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Hey guys! I’ve told you before that I’m a writer so this is a hella long post because it’s track-by-track. Unapologetically so. Hope you guys enjoy x 


 This song is a battlecry. The thumping bass brings to mind the heavy thud of wolves paws as they race towards their prey, seeking the trail left by a girl who used to leave her heart open and on her sleeve, ready to be snatched at any moment in a snap of their jaws. But no more. From the moment she clears her throat, we learn this battle will be on Taylor’s terms. It is her fight to win.

This is the first love song she’s released and had complete artistic ownership of in three years. It is no coincidence then that there’s reference to the tortured passions of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. They were a couple hopelessly and dangerously in love with many scars carved on their hearts by the other’s knife. This reference is a throwaway to the long list of ex lovers the girl who bathes in diamonds has had but also a reference to the flickers of hope Taylor feels for longevity no matter what with Joe. Their road may be complicated at times but they will get  there because the game is hers. The constant question of ready for it and in response baby let the games begin is so obviously a call of warning to Joe for what lies ahead but perhaps more subtly it is the call of Taylor’s inner voices and heart to her razor sharp self awareness. Is she ready for the games to begin? Is she ready to open her heart and give Joe a chance to be a better man?

TRACK 2: “END GAME” ft. Ed Sheeran & Future:

This song starts off with Taylor’s declaration that she wants to find a forever. It sounds sincere, gentle, wearied, the tone of the too often heartbroken. But then it shifts, it’s like the rose coloured glasses have come off and she’s reminded of her reputation. Then it’s all tongue in cheek sarcastic satire to keep the smile in place so that we don’t see how much it hurts. She has to weigh up every interaction in the context of her reputation. The addition of Ed & Future speaks volumes; one is a time trusted friend who has finally found a bright love of his own but that was not without heartbreak and the other gives her an edgier attitude that makes her self awareness all the more powerful.

There has been a further loss of innocence in this sharpening of her self awareness, gone are the wistful days of “say you’ll remember me”, that’s all I want. Now it’s all “I don’t wanna touch you, I don’t wanna be just another ex love you don’t wanna see.” She can see the fall right from the start but this time she opts out and says unless I’m your end game… because I don’t want to pick up any more pieces of my broken heart.

Also: Shoutout to Ed for his Cherry inspired verse. It made me feel many emotions too. SWEERAN THRIVES.


The girl with the long list of ex lovers is back. However with the casually explicit twist, this narrative seems layered with perceptions and recognition of self-worth, “If a man talks shit, I owe him nothing.” This is drip-feeding the media exactly what they want, she’s stoking the fire herself. But in feeding the fire herself, she’s sending the burning embers back at them. Did you really think the girl who you used as an international rod for slut shaming would stay quiet forever? Nope. She doesn’t care if you burn her like a witch at the stake because she’s already done it. She’s burnt away all of the misplaced guilt and is now revelling in how good they felt in the moment. In fact, watch out she’s blazing with all the fire of a phoenix reborn and you might just get turned to ash.


This & “I Did Something Bad” sound like sister tracks. The girl who jetsets around the world collecting men isn’t quite finished with her tale yet. She reminds us that defining her relationships by their headlines and paparazzi shots is a foolish move because those things are  one-dimensional. Taylor believes in love and this is her way of reminding us that there was love in every escapade of her heart up until now, at least at some point. She’s talking about the heady rushes head spinning intoxication of first glances and hands on skin and it doesn’t matter what the media says about the way she handles relationships because they forget love and that makes you crazy. Maybe in their minds the drug she refers to is not a singular identity but a collective “baby” and to them love will always be something she “uses”. But the heart wants what it wants and Taylor knows that so it doesn’t really matter.


This is the kind of song that happens when you cut the cord that is the boy crazy perception of yourself. You step back into the shadows and disappear so that they can’t find you. You close your heart, lock your doors and rebuild. And then he shows up. This is a cautionary songpp because Taylor can obviously feel sparks but… she’s just started to rebuild and if they find out the wolf hunt begins again. With delicate disbelieving vocals, we see Taylor start to realise that he can’t possibly want to gain anything from her reputation because it’s so bad… The wheels turn in her head. I imagine the realisation, “Wait so he must like me for me?” With the beat drop comes hope. Details are slowly given and then he stays. He doesn’t run so Taylor gives him pieces of herself; confessions thoughts and then her brain catches up with her mouth and the wheels come to a grinding halt: Her inner monologue screams it was too much too fast. We’ve all been there. It’s too delicate. No going back now. It’ll break and I’ll be left alone. Maybe one day I’ll find someone who doesn’t walk away, one day too.


