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Imagine Steve, who until now hasn't properly had a boyfriend/girlfriend, the first time someone introduces/refers to Bucky as "Steve's boyfriend Bucky." (Or Steve as "Bucky's boyfriend.")

“My boyfriend’s ma was Irish. Corned beef hash on Saint Paddy’s is tradition.”

Steve freezes when he hears Bucky say it, introduce him that way. It’s – he’s never thought of it that way, honestly. Pepper calls Tony that – so does Rhodey – and he’s heard it once or twice from Natasha’s mouth.

It’s just that, well. He’s never had a name for what he and Bucky are. He is Bucky’s, and Bucky is his, but they have never been one another’s something

Bucky turns to look at him, his eyes running over the tense line of his shoulders, and reaches out to take Steve’s hand. He grins at him, easy as anything and so does the butcher behind the counter, indulgent.

“You’ll need enough for leftovers,” the butcher says.

“Hash for breakfast,” Bucky agrees. “What do you think, Steve, is six pounds enough?”

The Side Effects of A Mutation On Pregnant Women

Prompt: @irenehogan-blog Lorna starts getting the feelings of whoever is closest to her due to Aurora’s mutation.

Note to all readers: Subtle ThunderBlink here and Aurora’s empathy pretty much works like telepathy (Because she eventually will be able to track mentally any individual, so technically her mind areas or physic inclinations would be slightly more developed but not as developed as a pure psychic), but instead of purely the mind, it’s emotions, but Lorna can feel her pondering things. I don’t know how else to put it but—lets just say imagination and fiction does help pull this through. Technically I prefer my idea for how powers work to have at least some backing and less imagination, but well it can’t hurt, and two I’ll just put this under those not so well done prompts.

It starts with an odd tickling in her chest when she gets close to John, Sonia and Clarisse.

At first she puts it off as something wrong with hormones–it really wasn’t the first time in her pregnancy that she’s known to suddenly collapse in ridiculous tears that would make her hide for days, so she guesses that that tickling in her chest is merely contributed to her raging hormones and emotions from her pregnancy.

But it starts getting stronger as the days pass, and Lorna is struck in the face by the sudden intense feeling of the green eyed monster rearing in her chest as she steps between Sonia and John, who was talking to Clarisse with a wide grin on his face.




The surge of jealousy rose and gets stronger by the minute as John leant close to Clarisse, pulling her in for a hug. Lorna’s eyes whipped towards Sonia’s, and she watches all the visible signs of jealousy that rises in her best friend’s face as her ex-boyfriend gets close to his new flame.


Her hand drops to her rounded stomach as a flutter of confusion fills her chest, and a small feeling of the jealousy she was feeling from her friends being contemplated and pondered quietly by another small being she was carrying.

“Hi Kid.” She murmurs lowly.

There’s a flutter of excitement in her chest that doesn’t belong to her emotions at all, before a pure surge of adoration sends tears welling in her eyes and her feet scurrying away in the direction of Marcos and her vault room that they share. Her fingers rub her belly lightly as the surge of excitement, love and adoration ends purely to one of boredom, and she chuckles as her baby smashes her leg in protest against her belly. She has a feeling that Aurora wants her to stand between people, because their emotions reach her little girl through her as a medium.

“No, Momma’s not feeling too good today.” The boredom and kicking immediately recedes before being replaced by alarm. “No no, you aren’t hurting me.” Lorna soothes her daughter as she feels the short bursts of panic in her chest that belong to her daughter. “I’m just tired.” She yawns.

Her daughter doesn’t respond in the form of her extremely well developed emotions or understanding, but Lorna feels the pull of jealousy rising in her chest as her daughter tries drawing that emotion out in her to feel and contemplate this new emotion she’s never seen before.

“That’s jealousy.”

Confusion floods her immediately, and Lorna chuckles.

“Well, it’s the feeling Mommy gets when I see other women get close to your handsome daddy.”

The surge of understanding is immediate, before it’s replaced entirely by disgruntledness and possessiveness as her daughter considers emotionally the fact that her father is actually pretty popular with other people and not just belonging solely to her mother.

