carly's heart explodes

Ok, I’m re-reblogging just this one.

Because my god, Kaname, your damn faces. I can’t.

I don’t even know how she gets her face like this, because it’s so subtle. I assume she puts a lot of effort into it, but the fact that it’s not exaggerated is so amazing to me. It’s just PERFECT. She’s barely making a face and I 100% get her emotion and it rips my heart out.

Darling, just, everything about you… please don’t ever stop.

I’m still bad at tumblr so I’m sorry if I’m breaching etiquette here, but manual source because apparently you can’t edit images in a reblog?

KOMU NO WHAT how are you so precious really. HOW. Ugh. You can’t just almost come onstage and then giggle and go hide behind the curtain and then come back and be even cuter and expect me not to lose it. I feel like I should hate this but I’m fascinated. She even looks eerily like Vivien Leigh.

(also surprise baby Kaname with a line ♥)