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“Thank you for the ride home.” The woman hesitates, studying Westley’s face for clues, but his dark, hazel eyes reveal nothing. “Would you… Would you like to come upstairs?” she smiles, her voice as sweet and smooth as honey.

Westley blinks, his mind churning with excuses. In all honesty, he had expected this. Tonight marks their fourth date, and he would have been disappointed if she hadn’t suggested it. But even so, Eugenia, or Gena as she prefers to be called, still feels like a stranger to him, and the idea of sleeping with her seems somehow hollow and unsatisfying.

“You don’t have to,” the brunette frowns, a slight pout in her words. “I just thought… It might be fun…”

“I’d love to,” Westley cuts her off with an abrupt kiss. “Just let me grab my phone.”

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Dean/Cas: Looks Like Home

The five people Dean dates in college. 1.8K.

Contrary to first impressions, Dean Winchester is not a player.

Sure, he used to love ‘em and leave ‘em (one at a time, of course; he isn’t amoral), but after Lisa Braeden broke his heart by dumping him days before their prom, citing his lack of emotional investment and “pushing it all down for the sake of machismo,” Dean swore he’d turn a new leaf and ditch his antics come freshman fall. He didn’t lose his penchant for flirting, though he managed to curb his commitment-phobia, and, over the course of the next four years, he learns a thing or two about dating in college.

1. The Freshman Floormate

Dean met Cassie on move-in day while walking down the hallway with an armful of boxes. It was almost clichéd how she took his breath away, all infectious laughter and big brown eyes. They sat together at the welcome dinner, were together less than a week later, working through the 101 Things To Do Before You Graduate list with a determination fit for the Olympics. Perhaps if they had met at a different time, spring semester or sophomore year, maybe their excitement about each other wouldn’t have petered out with the novelty of college. But they met new friends and joined new circles that didn’t necessarily get along, and Dean spent his freshman Valentine’s Day splitting a family size Hershey’s bar with his roommate.

2. The T.A.

In hindsight, he’d cringe at the fact that he used “You followin’ me?” as a pick-up line, but the flustered stare he received had been worth it, though it quickly evolved into an exasperated eye roll.

“I’m your T.A.,” Aaron said with a sigh. “We only see each other in lab, remember?”

Dean merely grinned, shaking his head. “Except I also saw you back at the quad.”

“Yeah, along with fifty other students,” Aaron laughed, stacking their labs into a neat little pile.

“Aw, come on,” Dean leaned on the doorjamb. “You’ve gotta admit we had a moment.”

“A moment of frustration,” corrected Aaron, “because your work is great but your penmanship’s awful.”

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Prince went to LA for a few days to produce something for someone, and before he left he suggested that Carmen and I hang out while he was gone. Carmen hit me up to go see a movie. I was surprised to learn that she was nineteen, only a year older than me.
[…] After the movies, we drank tea in my apartment, and the conversation was eye-opening. I hadn’t realized that she and Prince had a thing, and it never occurred to me before how challenging it was to be his girlfriend. He traveled constantly and worked insane hours. His girlfriend couldn’t call him. Didn’t even have his number. He called. You answered. But he was good about checking in with people and had an uncanny sense of timing - at least he did in my experience.
When he called me later that evening, I asked him, “Are you dating Carmen?" 
"No, no. She has a crush on me,” he said. He was so good at this. One could easily take a very cynical view of the way he was with women, but for the most part, you gotta admit, the women weren’t complaining.
It was a one-time hang with Carmen. I didn’t see much of her after that. She was sent off on tour to promote her album, even though the reviews weren’t great. Something I eventually learned:
Prince’s top girlfriend was always in Minneapolis. When you came to Minneapolis, you were the girl on her way in. When you left Minneapolis, you were the girl on her way out.
This would have been a valuable piece of information for me to keep in my own hip pocket.
—  The Most Beautiful: My Life With Prince

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psycho pass ! c:

