Carmel Jenkins

My converted dining room to art studio
This is my studio space which I have been using for the past 8 years. It is meant to be the dining room of my 2 level townhouse but why waste a good space for just eating. The space holds a gigantic architects cabinet holding more than 1000 drawings (and weighs a ton). On this cabinet holds all my materials…brushes of various sizes, oil paint, acrylic paint, house paint, ink and hundreds of endless shapes of charcoal (my favourite medium) and the rest of the area is reserved for painting and drawing on my easel. In the times I need to do a massive piece I simply put it across the wall. Any remaining space is storage for pieces I love and couldn’t bear to part with, older works, unsold works and pieces that I have done recently. For the first 6 years I used this space I managed to completely ruin the timber floor even though I repeatedly used newspaper to protect the surface. Marks are everywhere and whenever I had inspections when I was renting I tirelessly tried to remove this evidence. Never worked. I always get embarrassed when customers or friends come over to visit as it is the entrance room. It is a organized mess 24/7.

I’m happy to say that I am the proud owner of this place now so no more inspections. I often wish for a studio space outside of my home but then again I also like the fact that I can revisit a work whenever I like.