With a world of information at our fingertips — virtually anytime, anywhere — do we still need physical book-and-mortar libraries? Here’s one librarian’s answer:

“Public libraries are arguably more important today than ever before. Their mission is still the same — to provide free access to information to all people. The way people access information has changed, but they still need the information to succeed, and libraries are providing that.”

- Tony Marx, president of the New York Public Library

Do We Really Need Libraries?

Image: Researchers at the constructed-by-Carnegie 135th Street branch of the New York Public Library, 1938. (New York Public Library)

The Beatles 50th Anniversary and an Unsolved Fab Four Mystery

The Beatles made their Carnegie Hall debut on February 12, 1964. The show was typical of the nascent days of Beatlemania – screaming fans, confused adults, rock and roll. But behind the Beatles, sitting on the Carnegie Hall stage sat a group of individuals, including a woman with a film camera. Who is that woman and what did she capture from that momentous performance? And where is that footage?

With the help from our friends at the Carnegie Hall Archives, we are enlisting Beatles fans from all over the world to assist Carnegie Hall’s Archives and Rose Museum Director, Gino Francesconi, in identifying the mystery lady holding a camera from the Beatles debut concert nearly 50 years ago.

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