carmel apples

I absolutely love how Calum gets all Domestic when he’s on break. He doesn’t get to have a normal life, and to see him do normal stuff like go to concerts. Hockey games. Small jam sessions with friends. Making Carmel apples. He’s just so happy and content, I love domestic calum.

Reasons why I'm excited for Autumn/Fall:

*Big comfy sweaters
*Pumpkin spice everything
*The smell of leaves in the air
*Cold rainy days that are perfect for watching horror movies
*Getting to watch all my favorite Halloween movies over and over
*Halloween Town…
*The best horror movies come out in the Fall
*Corn mazes
*Haunted Houses
*Ghost Hunting Adventures…they’re always more fun in the fall
*The veil between worlds is much thinner
*Carmel apples
*Pumpkin pie and apple pie
*Apple cider
*Zombie paintball
*Blanket forts
*Going to the pumpkin patch
*Carving pumpkins
*Making Halloween decorations
*Putting Halloween decorations all over the inside and outside of my house
*Hot Chocolate
*Wearing warm fuzzy socks
*Flannels ♡
*Halloween decorations literally everywhere in every store
*Shopping for Halloween stuff that I just use year round
*Adorable little trick r treaters
*Getting all dressed up in the perfect costume

There’s so many more reasons but those are all the reasons I can think of right now.
Feel free to add more and comment what your favorite things about fall/autumn are. 🎃