carmen mitchell

Rowan Blanchard:
. Queen
. Fantastic actress
. Cutest thing you ever did see
. So sweet
. Total dork
. But like she’s our dork and we love her
. Literally so fucking fierce I can’t
. Uses her voice to do good
. Constantly slays my existence with her intelligence
. Out spoken activist
. Fierce intersectional feminist
. #blacklivesmatter supporter
. Woke af
. So so educated
. Beautiful role model
. Wish I was like her when I was 14
. I want to be her when I grow up

Carmen Blanchard:
. Queen
. Adorable
. Literally so cute I could die
. #blacklivesmatter supporter
. Actual sweetheart
. So educated
. Like she’s twelve
. And she’s so woke and enlightened
. Like wow
. Called out and fucking ended a 19 year old with her intelligence
. Actual queen
. Literally everything

Amir Mitchell-Townes
. Actual King
. Literally slays our existences with every Instagram post
. Fantastic actor
. Makes music that is good af
. Son of the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff
. Cancer survivor
. Literally beat cancer at the age of eleven
. Fucking kicked it’s ass
. Fuck cancer
. Literally so fucking woke
. #blacklivesmatter supporter
. Literally educated so many people about it on his Instagram
. Literally so badass
. But like also adorable
. Like an actual puppy

Uriah Shelton:
. Trash
. A shitstain
. Does not deserve to be in their ethereal presences

Damn, Uriah done fucked up majorly. There are so many things wrong with the post but the worst thing, is that, Uriah literally agreed that people who “hate cops” should get r*ped. He literally just wished r*pe on people. I really don’t want to see anybody defending him. And including the fact that he totally dismissed black lives, me a black woman is not here for that shit at all. He never even said a word about the two innocent black men who lost their lives in the last two days.. Grasping what the Black Lives Matter movement is about is not that hard, we’re not saying that other lives don’t matter, we’re just saying ours do too!!! Seeing as people obviously don’t know that, seeing how badly my brothers and sisters are treated. If all lives really mattered, there wouldn’t be a black lives matter movement. So all y'all all lives matter fools are just that, fools and I don’t fucking care. And props as hell to Amir and Carmen for telling Uriah off!!! Also someone really needs to educate Peyton… BLACK LIVES MATTER

anonymous asked:

I'm really confused. When did Amir drag Uriah? I WANT TO SEE IT

i will show you in pictures

uriah posted this, saying he fully agreed with the post

here is the full post that he ‘agreed with so much’

this post does not mention once the 136 black lives lost alone this year at the hands of the american police

then amir, being the fucking legend he is, posted a video (watch here) with this caption

and to make things very clear he posted this picture aND TAGGED URIAH

and then carmen, aka the worlds greatest 12 year old posted this on twitter AND TAGGED URIAH TOO

so basically he got severely dragged on both ig and twitter bc the guy is a total asshole

since then he has posted this

which honestly does not correlate with his original post at all, so i’m hoping he learnt from something and that amir and carmen managed to get something through that thick skull of his and educate his white ass

UPDATE: uriah responded to carmen

Praying for unity and not division within the GMW family. This whole situation could have been handled with love.