The world tore a girl to shreds, made her play the fool on tilted stages. She retreated and rebuilt. Now the fool is dead. From here on out, she only trusts her army. With high heeled boots, red lips and words as sharp as daggers, she’s cutting herself a path. She is taking no prisoners and she’s accompanied by a savage snake because she and her army will always be better at the game. When she’s finished hunting down your asses, she’ll sit back on her throne with a high pitched giggle and say, “oh look what you made me do.”


When people are watching, you have to be careful. Cover your tracks. Taylor doesn’t leave her heart open or on display anymore. But then they leave. The door shuts. You lock it with a key and the crashing chemistry you’ve been trying to deny slams into your ribs, knocking the breath out of you. It’s stolen kisses, careless touches, reckless chasing of the high. Body language is a fluency all its own. But a quick reminder before you unlock the door and venture out again; wash the lipstick off your face. *clears throat* you got a little caught up in the moment and you don’t want to blow your cover!


 The childish proclamation of the title to begin this next glimpse into Reputation  is hinting at the satirical inner monologue that this song is , reminiscent of the times you write your crush’s  last name instead of your own to see how it fits. It’s all giggles and late night phone calls, the kind Taylor most likely had with Abigail where they talked real slow because it was late and their mamas didn’t know (: However, it could also serve as a projection of the runaway daydream that fills Taylor’s mind from that very first night when she stumbles home alone to her cats, of what a possible future might look like (with kids one day) The lazy liquor loosened rhythms of Taylor’s thoughts tell us things she hasn’t admitted fully yet but will soon on nights at 4am staring at her reflection  in the bathroom mirror, telling herself the bravest thing she ever did was run - that this gorgeous  swoonworthy British boy with his careless touches and drawling accent has awakened the possibility of something better. This realisation rattles Taylor as she contemplates the gaps in her current relationship. *cue wistful sighs of frustration and enchantment, set to the dialogue of every teenage movie where the girl thinks the boy is just too good looking, how unfair is that?


The thing about any movie that has a getaway car scene is that they inevitably crash…. And that’s exactly what happens here. Except, the carnage is human hearts. She was running. There was a person she crashed into. It gets all blurred and tangled, she thinks she’s free but the thing about those movies is that the thing you ran from in the getaway car catches up to you particularly if there’s a track you can follow. Oceans of distance weren’t enough, darling. You needed to disappear. And I think she realises that  but she tries to pretend innocence and will the sunset closer. Unfortunately  the only real  way to untangle yourself is to disappear crying in the back of a getaway car in the dead of night. Without a word. That must have hurt a lot.


This song happens in tandem with Delicate. She’d sworn off love. Joe turned up. The British boy with the heart of gold who made his American queen believe. He made behind closed doors a paradise of rooftop nights. Before she knows it, he is every love story Taylor has ever daydreamed of. The line “is this the end to all the endings” made my heart swell because it’s clear Taylor hopes he’s the one. Please let there be no more heartbreak.


Dancing is supposed to be a joyous thing and maybe it was in the beginning. You can reassure with every beat. Sometimes your gut instinct shouldn’t be ignored though  because it does raise red flags. The door only needs to be fractionally ajar for the hunters to find a way in and set your paradise aflame. It sometimes doesn’t matter how much you dance to escape the flames, they will catch you. You will get tired. Dancing is a bliss that is euphoria swimmimg through your veins if the beat enters your bloodstream in the right moment; you feel like you could live forever. And in the end no matter how much it might hurt to walk away again, you would still dance for just another kick of that rush.


Taylor’s caught up in the chemical rush. Every syllable drips with lust and the glory of the high when your hearts crash into each other, slamming the breath from between your ribs. It’s hands in hair and I don’t care what they think. It’s seeing the worst (hi bleachella) and still wanting. It’s realising you made mistakes before this and why didn’t you just do this from the beginning because it feels so good now you can’t ever have imagined wanting anything else. But every mistake is a marker in the roadmap and you woke up just in time to find where you needed to be.


