an equation heaven sent | klaus&elena

Elena rolled her eyes at the original hybrid’s last comment before hanging up. She rummaged through her drawers, pulling out necessities and articles of clothing and placing them into the suit cases she’d set out while making plans with Klaus. She wasn’t entirely sure of how long they’d be gone, but she assumed it would be for a long while, which was good. It gave her time to contemplate the decisions she’d need to make for the future, and time to make enough hybrids for Klaus to keep him from attempting to kill her should she decide to become a vampire. The situation really was a win-win.

After a while, Elena zipped up the suitcases and took a final look around the bedroom. It didn’t feel like it belonged to her anymore, it no longer fit her personality, and she made a mental note to fix it upon her return. With that thought, she grabbed the luggage and carried it downstairs, leaving a note for Jeremy on the coffee table before opening the front door and stepping onto the porch.

The autumn air had a slight chill to it, causing a small shiver to run through her body as she reached to button her coat. Though it was slightly cold out, fall was still her favorite season, and this would be the first one she’d spend outside of Mystic Falls. Elena sat on the steps of the house, looking around the familiar neighborhood for what was presumably the last time for a long while, and waited for Klaus to arrive.

Resurrection | Kol & Qetsiyah (ft. Niklaus)

In the early hours of the morning, Qetsiyah had been violently shaken from from her slumber, vases and mirrors having shattered and Kol awakened her scream induced by haunting and chilling nightmares, flashes of light, sounds, emotions all serving to ingrain a certain level of fear into the woman whom refused to allow herself to be shaken on a regular basis. And of which only served to cause her stress and worry as the proceeding night, with it’s dragging fog and chilling air, had seemed ominous in it’s own right.

Kol had long left the hotel hours earlier with the intention of going after the Gilbert boy but as time ticked by a certain energy electrifying the air had proceeded to raise alarm. Someone was using the darkest of magic and she felt she knew exactly whom it was. It would be not even a quarter past the hour later that a sudden feeling of intense pain and emotion would overcome her the likes of which could be described as even greater then the blade that stabbed her in the back all those years ago, bringing her to the floor as visions of heat and flame passed through her. Forced by her own power to witness her lovers demise just as he had her centuries previous.

“No, it can not.. no.” She spoke to the air as she fell, the realization of what must of happened to Kol overcoming her as her eyes drifted to the wall where he had thrown the stake the night before realizing with horror that he had taken it with him. (Her connection to Kol being more profound as she had used her magic to bind them together in an effort to protect him, something that would allow her to rise him.) Either out of shock or something else she rose, slowly, her mind, emotions confused as she began grabbing supplies she had collected, soon fleeing the hotel.

It would be less then thirty minutes later when she would find the Gilbert house, walking toward it, every step feeling as if it weighted a hundred pounds she neared closer to the haunting image that would be ingrained in her mind forever. Finally she entered, being met with the eyes of Niklaus before she quickly rose her hand, muttered a few words and using her magic to bring him to unconsciousness.

And then she turned…

She forced herself to look toward Kol’s lifeless and partially burned body, vines visible, charred clothing, the smell of ash… and before she even realized what she was doing the bag had slipped from her grip, spilling candles and various other items across the floor in a scattered mess as her hands came to grip her midsection as if to hold herself together, tears falling, tears she hated herself for just as in this moment she hated him for making her care for him, she hated him for making her love when she had vowed never to love again after Silas.

“Why did you have to be such an idiot? Why did you have to..” She stopped as her voice broke and she let herself fall to the ground next to him, onto her knees and reaching out to move a piece of hair from his darkened face. “You fool! You blasted, stupid fool!” She screamed at him. “Why did you have to make me care.. why did you have to make me love you so much if..” She cut off, trying to regain come level of composure of herself. For this was not her, she did not express emotion like this, she did not let herself become so overcome like this.. and yet here she was, color drained from her face and hands shaking as a sudden fear of her not being strong enough to preform this ritual took root in her mind before she took a gasping breath and shoved it back out.

She would spend the next ten or so minutes creating a magic circle and placing certain items in various spots, moving Niklaus closer to channel energy through him, he might feel weaker then usual but it was necessary for the ritual with the lack of certain other things. Using a spelled knife she slit her arm allowing blood to both drip over Kol’s body and into his mouth as she began to chant, color further draining from her, if that was possible, as her focus became harder and yet she continued. Blood began to drip from her nose and she grew weaker as even with this powerful dark magic a ritual of this magnitude held a toll. What seemed like a wind came through the house, a few windows shattering just after it and she gasp of something close to pain came over her before Kol’s body would begin to heal and his essence return to it, her stating one word before falling hard to the floor next to him.