carly's loki cosplay


Loki’s scepter/spear initial steps:

That first photo is a color-coded template provided by a helpful fellow on theRPF.

First I soaked a wooden dowel rod in water and left a hardwood chest on it overnight to bend it slightly. To give it dimension, I coated it with celluclay and then sanded it smooth with a power sander (don’t even try it by hand, it took me 3 hours, even with intense mechanical assistance). I know other people have used foam, which is lighter and easier to cut to shape, but I really wanted this thing to have weight and stand up to smacking around. I want to feel like I’m carrying a powerful weapon, not a tube of wrapping paper, so I went with the heavier, more difficult material.

The “blades” are a thin birch plywood from the craft store that I cut out with a Dremel tool. I plan on making the curved, layered bits out of Worbla and I’ll post more photos as I go.

Why did I paint a lightbulb blue, you ask? (unless you don’t, in which case, fine, I don’t need you anyway): It’s actually not a light bulb. It’s a glass jar that’s made to look like a light bulb, so it’s much thicker glass. And that blue stuff isn’t paint, it’s the gel that little kids use to make fake stained glass. It goes on a sort of opaque baby blue and as it dries it turns to a transparent cobalt. The inside of the bulb is full of strips of clear cellophane and a blue LED. This is going to be the little glowing egg-shaped power source thing on the staff. There are photos of the gel wet and then dry with the light on, though the glow comes off very different in real life.

I also made a Tesseract. I’m thinking about writing up a little tutorial, because it was super easy to make and anyone can do it for around $10 with no wiring skills or anything. I’ll do that in another post if anyone is interested.