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Just wondering how you prove to people that Phil isn't straight? I totally agree with you, but I have a hard time finding facts/videos to back it up

sure! i’m positive that this list isn’t everything but it’s what i could find

once again, i’m pretty sure this isn’t all of it. but also i would add to the list every single time he looks at dan and also this whole video with pj

epeolatryx replied to your post: The only think I disagree with is the “writers…

They definitely take us for granted! They take for granted the fact that we’ll just post for free and then have the audacity to send us HATE because we’re late with an update or we delete a fic. That is what you call being entitled. That is what you call taking people, taking our work and our generosity, for granted. We don’t have to post it. Hell, maybe we should all stop posting and you can live in a world without fanfics. People might wish they’d reviewed then.

Whoop there it is

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I know I do follow forevers all the damn time, but i just can’t help it. too many amazing people follow me and more just keep coming! Plus I love to give more than receive.


@l-reinhart , @stileslydias , @scottstiles , @jellysjones , and @holladnroden. ( you guys I feel are the ones I talk to most even though that’s hardly any at all? but like ya’ll run some bomb ass blogs. like shit , teach me your ways. )


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Can’t think of anyone else off the top of my head! Not everyone may have been listed but I can update that when I’m more sober.

“Lost and weary, Catelyn Stark gave herself over to her gods. She knelt before the Smith, who fixed things that were broken, and asked that he give her sweet Bran his protection. She went to the Maid and beseeched her to lend her courage to Arya and Sansa, to guard them in their innocence. To the Father, she prayed for justice, the strength to seek it and the wisdom to know it, and she asked the Warrior to keep Robb strong and shield him in his battles. Lastly she turned to the Crone, whose statues often showed her with a lamp in one hand. “Guide me, wise lady,” she prayed. “Show me the path I must walk, and do not let me stumble in the dark places that lie ahead.”

For Carly. Happy New Year!

Running by lookslikehecansurf on ao3

fandom: 5 seconds of summer

pairing: Michael Clifford/Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood/Ashton Irwin (background)

word count: 6897 

chapters: 1/1

summary: I saw you trying to hit the “door close” button in the elevator but I made it in and then I pushed every single button to make you later for work, but now we’re stuck in this fucking elevator as it stops at every single floor and I don’t know what to say other than “you started it” AU

okay its not rad at all but my last follow forever was when i had
1.5K. and a loooot has changed since then so i have decided to up
this and why not make a tiny follow forever thanking all of you guys and everything :’)

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michaelspimp♕nik ily you’re my bestie and yeah you know what I’m feeling and thank you i love you thank you for everything and dealing with my shit nik your extremely gorgeous and your really nice and i love you a loooot okay bbg idk what to put tbh bc i told you everything and I’m really grateful that you’re my friend :-)

ridiculucas♕hannah banana omfg you and tabs are my main. i seriously cannot wait till we actually meet! I’m like longing for that daaayy it needs to happen and i love you so much thank you for listening to me and dealing with my shit your hella gorgeous btw

imintothebassist♕ah tabs if you didn’t read hannahs lol, but you and her are my mains. i love you sosososoo much. when we meet i think a lot of shit will go down. but I’m sad because I'm shorter then you and your hot so idk man. OH btw that time when we were skyping and then i just left, i didn’t hang up my computer overheated so i was going to wait till it cooled down but i fell asleep I’m sorry ilysm btw

peachymalum♕ maddie,maddy,maddie, haha you were my first friend on here and i was so scared to talk to you because you were super sweet and fucking gorgeous. and I’m really sorry that i don’t respond to texts because sometimes i see them but I’m blogging so i say that ill respond later but i end up just opening the text and then i do something else and i don’t respond and when i see them like 2 days later i don’t want to respond bc i don’t know if you want too talk to me bc i feel bad but I’m so sorry thank you for dealing with my shit maddy i love you tons and expect a visit from me coming to you in aus okay? :’)

irwhimsical♕ kash lol, you’re my cousin and you’re a little shit. jk that was mean I’m sorry i love you so much. you know every little secret i have tbh and idk why we can’t stop talking. we see each other almost every single day, go to school every single day and yet we still need to call each other and text?? wtf dude how am i not tired of you. we knew each other since day one. well that means i love you lots and lets go to mba and party. (and graduate from high school there)

humpthehemmings♕ shelbie, aye bbg i love our snaps i need your number so we can talk more bc we need more then just snapchat okay? i love you and you’re really gorgeous and btw you never told me about your date?? I’m waiting.

candycashtonn♕ em, i remember when you asked to be my friend, i was so confused because you were really cool and i didn’t know why you wanted to be my friend tbh. you’re really nice to me and you’re v sweet to everyone! I’m sorry for not texting back btw lool ily i hope you know I’m always here for you :)

clifforgasmic♕ lucy loool you make me laugh. your snapchats keep me alive hahahaha we should meet up and you can make me tacos okay? 

dimpleluke♕ racheeelllllleeeee i love youuuuu you’re so nice to me and i didn’t text you back at least 500 times and I’m so v v sorry. but ill snapchat you back right away unless I’m on the computer.. lol anyways thank you for being kind to me and when i come visit you on the other side of canada (jk you’re not that far) or when you come to coquitlam to visit me (or your family idk) we shall meet :’) 


cuddlycal♕ marriiiaaaa i love talking to you. like a loot but I’m so sorry i don’t use kik as often bc you’re my only friend on kik hahaahah I’m so lonely. but anyways snapchat. i love your snaps. i love talking to you on snapchat you’re so funny especially when you have your dance parties when no ones home :’) you’re amazing lool ily

bigbootyirwin♕ carli bby IM SORRY i don't respond to your texts either :’( i feel so bad but I’m caught blogging or snap chatting and I’m so sorry bbg i love you so much ahfalfaefja I’m sorry your extremely nice for dealing with my shit and i love you so v v much okay.

cosycashton♕ katy hat! :’) i love you you’re super sweet and you’re v rad and i really hope we can talk more tbh but we have little snapchat conversations that I’m v happy that we have! i love you more than you love me. 

huggablehemmo♕heheheh valentinaaaaaaaa i love youuu so muccchh i have more punk edits for you. haha no just kidding tbh i don’t i wish i did but I’ve been mostly just sitting on my bum and watching teen wolf. but thank you for responding to my first inbox i gave you. omfg i was so nervous when i sent that because you’re so popular like wow.

hemmoradical♕ beth I'm sad bc we don’t talk as often, mostly bc i don't text back but I’m sorry but i love you so much and i wish we can talk more often :)

happy-luke♕ jessica i love you so much that little face time session we had was the best. i love you! you’re so cute and so v nice and we need to text and snapchat more often please and thank you okay

5sosmichael♕ mackenzie, we don’t talk much but for sure you were one of the first people that i followed and you were the first person that ever tagged me in a follow forever! i didn’t even understand it at first but then i had a friend to explain ahha! but you’re extremely gorgeous and you have an amazing voice. i love you a lot :)

ashtonumwin- madddeeliieennnneeee i love you so much you’re like a little ray of sunshine and you make me so happy :) i can’t wait till we get to meet up because it will be hella rad okay. lol i love you so much :) 

i never bolded any because you’re all my favourites

i really hope that i can get to become some of your friends and get to know you guys better :)

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but to everyone else I'm so grateful to have amazing and wonderful 
followers and i love you guys so much. you're all super sweet and
everyone in this family has made my life so much better.
thank you so much xx -b