i met carmen carrera last week! she’s from the town next to mine and she came to speak at the lgbt+ support group i attend. there was only 6 or 7 other kids who came to group that day so it was a very intimate individualized experience. she talked about her life and transition and her work as an activist and asked all of us what it was like growing up as a trans person so she could focus on how to fix the problems that non-cis youth go through. she congratulated me for starting hormone therapy and i legit teared up because i always thought i’d be miserable and unsuccessful and misunderstood my entire life because i’m trans but meeting such a beautiful person (inside and out) like carmen showed me that i don’t have to be ashamed of my identity. trans role models and representation are so important because it shows kids like me that loving yourself is the most important part of living with and embracing your identity. basically, she’s an angel and she’s soooo sweet and she hugged all of us and took pics with us and was just all around wonderful. 💕