carly corinthos jax

The Jason and Carly scenes today were heartwrenching. Such amazing acting. Jason did the same thing he did with MIchael- when he hugged Carly from behind, he rested his mouth on her shoulder. And when they were sitting on the couch, Carly was kind of absently playing with his hand. Them leaning on each other and hugging was beautiful and painful, as was them talking about Jason being Morgan’s namesake.

The line “now all we have is the name” just seemed really profound in that moment.


She was always my favorite for a reason. She might be a handful.. but when it comes to the people she loves.. she knows what she’s doing.

“I used to think.. if it were up to me.. Jason would never lay eyes on Sam again. But now if it were up to me, everything that’s gone wrong between them would be put right.”


My favorite character fixing my OTP.. yup.