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The jam in 2002 ~

arthur-iggy-kirklendrpblog  asked:

Okay, I know this is a very minute detail but its bigger me ever since I replayed the game and noticed it. So you're doing stuff with Nadia, right? Why does the most famous song from Carmen play when you're with her?! Like just before you do the second reading for her or before the maze run! Is there a specific reason or....? This has just bugged me since a few days ago.

Because it’s a good song Brent

Phantom is fierce and sleek, yet luxuriant and plush. It’s a gorgeous new stunner from Romanian producer ViLLAGE, who’s teamed up with London chanteuse Carmen Rosa on this lavish future bass and chill trap spectacular. ViLLAGE has melded the airy spry aesthetic of Whethan with the rich soulful alt pop allure of Alpines or HÆLOS. Phantom will sweep you right off your feet with its widescreen magnificence, brimming with precipitous chops, climactic drops, and vehement flickers. You can also stream ViLLAGE’s new single via Spotify, here.

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anonymous asked:

What are your favorite feminine names?

Mehrunnissa (sun of women), Ruhi (soul), Naaz (pride), Carmen (garden/ song), Yazmin (jasmine), Lucia (light), Marina (of the sea), Firdaus (paradise).