carmex kisses

And eventually you’ll know all his flaws and all of how he shows he cares. You’ll realize like you’ve got a huge handful but that’s why God gave you two hands. You’ll start to see how he only has a certain smile when he’s alone with you. You’ll know his favorite color is red and he hates the way Carmex feels when you kiss him. You’ll see that he’s crazy for adrenaline, but not as crazy as he is for you. You’ll notice how he try’s to irritate and tease you more during that special time of the month just so he can make you laugh when you get mad. He’ll become your own little puzzle to work on, someday all the pieces you’ll have put down and together… But honey your the last piece that finishes that puzzle and holds it together. And that’s all you could possibly ask for. So when he does upset you or make you mad, just remember the way he tickles you just to see you smile, or the way he whispers I love you and kisses your forehead. He loves you, and he needs you. And you need him.
—  “Quotes from a book I’ll never write”