For @ofhauntings (request 2/4)

A short strip about Luce & Lockwood passing out on the couch and George is looking at them like “damn lovebirds I stg”. I could picture this happening on the hectic days before they decided to hire Holly on THB.

The question is, who’s going to wake up first and what will they do?


“When Georges enter the room only wearing an underwear but you weren’t ready for this…”

Here’s my second test for Lucy and I have to say that I’m quite happy with this one !

Thank you for all your reactions on my last post, it helped me a lot !
I tried to darken my hair, got some bags under my eyes, FRECKLES and tried to part my hair differently.

I asked here, on twitter and Instagram for advice and that’s funny to see how it went..

The fandom: “yeah that’s good but you should do that and it’s would even look better if you did this! Oh and what about doing that ? It would be really great with this ”

Stroud: “ like it :)) perfect”

It felt weird :’D