carmine field


Carmins POV -

We cried together for.. what felt like hours. I forgot what it felt like to hug my sister, to see her, to be within a foot of her. This feels like a dream, but one of those dreams that are too good to be real.

Rosie: “Kids, Danny, this is my sister Carmin.”

Danny: “Hey I know you! Years ago you were talking to little miss Clementine who ran into the baseball field.”

Carmin: “Wa..wait.. that.. that was you?”

Clementine: “Hi Aunt Carmin!!”

Danny: “She’s pretty grown up now huh?”

Carmin: “Hi.. hi Clementine. You.. wow.”

Rosie: “She looks a lot like you did when you were little. She had blue eyes until she turned 8, then they went brown, but before then she looked just like you did.”