Dead Slenderverse Characters Meet in the Afterlife

We had a discussion about what it would be like if all the dead characters from Slendervlogs met up in the afterlife / alternate universe. Jeff came up with the following and I thought it needed to be shared.

* * *

Jay: So how’d you die?

Jeff: Apparently me and my buddies, some being lovers, were reincarnated from a cast of foster kids in the seventies, by a time-traveling badass doctor and his wife. My girlfriend, dog, brother, parents, coworkers, friends, and neighbors were killed by a spectre wearing my best friend’s body and my other best friend is now traveling with him. There’s also this zombie hellbeast dog who was fucking with my brother and he’s still out there somewhere. Not to mention, it’s implied I killed myself or died mutliple times beforehand. I took pills, was hit by a car, real fucked up shit. You?

Jay: My friend shot me.