I think everyone’s been in this situation, right? Someone burns you and it hurts but in the fun of a party, you click and connect again and it all starts to feel like water under the bridge. Maybe there was over-reacting happening. You throw them a second chance. Redemption. You’re the nice girl and you make excuses. But then they do it again, maybe it takes a couple of things and suddenly it’s too much. You lock the gate for your own safety. But they still expect you not to care. To flash a smile and forgive. I’m sorry. That’s not happening. You get hurt when I push back. I guess I should forgive you because we both threw stones. But… that would require me to mean it. Whoops, *laughs manaically* I can’t even say it with a straight face!!!

PS: It’s not too obvious I have personal experience with this song is it? Thanks KS x.


This song is difficult for me to process because I never thought it would actually happen. I seem to remember somewhere along the way, a couple of years back, Taylor expressing frustration that she couldn’t seem to write happy songs about being in love like Ed Sheeran could. Well, I wish you could go back Taylor and tell yourself what you know now.

This song is a three minute ode to happy love. It’s smiles so wide you might split your face in half at the thought of that person. It’s blushing and shy giggles and bursts of song and twirls and all caps texts from your girls as they collectively lose their minds over how happy you are. This is every love story and fairytale Taylor has ever wanted but the wolves are always waiting, not so easy to outrun. 

Taylor says it herself in the  opening lines. She was done. The castle had crumbled. The bricks left bruises blooming on her exposed skin. People were tearing her down and she was hurting. Her heart had been shattered but so had her soul, again and again, relentlessly. And then she retreated, went silent and rebuilt. What she didn’t count on was love. A man who saw all the bruises and broken pieces and said it’s OK, I can still find the real you under all that. Taylor like so many of us looked in the mirror and saw all the danger for herself and for Joe, tried to push him away, keep him safe. That’s a very noble action but breaking your own heart so it doesn’t hurt as much when you feel like the other shoe is going to drop requires apathy from the other person. And Joe, god bless you, you didn’t let her push you away. You broke down her walls and showed you that starlight love does still exist. You loved her for Taylor. The person. You got her to give love a chance when she swore never again so thank you so much for that. I can’t really express how much that means to all of us. 

 This is an anthem of hope for every person who has ever been broken and is in the process of putting pieces back together. It can be done. We will find love. We will be radiantly happy again. We will be the strongest we’ve ever been. 

PS: *leans over to whisper in Taylor’s ear*

I think you’re finally clean…


Piano on the final track… This is an ode of pure hope and happiness, a fitting final chapter to a remarkable story. Everyone wants the glory of the midnights and the lover who will be in their bloodstream like the party. But what we all hope for is someone who stays long enough to help us clean up the bottles on New Years Day. Someone who makes us feel like the messy unfiltered parts look like a highlight reel. Good times and bad times and all in between. They won’t leave. You found him. Forever.

This album is fucking brilliant Taylor. I love you. Proud x.

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Fanfiction based on the art of the awesome @butcherfiesta!

WARNING: Explicit gore in detail, eye horror, body horror, cannibalism, hard vore, dark fic. If you have such triggers/squicks this fic is not for you.

Characters: Allen Walker, Lavi

Rated: M, 18+, Adult, R, whichever, not for children

I’d say this is kind of Laven-ish if not for the circumstances.

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anonymous asked:

Umm... Hi! -////- Are you still taking Thulaz prompts? If you are, could you write one where Ulaz gets in trouble and Thace has to come save him? Usually I read fanfics that are the other way around but I wanna see Thace be the knight rescuing his damsel in distress (Ulaz). Hope you read this!

A/N: I’m so so sorry this took me so long! It feels like it’s been almost a month since I got it! I’m still working my way through my prompts but yours was first priority because I love it so much. You say damsel in distress, I hear someone is getting carried bridal style. I hope you see this, anon!

AO3 for my prompt fills 


Thace was barricaded in the loading dock of the Galra base. Shortly after being dropped off there, their scans had revealed that it was more heavily guarded than they anticipated and infiltration would be impossible. Their pick-up was scheduled to arrive momentarily and Ulaz was nowhere to be found. Thace reached up to his earpiece communicator. “Ulaz! You were supposed to be at the extraction point five doboshes ago! Where are you?”

He waited for a tense moment before Ulaz’s reply came in, his voice almost drowned out by the sounds of combat. “Thace! I need backup!”

“You went in by yourself?! You’re too reckless,” Thace muttered, more to himself than to Ulaz. “Come back immediately. We’re aborting the mission.”

