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Waittttt a minute.

So Carmilla is doing all this to get Laura’s attention and Laura is sitting her trying to not be all bothered by it. But then she tweets about it because apparently it’s the most reasonable thing to do and then basically says she needs a cold shower on Twitter. All the while, LAURA IS THE ONLY PERSON THAT CARM FOLLOWS SO HER TWITTER FEED WILL JUST SHOW THE PROGRESS OF LAURA BEING all “it’s not working but I’m actually very much affected right now”. And so she just goes and continues whatever she is doing while actually knowing it is getting to Laura. I don’t know what my point is except that, LAURA’S TWITTER RANTS IS ALL OVER CARM’S TWITTER FEED AND SHE GETS TO SEE FIRSTHAND HOW HER “Seduction” IS WORKING.

anonymous asked:

this is so stupid your all upset that carm unfollowed laura on twitter LMFAO

You’re MISSING the point, yes in hindsight it’s ridiculous for anyone to be upset about someone unfollowing someone else on social media, but Carmilla has only EVER followed Laura, NOBODY else. The fact that even after the break up and everything else that had happened Carmilla still followed her, gave Hollstein shippers hope that there was still a chance for them.

Yes, it’s kind of dumb, but I mean Carmilla went out of her way to unfollow Laura, that’s how angry she is. It’s like as if unfollowing Laura is her way of metaphorically erasing Laura from her life.