  • Favorite character: !!! GINO 
  • Second favorite character: probably Akane or Kagari 
  • Least favorite character: the main villain in the second season, he’s so shitty i forgot his name wasn’t it like kamui or something 
  • The character I’m most like: people say i’m like akane T-T
  • Favorite pairing: Kogami x Akane, but more like bffs and Akane x Gino because I AM PROBABLY THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD THAT WANTS THEM TO GET MARRIED 
  • Least favorite pairing: Kogami x Makishima, like no offense, why 
  • Favorite moment: When Gino gets his redemption arc at the end and becomes an enforcer ;;;;;;
  • Rating out of 10: 100/10 god i want to watch this series again
IMAGINE: Asking Rafael Barba out on a date.

Note: Well, after stalking most of the Rafael Barba tag and the souls who actually contribute to the conversation, I’ve decided to lurk out of the shadows and join with my own short thoughts. I haven’t had a lot of practice with this type of writing, so I’m hoping this will give me a chance to improve my writing style and my english. Anyone is free to send constructive feedback, comments or questions in my ask. 

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IMAGINE: Asking Rafael Barba out on a date.

Step one: Ask ADA Barba out for coffee.

Step two: Make ADA Barba fall madly in love with you.

Step three: Something something sex with ADA Barba. Repeat at will.

Step four: Profit.

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Roman J. Israel, Esq. (2017)

Roman J. Israel, Esq. is a dramatic thriller set in the underbelly of the overburdened Los Angeles criminal court system. Denzel Washington stars as a driven, idealistic defense attorney whose life is upended when a turbulent series of events challenge the activism that has defined his career. Colin Farrell costars as the ambitious, monied lawyer who recruits Roman to his firm.

Directed by:   Dan Gilroy

Starring:   Denzel Washington, Colin Farrell, Carmen Ejogo

Release date:   November 3, 2017

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Imagine jock!steve having a huge crush on bucky, the cute pouty faced nerd he sits next to in chemistry class

It’s not that Steve has no idea who this guy is. He’s heard the name Bucky Barnes lots of times.

It’s just. He’s never ended up in the same classes as the guy.

So he watches, mildly interested, as Bucky Barnes–less than three inches shorter than Steve, broad in the shoulders and narrow in the waist, with a walk that airs on a swagger and that definitely favors his left side and the sling on his left arm–slopes over to a seat halfway down the third row of desks, as per their teacher’s instructions.

“Rogers–you’re next to Barnes,” says Mr Douglas. He’s the football coach. Steve plays baseball–okay, baseball and hockey–so he and Douglas have never crossed paths, but he knows from reputation that the man never calls anyone by their first names.

Steve heads over to his seat, notices Bucky turn and watch him. He swallows. Why is it always the eyelashes?

“Rogers,” he says in greeting.

“Barnes,” Steve replies.

He doesn’t get a chance to ask, that day, why people call him Bucky.


It happens in the fourth class. It’s their first lab day; Steve’s not great at this stuff, but, damn, it’s pretty fun watching stuff blow up. Mr Douglas seems to know that, which must be why he’s got them making tiny explosions in their test tubes today.

Bucky, leaning against the lab counter holding their test tube horizontally, looks up at Steve and grins. “Right. Now, light the thing,” he says. Steve does as he’s told, holding the too-skinny-for-a-popsicle-stick in their Bunsen burner. Bucky nods, tips his safety goggles off the top of his head and onto his nose, and says, “now stick it in.”

“That’s what she said,” Steve says, or tries to say. He manages, “that’s what–” before he feeds the flame into the test tube. The thing makes this weird little pop sound; fire races up toward Bucky’s hand, held in by the glass–and the experiment’s over.

Steve shoves his goggles up and laughs a little, put out that there wasn’t more explosion. But Bucky–Bucky is grinning like a loon. He’s put the test tube back into its clamp and picked up his pen, his left arm–as usual–hanging in its sling.

