carly drawing! :)

felt like drawing these babies together!!! 
i love the ship name for them!! “bunnyribbit”, so cute!!

(btw, MY is aged a bit bc im not super comfortable with the age gap between these two ><. iknow 7 yrs doesnt sound like much, im just weird)

OTP Challenge: Bluepulse 💙❤️
Day 29: Karaoke night

Sorry for not post the Challenge, I did the drawing since about 6 days ago, but I did’t know what song writes… Finally!!

Seriously, there are a lot of songs that can talk about they jeje

PD: If you are asking… Yes… Bart chose the song :3

Oh oh, PD No. 2: the song is: I really like you by Carly Rae Jepsen If do you wanna know how they could be heard, I shared this… Credits for the autor who edits this song

Vector is out since he’s a bad influence.

These two dorks are the only ones who are capable of baby sitting, and they usually are so dramatic, Yuto made a reality sit-com, and actually selling!



unfortunately i don’t think i have time nor the energy to do the remaining two dark signers so sorry godwin bros sorryyyyyyy


If you weren’t able to see the Lumberwoods gallery show I was invovled in this summer, here is a closeup and full shot of the painting I did for it. Sadly I don’t have a nice scan of the entire painting at the moment, but I’ll have it up sooner or later. This is the Squonk, a creature known by its constant crying. Experienced hunters of the Lumberwoods claim that you can follow the Squonk’s tears to find where it’s hiding. (created in oils and clear nail polish)

Bixanna Week ♔ - Day 4: Alternate Universe

Tourist/Photographer x Native people AU for Bixanna, i got inspired by this Lisanna Gree card and this is also my first collaboration with Carly - forgottenwhispersxo, she wrote an amazing fanfic here as companion! Make sure to check out her work! I drew Bixlow having no tattoo in this AU for a change.