Calaveras Calaveras Calaveras! The gold and silver coloured one is part of a bigger series inspired by my favourite games. Stay tuned! I’m hoping to do some metallic prints soon, if any fellow artists out there have a recommendation for printers in the UK, please get in touch. Thanks! For now, normal prints are available in the shop.


A while back I did some pixel art over at a now-dead tumblr, and one of the things I made was these, a tribute to one of my favourite games and classic pulp fiction. I still like them so I thought I would share them with you all here, and also let you know that there is free shipping in my shop until January 13th. Use this link to get it. Thanks for watching!

Having a dig through the archives today, I found a bunch of Grim Fandango stuff I did over at draw260. I put a bunch of them together into a print, because Manny is still the best. So if you want some Mannys in your afterlife, pick it up here (with free shipping until July 13th). Really looking forward to the hi-def remake, the art direction in this game was amazing.