great. I would definitely go for a suit as opposed to a tux though. I think a light blue tux is hard to pull off and you have more options for mixing and matching when it comes to a suit.
As for the shape of your dress, I would say it’s more of a bell shape, but it has a little bit of a dropped waist where the skirt isn’t gathered completely at the natural waist so you could probably do both.

A Constellation of Happiness

5 items of note in no particular order which provide me with a modicum of happiness in a world of somnambulists. (Tagged by relinquished-daemon and miniqules)

1. Inebriation of the Senses (Sex, Allies, Magick, and Riddim in any combination)
2. Reading Seductive Books (generally non-fiction or fiction that reads like non-fiction – Borges, Nabokov, Danielewski)
3. Good Conversations (particularly where both see each other as peers and know how this “talking with strangers” thing is supposed to work. Additionally, I despise whiners)
4. Festal Solidarity (Good parties can change someone’s life. Also, I’ve learned more from how to keep the carnevale going without losing your mind than I ever learned in school or elsewhere)
5. Making you happy – I really enjoy seducing folks out of their preconceived shithole of what they are certain life is about into something filled with more sunshine, more starlight, more laughter, and better drinks.

I’m supposed to tag 10 people with this so I’ll play along but do one better and give a reason why I tagged these people:

1. babyslits because I enjoy his tastes and would love to hear him open up more about himself

2. gnothyself because she’s having a crap time and I want her to be reminded of the things that give her joy.

3. doneleven because even though I talk to Don often in person I’d love to hear what his responses to the above are.

4. saviourxxx because for all the steamy passion of his blog there’s also a real sense of some dandyism-noir/melancholia there and I’d like to hear about the flip side of that coin.

5. mexicanthessaly because I usually only hear from him when he’s upset :)

6. malikot-ako because I can listen to him talk about a crack in the sidewalk and be ridiculously entertained by his telling.

7. ogtumble because he sends me holiday cards filled with full-throated laughter and good cheer

8. kosmicbrujx because he speaks truth to power and brokers no bullshit from nobody by extension I want to hear anything he has to say.

9. beautiful-solar-bastard because he likes a large amount of my content and I know next to nothing about the guy, other than he has fabulous taste ;)

10. the-sea-and-the–stars because they’re the most recent addition to this blog’s readership.