ey yo anyone got a link to that cool fusion Carnelian w the four arms and the gems that fit together on theirrrrr forehead?? Chest??

She was in uhhhh Rhodochrosites court or somethin… I onlu saw it like once I’m shaky on the details

and then she corrupted and her components were causing earthquakes truna re-fuse…

(Carnelian’s Themes:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xp1aDxhF768 )

Gender: Agender (They/She)
Sexuality: Demisexual/Demiromantic
Height: 12 ft
Info: Carnelian commands power over the land, and is capable of causing earthquakes.

Carnelian is the permafusion between Sphalerite and Snakeskin Jasper!

I am -NOT- open for fusion requests at this time, but if you want to you can draw fusions with any of my gems as long as you link back to me!

New Home Chapter One Archive

The drill failed.
The Cluster is still growing.
And Yellow Diamond has arrived on Earth to retrieve Peridot and her geo-weapon.

Desperate, Steven offers himself and everything he can do to Yellow Diamond. In exchange, she will terminate the Cluster.

He now lives on her ship as they set course back to Homeworld. 

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