Steve can’t stop looking at him.

“I was kind of expecting more,” he says, because he wants Bucky to look at him too.

“Are you kidding me?” Bucky asks, glancing up at Steve. His eyelashes are bent against the lenses of his glasses, that’s how long they are. “I love this shit! Fuckin' science, man!”

Steve’s not sure he’s ever seen anyone smile like that. He feels sort of off-balance, like his feet are standing on nothing.

It’s going to be a long year.


It’s not that Steve’s an idiot, okay? He does understand chemistry. If he puts his mind to it.

It’s just. He can’t focus.

Their midterm is coming up, and he has no idea what the hell has been going on in this class, except that Bucky Barnes smells like chocolate chip cookies some days and like just really manly other days, and either his body heat is several degrees higher than normal or Steve’s mom’s menopause is rubbing off on him (okay no but seriously it’s always so warm sitting next to Bucky), and for a while he had been sure that Bucky had worn mascara because his eyelashes are just so fucking long, and also Bucky has a lot of these weirdly pretty beauty marks (or something, Steve doesn’t know what the hell to call them), they’re like Steve’s freckles but bigger and darker and wider-spaced, but anyway Bucky has them on his neck and they’re in the pattern of the Cassiopeia constellation and Steve just wants to kiss them all.

He’s so screwed.

And yet this is nothing–nothing–compared to how screwed he is when Bucky offers to tutor him. Because there’s no way in hell he’s saying no, but there’s also no way in hell he’s ever going to learn anything this way.


When Bucky shows up at Steve’s place that Friday, he’s carrying a tin of cookies. “My mom never lets me go to anyone’s house without treats,” he says with a grin as Steve leads the way to the kitchen because he can’t imagine being in his bedroom. Alone. With Bucky. And a bed. In his bedroom.

“You want anything to drink?” Steve asks. Behind him, Bucky pops open the lid on the cookies and puts them in the middle of the table, then starts to unpack.

“Um, you know, whatever you’re having,” he says. Steve gets two glasses of orange juice and joins Bucky at the table.

Steve stares down at his notebook for a few seconds. He has no memory of writing anything that’s in there, and it’s mostly garbled anyway. He groans and slumps down over the table, picking up his textbook and covering his head with it.

“I’m so fucked,” he grumbles.

Bucky chuckles. “You know, you wouldn’t be if you could pay attention to Douglas instead of staring at me.”

Steve jerks up. Bucky has his chin in his hand. His left arm is still in its sling–one day Steve’s going to work up the courage to ask about that.

“You–I–you,” Steve says. His face is already on fire, he can feel it.

He’s about to bunk in under his textbook again for, like, the rest of eternity, when Bucky leans forward a little. He grabs the front of Steve’s shirt and yanks him forward.

Suddenly they’re kissing. Steve lets out a little mewl and Bucky pulls back, just a little. His eyelashes brush against Steve’s cheek. “You,” Steve says.

“Yeah,” Bucky agrees. “Me.”


Band Member: Michael

Type: Gang AU

Description: Falling in love with Michael Clifford was never part of your five-year-plan. But then you his other life, his gang, start to threaten your happiness and suddenly your fairy tale doesn’t look so peachy. Inspired by this drabble and invented to break Kate.

The music from the speakers bounced around your head. The walls felt like they were shaking with the force of the music. You’d been invited to some party by a guy you weren’t interested in but your mother had practically shoved you out of the door. You knew she’d only forced you to come because the boy’s family was one she considered ‘good enough for you’. Your mother was one of a kind. She was more interested with getting you married off than how you’d managed to get into a good university. You loved her but sometimes you wanted to scream when she suggested you went on a date with one of the Huntley boys.

You took sip of whatever alcohol it was in your cup, you decided it must have been neat vodka since it didn’t taste like much. You sighed heavily as you looked around for Harvey, the boy that had brought you here. You’d feel bad if you just left without saying something, well, your mother would kill you if you didn’t. Finally you stopped him at the top of the stairs with a girl from your English class, her name was Carmen.

