Floral Constellations

Small experiment with flowers and sun signs.

A few hours each, sharpie on paper.

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Aries-Sweet Pea, Taurus-Hawthorn, Gemini-Honeysuckle, Cancer-Water Lily, Leo-Poppy, Virgo-Morning Glory, Libra-Calendula, Scorpio-Peony, Sagittarius-Holly, Capricorn-Carnation, Aquarius-Primrose and Pisces-Daffodils

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Flowers for Curses

For the first part of my flower series I wanted to do something special. I have the feeling that when people think about flower witchcraft, they only think about the “light and love” side (which can be awesome!).
They tend to forget that flower magic can be so much more than that. So, here I gathered some Information for you about flowers that can be used for cursing.

Especially yellow Carnations. Yellow carnations symbolise rejection, disappointment and disdain. They are perfect for curses made with one of these intents in mind.
Striped Carnations represents regret and rejection, so they could be perfectly used for a curse against an ex who wronged you badly.

This is a good one if you want to curse egocentric and disrespectful people. You can use it to make your target learn their lesson - if you use it in a powerful curse or a small hex that looses its power afterwards is completely up to you. 

Anger and Resentment. A petunia could be used in curses or hexes against people you recently had a bad fight or disagreement with (in whatever way).

Blue violets symbolise watchfulness. This would be my to-go flower if someone did something really bad (I am thinking about abusers rn) and you want them to feel watched 24/7. This can be used for powerful curses.

Every other flower
Ok, this is a bit general. But you could use any flower in a curse.
You could let for example rose petals die and use them in curses in that you want a love to die. Dead Sunflower heads hence could be used for really intense curses.

These are not the only meanings of the flowers mentioned above, they also have (very) positive meanings. You can totally use them for more positive spells.