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Imagine Steve, who until now hasn't properly had a boyfriend/girlfriend, the first time someone introduces/refers to Bucky as "Steve's boyfriend Bucky." (Or Steve as "Bucky's boyfriend.")

“My boyfriend’s ma was Irish. Corned beef hash on Saint Paddy’s is tradition.”

Steve freezes when he hears Bucky say it, introduce him that way. It’s – he’s never thought of it that way, honestly. Pepper calls Tony that – so does Rhodey – and he’s heard it once or twice from Natasha’s mouth.

It’s just that, well. He’s never had a name for what he and Bucky are. He is Bucky’s, and Bucky is his, but they have never been one another’s something

Bucky turns to look at him, his eyes running over the tense line of his shoulders, and reaches out to take Steve’s hand. He grins at him, easy as anything and so does the butcher behind the counter, indulgent.

“You’ll need enough for leftovers,” the butcher says.

“Hash for breakfast,” Bucky agrees. “What do you think, Steve, is six pounds enough?”


What the people of Elmore say on ElmorePlus:

Leslie: “upset because of certain someone. they know who they are.”
> Comment by GUMBALL&DARWIN: “Stop posting mysterious status updates when we have no idea who you are talking about.”

Carmen: “Visiting mom at the greenhouse, she’s got root rot. Feeling awkward, me and her have always had a prickly relationship.”

Masami: “My grandma passed away last night, she will be mist.”

Tobias: “Getting my appendix out today. Prob gonna have a scar.”

Anton: “My grandpa is brown bread :( ”

Ocho: “0111011100010101111000010101 >:( “

Hector: “My hamster is not eating, should I take him to a veterinarian?”

Penny: “Seeing the doc tomorrow about my blueberry allergy.”

Bean Egghead: “I was going to tell a joke about sodium and hydrogen, but… NaH.”

Random cat: “Got fur balls.

Deer-chicken hybrid: “Grraaarrghghhhh Grrrummmnnnggrrrr ggrrrmnmnmgrh, why is filling out a tax return so hard!”