“I thought you’d left,” Harvey said sheepishly, Carmen giggled and ran towards a bedroom. “Sorry, I, erm.”

“No,” you said as you tried to stop yourself from laughing. “I’m going home now anyway; I hope you enjoy the rest of the party. Though, I feel I should probably mention that she has a boyfriend. He goes to the school across town.”

You didn’t mention that she had been trying to convince her parents that she’s dating somebody respectable. You only knew about it because you had started doing the same thing to cover up your relationship with a boy from the school across town too. In fact, you and Carmen were dating boys from the circle of friends.

Harvey’s jaw fell open but you knew from his expression that he already knew she had a boyfriend. You held up your hands in defeat and began walking back down the stairs. The party was a few blocks away from your house but you knew as soon as you got outside, Michael would be there to walk you home. It might have been a romantic gesture if he hadn’t received death threats concerning you. He didn’t know who was sending them, they were from burn phones.

But you guessed that was what you got when you dated a gang member.

It scared you, of course it did. You were afraid that every morning you were going to wake up to a message from one of the other guys saying Michael had been arrested, injured or even killed. Every time you woke up, you prayed that you wouldn’t wake up to a world without Mikey. Though you were from two different worlds, you were perfect for one another. He made you feel safe though, even if there was the added danger now he’d made the grade in the gang. He kept telling you he was going to make it so nobody would dare to hurt you, that you’d be so safe with him. You’d be untouchable. You didn’t care about that, you just wanted Mikey to be safe but each night, he played with fire and you knew one day he’d get burned. He couldn’t always be this lucky, just escaping with a few grazes and bruises.

“You’ll get arrested if you keep following me, Clifford.”

He was leant against the wall of the house across the street when you got outside. He looked up from his phone and smiled when he saw you. He held out his jacket for you to shrug on then wrapped a protective arm around your waist. You both ignored the fresh black eye he had and the way he winced when he moved his left arm.

“Did you enjoy the party?” he asked, already knowing you’d hated every second.

You shot him a glare. “Don’t even get me started. I thought Cal would be waiting for Carmen. She’s… well, you know.”

“They broke up,” Mikey said in a cold tone. “Her dad found out about him and the gang. I’m surprised she’s been allowed out of Daddy’s sight.”

“You know my parents would be the same if they found out, Mikey.” You rested your head on his shoulder as you walked. “I’d hate to think what my dad would do to you.”

“Probably nothing that I haven’t had done to me before, babe,” he joked darkly. You rolled your eyes at him. “Sorry, was that too soon?”

You sighed when you turned onto the main road. “I wish you’d stop putting yourself in ridiculous positions, Mikey. You and the rest of the boys need to stop picking fights.”

“We’re defending our patch, Y/N. And we’re defending our girls.”

“You won’t be able to defend me if you’re dead,” you remarked.

He groaned, you would have frequent arguments about this.

“Just as I thought we were having a nice night,” he complained. He pulled you closer to him. “Babe, listen to me, I know what I’m doing.”

“You tell me that then the next time I see you, you have a broken arm or nose or face. Michael, this is crazy. You keep saying you want to protect me but wouldn’t I be safer if you left the gang?”

He shook his head then gripped onto your upper arm. “I can’t leave, okay? I owe them a lot. Do you understand?”

You nodded slowly then bit your lip. You knew when you had to admit defeat with Michael, he’d get a look in his eye and you knew that he’d just start arguing with you if you kept on at him.

“The guys are meeting up tonight,” he said offhandedly.

You knew what he was suggesting. The guys would bring their girlfriends to some meet ups and expect the girls to get along swimmingly. The majority of the girls hated you since they all thought you were stuck up. Carmen was the only girl who actually cared enough to talk to you at these meetings since she was in the same boat as you. Now she wasn’t going to be there, what was the point? Michael would just get lectured by the leaders about how you were rude and that would just mean Mikey would have to head up more and more fights. No, it was best if Mikey told them you were at home and they all understood that posh girls couldn’t been seen with their gang boyfriends.

