The Rainbow of Drag

I was inspired once again to do a rainbow themed collection; this time it’s outfits worn in shades of a colour.

(*Curses myself for not writing down the drag queens I used…)

-Season 3, According to Spongebob

While we’re waiting for All-Stars 2, let’s appreciate the meteriods that didn’t quite make it on the season. WITH PUPPETS MEMES!


ive never seen a whole thread of queens snapchats so please post them here! these are all the ones i know of. bolded means they have recently been active <3 (i linked ur blog if u added one)

alaska - alaskathunder

april - aprilcarrion

bob TDQ - bobthedragqueen

carmen - carrera_carmen

adore - dannynoriega

gia - giagunn

katya - katya.zamo

kimchi - kimchi_chic

manila - manila_luzon

nicole paige brooks - nicolepbrooks

laganja - officialganja

phi phi - phiphiohara

roxxxy - roxxxyandrews

rubber child - rubberchild

sharon - sharon-needles

jinkx - thejinkx

trannika - trannikarex

trixie - trixiemattel

willam - willambelli

bible - biblegirl666