I was kind of nervous about this but I decided it’s time for me to describe my fursona.

My fursona is a dragon with three heads. The first head is the head of the beast, representing the mind’s Id, our most base desires. Its teeth are covered in blood from biting the second head. The second head is the head of man, representing the ego, and humanity. The head of man is covered in scars as it is constantly in battle with the first head. The third head has been cleaved off, however there is a great halo in its place. It represents knowledge, the superego, morals, and virtue.

Its name is Quod Carnem, latin for The Flesh. Its name is meant to represent the human intellect’s war against the body’s desires. The fursona’s gastly overall appearance is meant to clash with the beauty of its great halo, representing the horror’s of war and the virtues of culture. On its back are many tendrils. All of the tendrils have their own heads that represent the seven cardinal sins, but I will describe those at a later date.

The fursona itself resides in a metaphorical realm named The Ichor where it has many debates with great philosophers, cultural leaders, artists, and politicians of the past.

It’s okay if you draw lewd pictures of it.