carmel apples

Jimin with a chubby gf

  • Because he also has insecurities i can see you both help each other through them
  • “Baby am i fat?”
  • “No jimin. You are the sexiest man ive ever met”
  • “You could do so much better”
  • “BOY dont even say that. If anything you could do better than me. You are so gorgeous i dont see why your with me. Jimin why are you with me?”
  • “Because you are perfect for me. We balance each other out. Like carmel and apples”
  • This one time he found you crying in the mirror,naked, and came to comfort you immediately because he had been there before. You guys sit in front of the mirror until you stop crying.
  • Once you stop crying he takes you to bed and you guys talk about it
  • Once you tell him he will cry with knowing exactly what you are going through
  • You stop crying to get him to stop crying
  • C O M F O R T I N G H U G S
  • love
  • Sex😉
  • Dirty stuff👇👌👏😅💞
  • “I think i need to show you how much i love you”
  • “How?”
  • All that is heard next is your moans of pleasure
  • “I love the way you feel around me baby. No one else can make me feel this way”
  • “You fuck me so well jiminie”
  • Tender sex
  • Affectionate sex
  • Expect hickies and bruises though
  • Aftercare is cuddling and him singing to you
  • “Always remember jagiya. I love everything about you”
  • The biys would see how he has changed and become happier
  • Thay will thank you when they finally meet you
  • “Ive never seeen him so happy since ive met him. Thank you (y/n)”- namjoom

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