“I want to go home, Mikey.”

It had been a few days since you’d heard from Michael. You kept hoping he’d be waiting for you after school but every time you were disappointed. When it reached Friday, you were surprised to see Ashton, one of the boys from the gang, waiting by your car.

“Ashton,” you said then bowed your head as a mark of respect. “What brings you here?”

“Mikey found out who the threats were coming from,” he said evasively. “He wanted me to drive you home, he’s not convinced they’re going to stop.”

“Where is he, Ash? He hasn’t even texted me these last few days. I’m worried.”

Ashton gave you a sympathetic look then took your keys from you. “He’s just tied up with some things, Y/N.”

“That scares me even more, Ash. Last time he was ‘tied up’, he came back with a broken nose and looked like he’d fought a war,” you complained, hoping Ashton would shed some light of the situation.

You climbed into the passenger side and Ashton started up your car. He glanced in the mirror then put on his seatbelt.

“He found out the threats were from a rival gang, okay?” he said quickly, he pulled out of your school car park and began to drive in the opposite direction to your house. “He told me I couldn’t say anything to you. He cares about you, Y/N. He wants to protect you from all of this.”

“Ash, I live in uptown,” you said as he took another turn away from your side of town.

“I thought we’d go for a little drive,” he replied as he glanced in the mirror again.

“Am I being followed or something?”

He took a deep breath. “Mikey had some of the guys follow you home while he’s been… busy. They said they’d seen a rival member hanging around then follow you home these last few days.”

“They know where I live? Ashton!” you shouted out of panic. “I can’t just leave my family to face the nutters you guys mess around with!”

“We have it covered, Y/N. Your house is safe.”

“You don’t know that! Mikey told me about how they fight dirty!” you protested as you tried to find your phone.

Ashton took it from you and shoved it in his pocket. “If you call the police, Mikey is going to get arrested.”

“What?” You felt the blood drain from your face. “Where is he?”

“I’m taking you to see him now, he’s at our digs.”

You put your head against the headrest. “Ash, how bad is he this time?”

You remembered back to the first time you’d had to clean him up. You’d been dating for a matter of weeks when he turned up at your door with a bloody cut across his forehead and grazed knuckles. He’d told you he’d been jumped unexpectedly but you knew he’d been in a fight. You had taken him to the kitchen and cleaned him up with the basic first aid skills you had. After that night, you’d vowed to take more classes in it just because you never knew what you were going to be faced with the next time he appeared in the early hours bleeding.

When he stopped the car outside of the abandoned club, you looked at him again.

“Tell me, Ash.”

“He got beat pretty bad, Y/N. He’s never looked this bad before. He refused to take back up, he said you were his girlfriend and he had to deal with it.”

You sighed as you tried to imagine how he could possibly look worse. Ash threw your keys back to you and got his own key out for the front door. You’d only been here a handful of times since you tried to avoid it as much as possible. It was dark and smelt damp. 

“Cal, Luke, I got her.”

The two boys appeared from the bar area and nodded at you.

“You weren’t followed?” Cal asked as he double checked the door was locked.

Ash shook his head. “No.”

“Where is Mikey?” you questioned, walking towards the bar.

“He doesn’t want to see you, Y/N,” Luke said as he caught you before you could go in.

“He either lets me see him or I walk out of here and he never comes near me again,” you threatened loudly. You needed him to hear you.

The boys glanced between each other.

“We can’t ignore what he says, Y/N. He’s told us to keep you safe but away from him,” Calum continued.

“No, he doesn’t get it both ways,” you shouted at them. “He can’t dictate what happens to me then refuse to see me. This isn’t want a relationship is!”

You turned back towards the door. “Let me out. I’m going home.”

