carly reads homestuck

well let’s see here

karkat - alive

aradia - alive

tavros - already used

sollux - already used

nepeta - dead

kanaya - alive

terezi - alive

vriska - already used

equius - dead

gamzee - alive

eridan - already used

feferi - dead

so… this only leaves us with feferi, equius, and nepeta

I have a feeling we’re going to get a meowrails sprite… but either way there’s an odd number?

Am I weird for thinking that people usually /fit/ a certain fandom?

Like, usually only one, maybe two. People go through many, many fandoms, but eventually they stop on one and you just look at them like, “that series is just so perfect for you” you know?  Like their personality just completely makes them blend in with a single fandom the way they probably never have and never will again with anything else, and sometimes you can tell before they even get into something.

I say this because I have the suspicion that my little brother would be a perfect homestuck. While I am enjoying it so far, it doesn’t feel like a match for me nearly as much as I feel like it would for him.

That isn’t to say that I believe he would get along with the fandom in its current chaotic state, but he just matches the feel of the webcomic and the fandom at its core without all of the extraneous bandwagon fans. Also, he pretty much acts exactly like John but looks a lot like Dave, so homestuck cosplay would be a breeze for him if he ever decided that he wanted to. Am I bad for almost wishing he would jump on the bandwagon as well, just because I feel like my brother and homestuck are a match made in heaven? I feel like that nosy older sibling that tries to set their younger sibling up on a blind date or something because they think that the two would make the cutest couple.

fuck it if I date ANYONE who’s into homestuck and they’re either a girl or a guy okay with crossplay or whatever we are doing rosemary

and even though I am an awful singer I would sO sing that song in a karaoke thing in costume

EDIT: if the guy is not okay with crossplay but also not adverse to body paint maybe he could do like genderbend kanaya or something idek

EDIT2: and if he’s adverse to body paint too he could do genderbend rose WE’D MAKE IT WORK OKAY