carlton theatre


Carlton Theatre, Hull

Pretend life is a movie. Pretend this is our movie. 

For me there are three things that happen in my every day movie world. 

Number one is laugh. I think we should laugh every day. I want my movie to make you laugh every day.

Number two is think. Definitely you should spend some time in deep thought each day. I want my day movie to provoke your mind.

And number three is having your emotions moved to tears; could be happiness or joy. Could be from hearing your nonsense sleep talk. Could be from not feeling you in bed at all. A good movie is one that makes you feel. That perfect emotional level.

But think about it. If you laugh. You think. You cry. That’s a pretty full day. That’s a heck of a day.

That’s one good movie.

Do that seven days a week.. and you’ve got something really special.