Melo’s defensive skills on point!

Melo Fires Back At Charles Barkley For Questioning His Leadership

Melo Fires Back At Charles Barkley For Questioning His Leadership

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Carmelo Anthony is the latest athlete to have a problem with Charles Barkley’s critique’s, this time firing back after the TNT analyst questioned his leadership per the New York Daily News.

“I don’t know how to be a better leader than what I’m doing. I don’t know what that mean,” Anthony said. “A lot of people interpret that different ways. I don’t know what to say about that.”

Barkley ripped…

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REPORT: Phil Jackson Leaning Towards Accepting Offer From Knicks

ESPN is reporting that legendary coach and former Knick Phil Jackson is leaning towards accepting the position of President of Basketball Operations for the New York Knicks.

Carmelo Anthony, via da New York: Chicago, Houston o LA nel suo futuro?

Carmelo Anthony, via da New York: Chicago, Houston o LA nel suo futuro?

New York si è affidata a Phil Jackson per rifondare la franchigia: nel futuro della squadra della Grande Mela però potrebbe non esserci Carmelo Anthony, che nonostante le ultime dichiarazioni positive sull’arrivo di Coach Zen, non rientrerebbe nei piani del nuovo presidente (e general manager) dei Knicks.

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Il giornalista di ESPN  Stephen Smith ha rilasciato alcune dichiarazioni molto importanti…

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Watch Melo Drop 37 On Jared Dudley, Wizards After Overrated Jab (Video)
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Washington Wizards forward Jared Dudley will be a solid NBA analyst one day — but his comments from this past spring about Carmelo Anthony wrote a check that he had no shot of cashing.

Dudley caught huge flak for calling the Knicks eight-time All-Star overrated.

Dudley – then a member of the Milwaukee Bucks – later backtracked on…

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Where Do The Dysfunctional Knicks Go From Here?

When I think of incompetent and dysfunctional professional franchises, I think of the

LA Clippers under Donald Sterling.

The Cleveland Browns (who drafted Johnny Manziel) and haven’t won a championship since 1964

And since 2000… The New York Knicks.

Below is the New York Knicks Record under James Dolan (Since 2001):

2015-16 New York 23-31 .426 12th, East Conference

2014-15 New York 17-65 .207 15th, East Conference

2013-14 New York 37-45 .451 9th, East Conference

2012-13 New York 54-28 .659 2nd, East Conference

2011-12 * New York 36-30 .545 7th, East Conference 

2010-11 New York 42-40 .512 6th, East Conference

2009-10 New York 29-53 .354 11th, East Conference

2008-09 New York 32-50 .390 14th, East Conference

2007-08 New York 23-59 .280 14th, East Conference

2006-07 New York 33-49 .402 12th, East Conference

2005-06 New York 23-59 .280 15th, East Conference

2004-05 New York 33-49 .402 12th, East Conference

2003-04 New York 39-43 .476 7th, East Conference

2002-03 New York 37-45 .451 10th, East Conference 

2001-02 New York 30-52 .366 13th, East Conference

Over the past 15 years, the Knicks have won…1 playoff series.

On Monday February 8,2016 the Knicks fired their head coach Derek Fisher. (Shameless plug here… I predicted this weeks ago on my sports radio show… The Monte Cristo Sports Thing, Thursday’s 7pm on WRNJ Radio). Fisher compiled a 2 year record of 40-96. Under his watch, the Knicks had no consistency and more importantly,no identity as a team. Phil Jackson has appointed his long time assistant Kurt Rambis as the new head coach.

Rambis has a combined record of 56-145. Some Knicks fans seem to like the idea of Rambis on the sideline, they feel he brings them hope. In the Movie the Matrix Reloaded,

 The Architect says to Neo, “Hope, it is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness.This describes all Knicks fans since James Dolan took over this franchise.

 If Jackson wanted Rambis to coach this team, why didn’t he hire him from the start? Instead, Jackson chose Fisher, someone with no coaching experience.

Rambis will coach the team for the rest of the year and his goal is to make the playoffs. Once again, the Knicks don’t have a first round draft pick so “tanking” is not an option.

Other than Kristaps Porzingis and Carmelo Anthony the Knicks have no assets to trade away. Normally, when teams struggle, they build through the draft. Not the Knicks… The only player drafted by the Knicks (under James Dolan) to make an All-Star team was David Lee in 2010. You can put a dress on a pig but it is still a pig. Jackson has upgraded this roster but unless they sign a big time free agent the Knicks will miss the playoffs again next year. If I am Jackson, I hire a college coach, I don’t want recycled NBA Veterans like Jeff Van Gundy or George Karl. Get a coach who will invest 7 years to this organization… and stop with the triangle offense. No coach wants to come into an organization and run someone else’s offense. The Triangle worked with players like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant but the NBA has evolved. I don’t know how much longer Jackson will be with the Knicks, but he needs to evolve too.

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