roolbrakaz asked:

it looks like you're having a rough day with all your suicidal posts and I just wanted you to know that even if it doesn't feel like someone may miss you they will your followers will miss you if nothing else so don't be so down go watch some who's line is it anyways or something and laugh :) (sorry if I'm misinterpreting things your posts just caught my attention)

<3 thank you <3

ok so three things about today:
  1. went to the National Gallery
  2. eaves dropped and fell in love with a bunch of people 
  3. and my mom finished season six

1. I had a field trip with my C&V class to the National Gallery where we all talked about the painting we did for our research paper. I did Venus and Mars by Botticelli. At first I was nervous because I wasn’t in a group with my primary group of friends. But I voiced an off hand comment about how “I was totally alone” and them some girls (Emily and Carly) from the group I had been put in then preceded to make an effort to make sure I felt included. They were very nice, and kind of when I needed it the most so I was very happy.

I ended up having a great time. I even had something awesome to eat at Wagamama’s and I never like what I have at Wagamama’s.

2. This is kind of a two parter. I was listening to other people’s convos (just because my friends slept instead of talked to me, which is lol wateves it gave me time to think lol). And there was this one guy, who I’ve basically never talked to mostly cause I’m not good with guys and partly because I’m not good with guys who aren’t crazy like I am. And someone said something stupid about the economy and then blamed it on Obama and he basically exploded at them. He voiced every single one of my opinions on politics (and I hate voicing my opinion on politics) and it was just so awesome and I wish I could have been there to be like “I FUCKING KNOW RIGHT” but that would have been weird cause I wasn’t even sitting by him they were just so loud and yeah. I like him. Respect.

BUT WAIT. There’s more! ON the way home from the National Gallery the boys started singing WAYWARD SON!!! No fucking joke. It was amazing.

3. My mom finished season 6 of supernatural

Tonight we watched from Frontierland to The Man Who Knew Too Much. Might I just say that my mom was hella drunk by this point so when we finished TMWKTM I just looked at her and asked what she thought and she said

Mom: There’s something wrong with Cas.

I’m not sure how to feel about this but when she less drunk as a fuck I’ll ask. I hope I can help her see both sides of the story. Then it was quite for a couple of minutes and I tentatively asked if she wanted to watch the bloopers, she said yes and so we did.