Saw this meme done in Duality and I figured I should test this on both my main OCT characters Rufina and Harun. Results are hilarious I decided to draw it. XD

6XL-ers try that shit on your characters! Bonus points if you managed to make a picture out of it. Click here and reblog this and post your own I wanna see the results!

Rufina is in a drama shoujo manga


Harun is in a psychological yuri manga.

((Seriously, wth? Poor guy will never get a girlfriend here.))

Brought to you by the Faeriland Conglomerate: LIBIDO POTION! Come test our authentic and WONDERFUL products. 100% pure unadulterated magic and proven testimony of Prince Perigrau.

If in doubt, please check the overwhelming PROs, but please be on the lookout of the side-effects. Which is non-existent.


> temporary adjustment of body to universal sexual appeal

> perfection of voice to make them sexier.

> development of irresistible charm

Side effects include sudden uncontrollable “urges” and exaggerated emotions induced by rapid brain and heart activity.



Ah. I’m sure you all know who my opponent is for R2 already. >.> Something like that spreads like wildfire. You have to live under a rock not to know that gossip. It’s Protocol00… aka James. dummy

Anyways, sure I haven’t gotten over my freak-out session (I was having one just moments ago). But I’m not gonna let that be the reason to cower and procrastinate. Okay okay I’m a hypocrite because I’m procrastinating right now wasting my time with fan art, hehe. The script can can wait till tomorrow. I wanna draw Luciano. Preferably looking threatening, but I’m not sure if I succeeded here, and I even added mine in there so shamelessly.

Rufina Laminton VS Luciano Adler

Dagnabit. It’s an honor to be pitted against one of the artists I admire. ^.^ So for the meantime expect some inactivity unless I doodle for distractions~. PS. I’m sorry James if I butchered the mafioso stud’s looks >.> 

A New Chapter in Life

Well, today my college life has officially ended, and one chapter in life draws to a close. I turn the next empty pages, stare at it and dip my pen into the ink- ready to begin anew.

From the presence of students, faculties and nothing but grades in mind, I am now divulging in many directions, anticipating wider and more difficult choices as I enter the workforce. I am now an adult, fresh out of tertiary education. Equipped with only the values, skills and my own brand of ideals- 2013, the start of REAL LIFE.

I thank most of all, God. From the deepest pits of my failures I still went on, and only the slightest awareness of his guidance. To my mother, who despite her doubts at first, still continued to support me with all the loving care. And I am not embellishing that, mind you.

I thank you all my friends, not just in real life, but also the ones I’ve met in the wide world of the internet. Even If I just see the avatars on front of my screen, they give me still give me words of encouragement, cheers and certainty that I am naught to receive from outside of my home. Your support even on the other side of the screen is very valuable.