{ I am f r a g i l e, but I’m strong enough. If…


                                                                                               needs me, follow me to ℋ ℯ ℓ ℓ }

          ღ;;  Why, oh why, did she opt to use shortcuts instead of taking the long route? Stubbornness. She’d trek through even the grimiest and grungiest areas of town if need be.

Of course it was a mistake. Her vision blurs and fills with muddled red, a putrid stench being the culprit of those wasted tears. Stumbling along half blind is never a good thing, especially when one it used to seeing all too clearly. It frightens the poor thing. And when a dainty shoulders makes physical contact with someone, a sharp squeal and intact of air occurs– stumbling backwards out of practiced ‘human’ habit. Glassy pools of lilac framed by smeared mascara flit up to the strangers face– lips parting as she began to profusely mumble apologies.

“S-sorry, I really should’ve been watching where I was stepping. I-I… it’s oh so dark back there and.. well, it frightens me so. I wanted to be rid of that horrid something is watching you from the shadows feeling as quickly as possible.” The blonde rambles, hands gesturing to the area just in her wake before falling limp.“S…sorry.” She repeats numbly.