“But I’m almost to the control center,” Ulaz said, his heavy breathing audible even over the communicator. Thace heard the crunch of metal as Ulaz impaled a sentry on his blade. “If we don’t get that data, then—” Ulaz’s argument was cut off by a shriek of pain.

“Ulaz? Ulaz, what happened? Are you alright?” Thace yelled desperately. He was only answered by empty static.

Thace allowed himself a flutter of hope when the signal buzzed in his ears again, but it wasn’t Ulaz. It was Kolivan. “We are in position to retrieve you. What’s your status?”

Thace let out a heavy sigh. “Going after Ulaz,” he grumbled.

He heard Kolivan choke on his breath. “Thace, listen to me. They know we’re here. We can’t afford to wait—”

“You’re going to have to. Either that or leave us both stranded here. I’m not leaving without him,” Thace insisted. “Sorry, Kolivan,” he added as he pressed the button to deactivate his communicator.

After he hung up on Kolivan, Thace turned the device back on again and ran to the deck where Ulaz’s communicator had last pinged him. Sentries lay strewn upon the floor, their mechanical entrails bleeding out of stab wounds. There were at least a dozen of them, enough to overwhelm even Ulaz. Thace picked his way across the carnage, and his heart sank when he found Ulaz’s earpiece shattered on the floor, next to a trail of blood.

Cursing under his breath, Thace sprinted down the hallway along the trail. He stopped in his tracks when he saw Ulaz, bleeding from his right arm and thigh, being dragged away from him by the arms by two sentries. A feral, protective snarl leapt in Thace’s throat, but he fought to keep his footsteps silent as he crept up behind them. He couldn’t tell since Ulaz had his mask on, but it seemed that Ulaz was unconscious, as he didn’t notice Thace’s approach. Thace stabbed the two sentries in the back, then crouched down and caught Ulaz before the sentries dropped him.

Now Ulaz was awake. “Thace?” He coughed, and it sounded like an attempted laugh. “Now who’s the reckless one?”

“Still you,” Thace said fondly. “You bring it out in me, is all.”

Thace heard the clatter of sentries’ footsteps down the adjacent hallway. He grabbed the blaster from one of the sentries on the floor and shot them down one by one as they rounded the corner. Ulaz looked up at him with his head tilted in admiration.

“Let’s go,” Thace said to Ulaz.

He offered his hand to Ulaz and pulled him up. When Ulaz tried to put weight on his injured leg, however, he yelped and doubled over. “I’m fine, I can make it,” he wheezed.

“No time for that,” Thace said. He moved his hands behind Ulaz’s knees and back and swept Ulaz up into his arms, and took off running. Thace usually wasn’t strong enough to hold Ulaz like this for more than a few ticks for novelty, but adrenaline could do incredible things.

“Thanks for saving me,” Ulaz said, wrapping his good arm around Thace’s shoulders and clinging to him tight.

“It’s not like I have a choice when you go running into danger all the time,” Thace retorted. He nudged the top of Ulaz’s head with his chin and added, “You’re welcome.”

s8 concept: 

winterfell comes under attack by the white walkers and jon gets the news when he’s at white harbor 

team targ rushes to help the starklings 

arya and jon reunited on the battlefield. its the only way to make it intense enough tbh. they see each other again for the first time after all these years amidst all that carnage!!!!!! jons! heart! stops! arya kills a walker to save jon but she’s injured. so he carries her back to winterfell where she makes a full recovery. 


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for valentines day (when they’re not running from the carnage) carlos hid little heart candies all around places where he knew cecil would find them. things “i love you” by his microphone at work and a “hugs and kisses” by his favorite coffee mug. and when they go out to big ricos for valentines day dinner he carefully slips the last one into cecils hand. and as cecil looks up into carlos’ blushing face, he launches himself across the table and into carlos’ arms. the candy heart lay almost forgotten in delirious happiness, its words flickering in the candle light: “marry me?”

Alright, here's my first and oddly short chapter to that long fic I teased about months ago (sorry)

This is just a build up, and please take it easy on me I’m still new. 

She Faded Like The Sunshine from His Life

Chapter One

She’s been dead a year, three months, six days, nine hours, forty seven minutes and thirty nine seconds.

Oliver knows the moment she took her last breathe down to the second because in a lot of ways (or at least all the ones that mattered) that was when he drew his last as well.

