Today I got these wonderful jellyfish earrings and seahorse pendant that Carmendee made as a custom order for my mum (you can commission Carmen over at her Etsy store).

On the second photo you can see my mum (her name is Marina (the name means “belonging to the sea”))  wearing her new sea jewelry with her orange starfish in front of a wave picture she has hanging on her room’s wall. So much ocean related stuff in one picture!


More photos of that necklace (albeit terrible ones because my lighting situation is bleh).  It’s the perfect length.  And it came with candy! :D 
I tried to take a picture of it glowing in the dark but my phone camera wouldn’t pick it up :p  It looks really cool while it’s glowing though!

Said I’d link, so here it is:  Seriously go check her stuff out!  It’s all super cute.


I call it the cascading frilled jellyfish because of the lovely gentile cascading effect of the tendrils.

it has very nice stained glass like features across the bell of the fish and the color echos in the very tips of the tendrils pulling the whole composition together. the size of the pendant is 2 inches in length and  around two inches across. it comes with a 22 inch silver colored ball chain necklace this Unique hand made sculpture is coated with a high gloss finish, this gives the work a “pulled from the ocean” wet look.   the material used in this pendant is durable premo polymer clay. this clay has a unique flexibility which protects and adds durability to the fine parts of this pendant, it does not break easily despite its delicate appearance. how ever it should be treated like what it is, a piece of art jewelry.   When the lights go out you will be happy to find that this jellyfish glows in the dark.   

This is a one of a kind work that cant be duplicated and is signed by the artist for authenticity.

 sold. other works can be found or requested for custom orders on etsy

This vibrant, elegant jellyfish pendant is hand sculpted in polymer clay. its a one of a kind design that cannot be duplicated. each jellyfish pendant comes with a 22 inch silver ball chain necklace. 
the size for this Jellyfish sculpture is 2 ½ inches long and 2 inch wide with about a ½ an inch thickness. its a very nice eye catching size, sure to draw attention and complements.

the sculpture is coated with a shiny polymer clay gloss to give it that “pulled from the ocean” wet look.

Jellyfish are durable polymer clay which has a unique flexibility that bends slightly and does not break easily. this clay is also water resistant when cured. 

these necklaces have a bonus feature, the white tendrils glow in the dark.

All original art work, one of a kind, can’t be duplicated.

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I really like this necklace, it has a nice look and its a good size, about one and ¼th and inch wide and two inches in height. with a 10mm thickness.

it has really nice detailing and texture, and it feels like a type of shell rather then polymer clay. 
the details have been stained with a brown ink, it really amplifies the details and gives it an antique look, like a stone that you may find out in the wilds.

the fine pieces, like the wing tips and the ears have a slight flexibility that gives them strength. its a very solid peace of jewelry.

The necklace pat itself is a soft brown suede with silver colored findings including a 2 inch extender chain, a lobster clasp, and a cute little “made with love” heart charm end piece. necklace total length is 18 inches

a nice piece that I think would be good for both men and women.

its been signed and dated on the back by the sculptor.

Adorable is the Best word I can think of when I look at this little dragon pendant. its one of my personal favorites.
Its a hand made original, its about 2 inches wide and 1 ¼ inches wide with about an inch of thickness. Its light weight and made with premo polymer clay, premo polymer clay has a unique feature that’s different to most of the polymer clay brands out there, it is very durable and has a bit of flexibility after baking, which protects the peice from breakage.

its signed work and a new design from me. its hand painted with shimmery silver paint. and exhibits very expressive glass eyes.

pendant comes with a 18 inch black suede necklace and silver findings

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Im starting to regret picking fanime over steam powered world fair…..all the fun pictures…. I loves you peoples. happy belated B day sprocket. sorry for vanishing off the face of the internet….. 

um so I will be in San Jose by the end of tomorrow  we will hit the Monterrey bay aquarium, and the Winston house, the golden  gate bridge. and that stuff. then I will be at a table in the south hall in artist ally at Fanime. I wasn't given much notice of weather I had a table or not,  so I did my best in 22 days. I think I will be sold out by Sunday. so if your there stop by.