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Steve and Bucky going on a "Captain America's Brooklyn" tour incognito

“This just ain’t accurate at all,” Bucky remarks, chewing on the zipper pull on his jacket. His mustache looks like a caterpillar crawling across his collar.

“Yeah,” Steve agrees. He pushes his sunglasses up his nose a little more and fiddles with the brim of his bucket hat. “I never got beat up in this alley.”

Bucky glares. His grandpa glasses make his eyes look about four times their normal size. “You’re right,” he says. “It was that alley over there. This is the one we made out in that one time.”

my new OC, Carmen!

like Fours she’s some kind of Faerie, but she isn’t as fond of humans as he is. her favor can be won with offerings of sweets, especially cotton candy (which many people think her hair is made of. you can eat it, but you absolutely should Not), and fruit. if you get her to like you, she’ll bring you treasures–sometimes it’ll be money or jewels, sometimes it’ll be bottle caps she thought looked cool. always show your appreciation for her gifts, but never directly thank her. 

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Netflix Reboots ‘Carmen Sandiego’ With Gina Rodriguez

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? She’s headed to Netflix.

The streaming giant is rebooting the popular children’s computer game franchise from the '80s with an animated series surrounding the titular character, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Netflix has ordered twenty 22-minute episodes of Carmen Sandiego, which is set to premiere in 2019.


Hey guys, I honestly can’t believe I’m in a position to make this kind of post but this is where we are.

This is an old friend of mine I knew growing up. That black and white photo is a picture of the two of us all the way back in kindergarten, happy as clams on our way to a girl scout meeting. When I knew her she was always very sweet and quiet, but also had the best sense of humor and was incredibly talented. We were good friends in grade school, and played basketball together later on in middle school. Later on, I was best friends with her neighbor as well. I haven’t seen her in years, despite attending the same college, but she is a huge part of who I was growing up.

Her name is Mary Carmen Nichols. She’s 19 years old and lives in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. She currently attends school in downtown Birmingham. Earlier this morning, her parents found her missing from her home. Both her cell phone and her car were still there. I’ve known her and her family for a very long time and they are all incredibly wonderful people. She would never just run away, not like this. If you have any information to offer, please please please call the number from the article.

Even if you don’t know her or you don’t live in the area, I’m begging you to please signal boost this. Please.

if betty after one kiss from jughead is like:

then if he just kissed her like 6 more times she would figure out who killed jason blossom, get the drive-in back in business, reunite the 7 kingdoms and sit on the iron throne, develop the nightblood cure to save everyone from radiation, find both carmen sandiego and waldo, win the great british bake off, and become america’s next top model