“Yeah, I don’t like it too.” She rubs her belly. “Especially when Carmen is near him.” She’s surprised by the utter disgust and negative emotion that pours out from her daughter at the mention of Carmen’s name. “Yep. You’re definitely my kid.” She pats her stomach happily.

“Talking to Aurora again?” Her daughter kicks excitedly as Marcos’ voice floats into her ears, and a excited surge sends all the hairs in her body rising on her skin.

“Yep. She’s been excited all day, and I’ve been feeling other people’s emotions that’s she’s been pulling into me.” Marocs sits by her, placing a hand on her forehead worriedly before pressing a kiss to her belly. He’s worried for the excessive emotional overload that their daughter regularly gives Lorna—it literally takes a toll on her, because her temperament has started to become entirely unpredictable because of that.

One moment she could be entirely depressed because she walked next to someone who was mourning or depressed, and the other, excited and overly happy if she walked next to someone who was perky, because Aurora can’t control her powers yet and Lorna is the only link through which the empathic imprints and emotions of everyone else reaches her.

It was also one of the reasons why Lorna avoided going out to crowds as she passed her seventh month of pregnancy. The emotions that seeped into her as she walked or simply touched people increased as their daughter grew more and more aware of her surroundings as she developed.

And while they were glad they knew of Aurora’s mutation early on before hand, there was the worry of it taking a toll on Lorna, who both Marcos and Lorna herself knew at times was emotionally fragile. So they tried talking to their little baby about that.

It was frustrating at first, because Aurora didn’t understand words in the early months of the pregnancy—she only understood emotions but could not put words to them. It was Lorna’s idea to convey their meaning through the emotions that she felt, since Aurora and her were connected so intimately. It had succeeded, to a great degree, but as time progressed, and Aurora got more ready to exit into the world, her curiousity would exceed her consideration for Lorna, and that’s when Marcos would keep a close watch over Lorna, because she tended to revert to her depressed and emotionally unstable state when Aurora pulled to much emotional information into her.

“Hey. You good?” He smooths a hand down her aching back. Lorna hums lightly, shrugging almost non-committally.

“Depends. She’s pretty bored.” She twines her hands in his shirt. “Kinda makes me feel like I have to do something and not just stay in bed.” Marcos chuckles.

“Are you sure that’s not just you?” He raises two eyebrows at her, coughing as she slaps and winds his chest. “Okay. Ow. So not.” He presses a kiss to her forehead as she smiles shyly, and both of them chuckle simultaneously as the baby kicks their intwined hands, hard, once. Then twice, as though demanding attention.

“We love you too, peanut.” Marcos teases, and Lorna nearly cries with the overwhelming amount of love and adoration that surges through her chest at her daughter’s response to his words.

“Lorna?” Her boyfriend’s alarmed voice permeates her thoughts. “Why are you crying? Oh my God. Are you okay? Did she just do something—”

Her daughter withdraws the pure emotion of love slightly, and she feels a slow apologetic emotion seep into her chest.

“N-no, nooo, I just—” Lorna wails. She hides her face behind her hands as Marcos chuckles.

“Hormones huh?”

“Yes!” She’s never agreed more vehemently to his words as she rubs her belly. “Hormones! That’s all.” She knows that Marcos knows she’s bluffing, but he doesn’t expose her, instead slinging his arm around to cuddle her comfortingly.

“It’s okay.”

Lorna takes a shuddering breath as her boyfriend and her daughter tries to comfort her, one physically and the other with her clumsy hold on empathy.

Her eyes well again with tears, and decides that she loves her daughter’s mutation and link to her, despite all it’s cons and consequences, because she’s never felt so loved.



Okay. This is a bad ending.


I’m gonna go cry in a corner.

And kick myself for my terrible writing abilities.

  • Charlie: Fun fact I ate a quarter and it never came out
  • Mac: Well when did you eat it
  • Charlie: just now
  • Mac: omg Charlie I don't even know how you made it out of kindergarten
  • Charlie: what sorry I wasn't listening
  • Mac: OH MY GOD
My Family’s Keeper

AN: Thought about this for a while and finally decided to write it all down. Mentions of past child neglect, child abandonment, and spousal abuse. Sorry. I do hope you will enjoy


Your name: submit What is this?