“You can’t go home, Y/N. You could get hurt,” Ashton said with a concerned face.

“It’s too late to be worrying about me getting hurt, Ash. Let me go home.”

“No,” you heard a strangled voice say. “Y/N… just stay, okay?”

You turned back around, closing your eyes so you could prepare yourself for the damage. When you opened them, you almost choked on the air around you. His face was swollen with purple bruises, his eyes almost too puffy to be open. His skin was yellowing where the bruises were settling. His nose was crooked, his arm was wrapped up into a sling and he walked with a limp.

“Christ on a bike,” you muttered.

“No, you just missed him,” Michael joked. He winced as he hobbled towards you. “Babe, I tried to fix it.”

“Tried? Mikey, they fucking ruined you,” you yelled at him.

He held out his uninjured hand and you saw the bruises on his knuckles. “It’s done with, Y/N.”

“Then why am I locked up here, Mikey? Ash said you could be arrested!”

Michael shot a look at Ashton who acted like he didn’t see it.

“Would you believe me if I told you that the other guy came off worse?” Mikey said.

“I can’t do this,” you said sternly. “I just can’t anymore.”

You walked out, following the exit signs. Nobody moved to stop you but you heard Michael shout your name. The alley at the back of the bar was empty, the majority of the businesses had moved out when the gangs moved in.

Y/N! Please don’t go!” he called after you.

“Mikey, you can’t keep doing this to yourself!” you shouted at him. “You can’t keep doing this to me!”

He stepped towards you but you held your hands up to stop him.

“Unless you can promise me I’ll never see you like this again, we’re done, Michael. I can’t put my family in danger. My little brother doesn’t need to know about gangs!”

He dropped his gaze to the floor. “I can’t promise you that.”

Your heart felt heavy, your chest just felt empty. The air was knocked from you.

“I guess this is it then, Mikey. We’re done.”

He opened his mouth to argue when a figure dropped from the roof of the bar. He had a bandana covering the lower half of his face, you looked at him in confusion when he pushed you down and ran towards Michael. It was too late to warn Mikey when you saw the glint of a blade. You screamed loudly as he fell to floor, clutching his stomach that had a growing blossom of red staining the white of his shirt. The hooded figure turned to you and raised a single finger to where his mouth would be before running away out of the alley.

You crawled over to Michael and rested his head on your lap.

“Mikey?” you said quickly. “Mikey!”

He smiled up at you in a daze. “I’m fine, babe. I’m okay.”

His words blended into one another before his head lolled over one side.

That’s when you really started screaming.

Here is Part 2!

in most cases bringing another girl back to his apartment would be a bad idea considering his living arrangement. usually it wasn’t an issue to begin with because he didn’t really try bringing girls home or vice versa. the weird thing he had going on with carmen was almost enough for him. no strings attached, no feelings, and just normal day to day things for them were weird to other people. but it didn’t bother him, their closeness made living together easier and he of course would never complain because carmen was attractive. she was his best friend without a doubt but you couldn’t exactly tell another girl you’re planning on taking home for the night that you share a bed with your best friend who you also occasionally hook up with. but today things were different, colton had a girl over and it worked out perfectly because carmen wasn’t home so he didn’t have to mention his roommate to his date. or well he didn’t have to until carmen walked in. colton and his date hadn’t gotten very far and it was obvious that they also wouldn’t be. this was going to be fun to explain because right now it kind of looked really bad. “uhm jenna this is carmen my best friend. carmen this is my date jenna.” he started, silently hoping that she wouldn’t mention them being roommates. “it’s getting late, maybe we can do something tomorrow night?” he turned his attention back to his date and he was relieved when she agreed. as he walked her to the door, his eyes avoided looking over at carmen. “goodnight.” he told the other girl, pressing a quick kiss to her lips before sending her off. finally he turned around, facing carmen. “didn’t expect you to come home so soon tonight..” // @maesterpieces