The thing was, the terrible, awful, tragic and stupid truth was that he hadn’t realized it until she was bleeding out in his arms. When his gaze met hers, as the life seeped out of those vivacious bright blue eyes and he found himself looking into a mirror to the person he wanted to be, at the life he desperately craved. He remembers the devastation, the numbing inundation of emotions that burst through all of his emotional barriers sweeping away every remnant of the restraint he had in keeping her out of his heart. In that moment he realized that this girl, this beautiful, shining beacon of hope, was the light of his life and she was dying in his arms.

She’d looked up at him through her teary eyelashes, and he could see how she saw him. He could see that she’d always seen him. The true man beneath the mask and he could see that she was in love with him for some crazy reason. Felicity Smoak loved him.

And in that moment of heart wrenching clarity he realized that he loved her too. Irrevocably, completely, entirely. He didn’t know when he had fallen in love with her and he didn’t how, but he had.

“Don’t,” he’d said.

Don’t give up. Don’t die. Don’t leave me alone. Just don’t. What he should have said was I love you, don’t leave me I don’t know how to live without you. But the only word that had left his mouth that he could formulate on his sandpaper tongue was Don’t.

Her lips had parted, as she sucked in a shaky breath, her green polka dotted nails flexing around his large callused one where he gripped her like a life line, or like his grip was the line tying her to life. She’d blinked rapidly as though clearing her vision and with her last breath she’d whispered one thing “Don’t run.” And he’d watched as that bright light faded from her eyes stealing the sunshine as it went.

Felicity Smoak died, on a roof top, May 21 2014 after taking Slade Wilson’s sword through the chest to save Sara Lance. For all intents and purposes Oliver Queen died with her.

He looked down at the half empty whiskey in his hand and closed his eyes, shaking off the images of her blond halo of hair streaked with blood, or the way her eyes had looked glassy and sightless as they truly looked through him for the first time. God, she’d stopped seeing him when she was dead.

How fucking messed up was that?

She’d always been there, always loved him and always accepted him until the day that she had died.

And he hadn’t even told her he loved her back, all he’d been able to choke out was “Don’t” .

“Want another?” a voice said breaking through his haze of misery.

Oliver looked up at the bartender. He thought his name might be Rich, not that he’d bothered to actually look at his nametag. He’d been in this bar so much for the last few months that he’d picked it up second hand.

He spent a lot of his time drinking these days, just not at Verdant. There his sister could monitor is alcohol intake and cut him off before he had “too much”. It pissed him off considering whenever he drank he wanted to get drunk. Mind numbing, reality blurring wasted because that was the only time he could stop thinking about her and the only time he didn’t feel like he was being ripped apart from the inside. The only time he could breath, even if they were only shallow breaths.

Oliver shook his head at the man, and threw a wad of bills down on the table. His watch read three o’clock and he figured he’d waited long enough for his mother and sister to give up on waiting up for him, and go to fucking sleep.

He was really tired of coming home to the cavalry at night, there worried eyes and pursed lips making him feel even shittier than he already felt. He knew his drinking bothered his family, just like he knew it had bothered them how far he had receded into himself the past year. They were worried about him. He understood that, and maybe deep down somewhere in the smoking carnage of his broken heart he appreciated that, but usually all he could muster up was annoyance.

It was his life, he could waste it if he wanted to.

Oliver stumbled from the bar stool, ignoring the side eye he was getting from Ryan or Rich or whatever his name was. He was too intoxicated to think straight let alone drive, but Rich/Ryan the bartender never said anything and that was why he kept coming back.

He really didn’t care if he crashed his car anyway. He didn’t care period anymore. What was the point in living life, when she was gone? 

Oliver staggered through the bar and too the door, cutting through the small throng of dancers who occupied the tiny dance floor. This bar was not that big, nor that popular but it did seem to bring in the same little crowd most nights, so it was moderately packed on this Friday night.

Oliver almost snarled when someone bumped into him from the side. The person used enough force to send him stumbling backward a few yards, enough force for him to feel it was intentional in his alcohol soaked brain. He turned around ready to fight, but when he turned the person whoever had bumped into him was gone.

He swallowed his anger, and kept staggering to the door. It wasn’t until he got to the parking lot that he realized his keys were missing. 

Looked like he’d be calling a cab. 


And there’s chapter one, like I said it’s short, but there is more to come. Any questions? Feel free to ask. 

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