carly rae jepsen call me maybe


Call Me Planetary

Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen vs. Planetary (GO!) by My Chemical Romance.


X Gon Give It To Ya Maybe

Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen vs. X Gon Give It To Ya by DMX.

.FALLING IN LOVE. ||A Klance Playlist||

Accidentally In Love- Counting Crows / All Of The Stars- Ed Sheeran / Can’t Take My Eyes Off You- Joseph Vincent  / One Call Away- Charlie Puth / YOUTH- Troye Sivan / Fall For You- Secondhand Serenade / Say You Like Me- We The Kings / Somewhere Only We Know- Keane / Give Your Heart A Break- Demi Lovato / You Belong With Me- Taylor Swift / Act My Age- One Direction / Call Me Maybe- Carly Rae Jepsen / I Won’t Give Up- Jason Mraz / Fallin’ For You- Colbie Caillat / Without You- David Guetta ft. Usher / We Found Love- Rihanna / I Was Made For Loving You- Tori Kelly / Obviously- Mcfly / Lovesick- Peace / A Thousand Years- Boyce Avenue

This is my Secret Valentine’s gift  for @paulamarinabdlp ♡ 

I prayed at the fountain
Silently, to myself
You were there
Standing where I wanted to go

I would trade my citizenship for my desire
No money would be too much to spend
I was not seeking a client
But you stand where I want to go

You look to me
Disheveled, indecent
Perhaps the heat was the cause
But why are you standing there?

We have just been introduced
And my rationality has left me
I will tell you where I live
Send me a letter
It is difficult
To look at you right now
So I will tell you where I live
Send me a letter


Sitting here forever waiting for a haircut.
Thought I’d share one of my favorite things of all time on the Internet. It cheered me up as it always does.

the gang as stans

dennis - whitney primarily, more recently lana del rey, formerly lady gaga

dee - nicki minaj diehard, can rap the monster verse from memory but prefers to whip out the entirety of roman in moscow or itty bitty piggy 

mac - madonna publicly, one direction secretly (reads a lot of fanfiction)

charlie - carly rae jepsen but he only knows call me maybe

frank - azealia banks

Call me crazy or biased - or say I’m living on another planet entirely - but what platonic friends look at each other this way (Nick’s expression is worth noting in particular)? In the scenes following, Judy proceeds to bump hips with him as she bites her lip. On Nick’s official Spotify playlist, he even has songs like “She’s A Lady” by Tom Jones and a few other questionable music selections. Judy has songs like “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton and “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. Sure, these songs could have been chosen out of pure coincidence or the pure likelihood that the characters themselves (Judy/Nick) would listen to them, but you have to admit… it sure is an eyebrow-raiser on the audience’s behalf.

I’m not saying they’re in a relationship - yet - but the signs are there.