Word Count: 2,132

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Number 5 and Sphintits. If you do this, you won't have to write me Sphintits smut anymore I:

send me a pairing and a number and i’ll write you a drabble

“Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” 

“My baby boy is growing up,” His mother cooed before squeezing his cheeks. 

It was enough to make the young healer flush with embarrassment and wave away his mother’s hands. “Mom, I’m almost eighteen. I’m an adult now.”

A smile slid across his mother’s features, and she pulled him close, kissing the top of Sphintus’ head. The cobra, ever present, just remained coiled around the boy’s neck, tongue flicking out as he shifted to better seen the older Carmen. 

“Mom, please,” Sphintus whined, his weak attempts to escape from his mother’s grasp doing nothing. “I’m going to be late meeting up with Titus.”

At that, the older Heliohaptian releases him. Turning him around and sending him off with a soft swat. “Alright, go, better not keep him waiting.” 

“I’ll let you know how it went later!” Sphintus calls out as he rushes from the room, stopping only to grab his staff from his own rooms before running to the courtyard. 

“You’re late,” Titus growls out, rolling his eyes at the disheveled appearance of his friend once he finally shows up. 

Slowing his full out run to a trot, Sphintus just casts the blond a sheepish smile. “Sorry, my mother needed me for something.” 

All the anger behind the blond’s eyes seemed to dissipate then, and the tension in his frame visibly abated as he relaxed and offered Sphintus a smile. “Oh, alright,” He says, easily taking in this excuse. “I understand.”

“Alright, so where are we headed first?” The older teen questions after Titus calms down. 

“There’s a small district in Reim where an illness has swept through, killing quite a few people.” Titus begins walking, fully expecting Sphintus to be beside him as he goes. “We’ve already sent most of your clan to heal them, but they suggested you heal a few of the sick to gain some experience.” 

Sphintus brightened at that. He loved helping people, even if he didn’t always act like it. It’s why he started training in healing magic in the first place. “Alright, show me the way.” 

“Come on,” Sphintus whined, trying his best to keep up with Titus as the blond stormed down the street. “Are you really still upset?”

A faint touch of red rose to color Titus’ cheeks, even as he puffed them out in anger. “No, you did your job. I just didn’t expect that woman to offer such a thing in thanks.”

“It was just a kiss, Titus,” Sphintus snorted, shaking his head in disbelief. “I’ve been offered worse things than a simple kiss.” 

“Still…. I didn’t like it,” The magi mumbled under his breath. 

“Wait… Are you jealous?” Sphintus burst out laughing then, throwing his arms around the smaller boy and pulling him close. Sloppy kisses were quickly delivered to Titus’ face. 

“Sphintus! Sphintus stop!” Titus shouted through his giggles, shoving away the older teen. 

Laughter tumbled from the healer’s mouth, and he held fast to Titus’ hand so he couldn’t run off and leave him. “Titus, I’ve told you a billion times. I love you. Only you.” 

“I know….” The blond grumbled, wiping off the spit on his cheek with his free hand. A small smile was given before Titus leaned up on his tiptoes to press a soft kiss to the healer’s lips. “Just– make sure it doesn’t happen again.” 

“Alright,” Sphintus sighed, blissful for the moment at the sweet gesture. "As long as I get kisses from you, then I’m happy.”


What the people of Elmore say on ElmorePlus:

Leslie: “upset because of certain someone. they know who they are.”
> Comment by GUMBALL&DARWIN: “Stop posting mysterious status updates when we have no idea who you are talking about.”

Carmen: “Visiting mom at the greenhouse, she’s got root rot. Feeling awkward, me and her have always had a prickly relationship.”

Masami: “My grandma passed away last night, she will be mist.”

Tobias: “Getting my appendix out today. Prob gonna have a scar.”

Anton: “My grandpa is brown bread :( ”

Ocho: “0111011100010101111000010101 >:( “

Hector: “My hamster is not eating, should I take him to a veterinarian?”

Penny: “Seeing the doc tomorrow about my blueberry allergy.”

Bean Egghead: “I was going to tell a joke about sodium and hydrogen, but… NaH.”

Random cat: “Got fur balls.

Deer-chicken hybrid: “Grraaarrghghhhh Grrrummmnnnggrrrr ggrrrmnmnmgrh, why is filling out a tax return so hard!”

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Sooo, I don't know how much information you get down in the Land of the Remembered about your son, but Manolo is probably in a three-way relationship with Maria and Joaquin now. How do you feel about that?

I have to admit he has good taste. *mom wink*

Appetite for Destruction (Part 13)

Originally posted by dancewithmejensen

Characters: Dean x Reader, Cas

Word Count: 1854

Summary: Dean drives to the city limits.

A/N:  Based on What is and Never Should Be and the G n’R album.  

Tags: (below the story)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9 , Part 10, Part 11, Part 12

She’d always been good at theory: she understood and excelled at the perfect world of textbook problems, where force was always constant and velocity was able to be accurately measured. In the laboratory, in the real world, things were harder: surfaces weren’t perfectly flat, CAD models reacted to strain differently than their prototypes.  She had always struggled with life’s inconsistencies’, panicking when things turned out differently than she planned.  

She was a good student, but a bad professional.  A good lover, but a bad friend.  

And sitting on the steps crying in the rain didn’t seem the time to change.  It wasn’t until she was frozen through that she peeled herself off the stoop, letting herself in the empty apartment, contaminated with Dean’s presence and the false promise that brought.

Suddenly she couldn’t stand the thought of staying here another moment, just an extra in Dean’s life, an extra in her own.  She grabbed her suitcase from the closet.

A knock came at her door and he heart tripped in her chest.  The books in her hands slid to the floor and she sprinted to the door, hoping.

“Hey, I’ve got to get back to the diner, Claire is working the grill so we might all die, but you didn’t answer your phone,” Cas said, his cheery smile so out of place in the rainy afternoon.  “Am I interrupting anything?”  She shook her head, letting him inside.  

“What are you doing,” Cas looked around the hastily packed apartment.

“I’m leaving.”  She handed him a bag, heavy with the contense of her refrigerator, before she continuing her frantic packing.  Cas grinned.

“You’re going back?” She stopped packing to look at him with a face puffy and red.  “You’re running away.”  She grabbed a blanket off her air mattress, tossing it in her suitcase.  

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Daring Do and the Adventure of the X'ibian Vase : MLP Fan Fiction (1 part)

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Daring Do

and the Adventure of the X'ibian Vase!


De Writer (Glen Ten-Eyck)


Carmen Pondiego

Cover Art by Doctor Dimension

52630 words 

© 2015 by Glen Ten-Eyck

Writing begun 08/26/15

All rights reserved. This document may not be copied or distributed on or to any medium or placed in any mass storage system except by the express written consent of the author.


Copyright fair use rules for Tumblr users

Users of are specifically granted the following rights. They may reblog the story. They may use the characters or original characters in my settings for fan fiction, fan art works, cosplay, or fan musical compositions, provided that such things are done without charge. I will allow those who do commission art works to charge for their images provided that I receive a copy of each image for my archive. All sorts of fan art, cosplay, music or fictions is actively encouraged.


Daring Do was sitting at the bar of the Adventurer’s Guild, sipping her coconut milk and pineapple juice. She was still steaming about the Royal Museum’s Acquisition Committee trying to put her last find, the Golden Necklace of Pharow Underrock, through “the routine process.”

The routine process gave them the possession of the neckalce for over a year before she could see any return on the difficult, expensive, and dangerous expedition to obtain the priceless artifact.

Her recovery of it from Count Umber had involved a physical altercation. The memory made her sweet drink taste sour.

Glancing into the back bar mirror, she casually placed a hoof on her pith helmet. A business suited pony approached her, proffering a card. Instead of taking the card, Daring Do swiftly lifted her pith helmet. A knife, aimed at the suited pony stood quivering in her hat, sunk deep into the cork.

She pulled the knife out and flipped it casually back. The thump of it striking hilt first was followed by the collapse of the silken robed pony who had thrown it.

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